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Saturday, February 16, 2008

   Happy Belated Valentines Day
Heylo friends... Happy belated Valentines Day! I was going to say something on Valentines Day, but sadly, I was too lazy to. =(

All of a sudden I'm in a bad mood... I think it's because I can't think of anything to write, thus I am very annoyed.

Ooooh guess what! I might go to the My Chemical Romance concert in San Francisco!!!! =D It's not untill April, but the tickets are going on sale tomorrow, and my mom said that if the tickets aren't too too much, then she might take me. =) Which would mean no school the day after... =D

Speaking of MCR (sorry Keiti, I know you hate them), my best friend's friend Sara is like, in love with Mikey (Gerard's little brother), so she got backstage passes to an MCR concert, and when Mikey gave her a hug, she took a string from his jacket, and she still has it... lol. I want a string from Gerard's jacket... I actually just want Gerard's jacket, so you know what... lol.

Lookey, I wrote something.

Bye bye!

Random Qs of the day:

1.Have you ever gotten backstage passes to a concert before? If so, what concert did you see, and who did you meet?

2.It's nine in the afternoon!

3.Do you think I should submit some more artwork?

aka Mrs.Gerard Way

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