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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


haha Ok I AM here xD Updating!!! Yay!

The story site is coming along ok, even if this stupid post box is being gay >< **
and the FORKS sites are looking pretty awesome if I do say so myself xD
but anyways, for those of you that may have wanted to read my stories those should be up soon. Or maybe not?


Senna tried to quite her huffing lungs, the sound of their stuttering seeming too loud for the empty grove below her.

She shifted, causing a green leaf to fall to the ground, listening for the ever increasing volume of the baying dogs. Sweat rolled down the back of her neck and tears streamed silently down her cheeks.

She froze, her jade green eyes wide with terror as a gray nose after gray nose emerged from the bush, followed by the long leg of their trainer.

Her shuddering breath increased, no matter how hard she tried to control it. The dogs were growling, sniffing along the ground at the base of the tree.

They stopped and jumped up onto the trunk of the tree, barking frantically. Senna heard crunching as the trainer came to see their catch. She was trembling like a leaf in the wind and as he looked up and his gray-brown eyes met her deep green ones, the world went black. The las thing she remembered before the void was the sound of cracking.


Bwahaha!!! xD like it? This will probably be the first story that goes up so tell me how you like it and how I can improve. I just barely wrote that so don't be too harsh :)

Well I've gotta go people! I'll talk to you later!

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

As if anyone was here still...

It looks as if I chose the wrong time to come back because now everyone is leaving....*sigh* MyO is being abandoned for VV and it's very depressing.

and VV isn't even that good....there's no friggin HTML customization available. I hope that fix that since it looks like MyO may be shut down in competition to it. o_e

Agh. But as long as people are here that I wanna talk to and the site isn't shut down I'll be here with my random posts (haha)
and LS left...*sniff* I'm gonna miss him but it seems as if life is moving on.

And for those of you that wanted to read my stories, I'm making a website for them right now on FreeWebs and as soon as it's up I'll post the link and such goodness :)

So yea I don't have much to say today, I'm feeling kind of morbid to tell you the truth so I'll talk to you later


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Monday, March 10, 2008

Keeping with the pattern

haha so...hello :) I am keeping with the pattern of updating. *Yay!!*
haha but really I guess nothing's going on that would interest many of you: my little sis is causing stress which is causing my mom and dad to cause stress and all that. family crap

Can't wait for college.

Alas I am trying to work on quite a few stories so...yea. Just thought you wanted to know haha
if anyone wants to read them I guess you can tell me and I could hook it up haha

well I gotta go my Dad's peeking over my shoulder XP

haha here you go!


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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Haha ok time for progress

Well here, my first great leapstone, my 1st real post in a long LONG time.

Well I kinda donno what to say haha I'll tell you about my current endevours:

I'm working really hard on some webpages for me and my friends and I think they're looking really great actually and I'm happy about that but we're looking for a comment box code so if anyone has one we would be fearfully greatful :)
You'll probably see the end product of those in awhile but for now I'll send you a WIP pic of mine

so there ya go they're all kinda like that in format but way different in look so you can ponder :)

I'll elaborate on the rest of my exciting life tomorrow haha


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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

haha hello all :D

Well hello there my lovelies. This is KK once again in this random while xD I'm very busy and most of all I just forget to come on here.

*which is probably very few*

Oh well I suppose just came on to tell you that I still love all of you haha....and I do :)

Well as always, I'll tell you to go to my DevArt Page and email me kyokrazy@comcast.net

Or you could IM me!!! :D I'm kyo.krazy@hotmail.com

I love you guys!!


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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Uptade!!! [[Applause]]

Ok, so people have been bugging me to update so...here it is. Yay!! ::confetti::

Um I don't really have much to say and if I do have any friends on here still you should email me!!!


Also make sure that you put your username in the subject line to I don't DELETE it xD haha....so yea...

as always I'll tell you to go check my DevArt Account


P.S~ My next post will be more productive!!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

haha okies

Alrighty, so....here's random post number one haha....anyways I'm sorry my promise has so NOT come true yet but I'm working on it. Kinda.

Anyways I got on to tell anyone that's still my friend (haha NO ONE) that I just drew this picture that I'm immensly(?sp?) proud of and sooo I'm gonna give you the link xD


haha so go take a look if you cared enough to love me 8DDDDD


and here's a couple more just in case you missed the first one xD




Ok I'm done now and I'd really like to say thanks to anyone that's still my friend, you truly know how fickle I am.


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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hi hehe

I know there's probably know one who's my friend on here anymore but yea, I'm back and I'll hopefully be back on more regularly now cuz of school :D

and besides Silvoe was about to kill me cuz I never post anymore xD

Well I'll tell you more about what's been goin on with me next time!!


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Monday, July 9, 2007

Okies, lazy time ovah!!! >< grrr



My Portfolio

Yay a post!!
Currently I am: Looking for a new wallpaper, yes I'm NOT leaving!!

Ok ok, so here's the deal. I'm not leaving Otaku. That day I was having one of the random, irrational mood swings I get and I was feeling emo but I'm ok now and I'm not leaving. Sorry for the scare everyone!

Now, as to my life, I am busy-ish. Working on a new story that has me enraptured so sorry I haven't been on, I'm going to be a lot more....until school starts xAx
I'm so not excited dies

so yea, and I'm almost 16 so I almost have my driver's license!!! xD Woot!!

Ok but I have to tell you one thing CUZ I NEED TO RANT!!!! >O<
My brother is a friking fag!!! Ugh I almost want to hate him! *but I don't....not quite yet* anyways, I wear dark makeup kay, so everytime he sees me he starts calling me goth and emo and fag and all that CRAP! I hate it!! He's never home and when he is home all he'll say to me is goth, emo, fag and other ghay jock names. *yes he's a friggin jock but *

I just wish he would stop being retarded.
*sigh* Ok, now that that's done here's the animation of the day!!

Read bookses for knowledge. :B

Thanx for droppin by!!!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I love you guys!



My Portfolio

Currently I am: Making an announcment

Hellos there ^^ Sorry it takes me such an uber long time to post and sorry that I don't get around here much anymore...
Ok, the announcement I'm gonna make is that I'm shutting down this site. I think I might make a new one but for now I'm not sure...I'm just not as excited about this site as I used to be and don't get me wrong, I love you guys but...I dunno it's just not here. Maybe making a new site will help and if I do make a new site I'll let you know :) sorry about this random announcement but yea...so there ya go.

Thanks for those of you still watching for my posts! Shishou and Driffter and Yensid mostly -_- but I loves you guys!!! óż

Here's the animation of the day!

I'll put a link up to my new site if I make one!
Thanx for droppin by!!!

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