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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Heylo all you people out there. Having a good day? I hope so. I hope it's better than my day was. My day sucked. But ya'll don't need to know about that...

I'm acting odd, aren't I? Tell me if you think I am... I think I am, but I dunno.

Oh, you guys have to watch these vids, called Salad Fingers, if you haven't already seen them. I'll put them in my videos of the day thing for ya. They're really creepy, but I love them. =D

I've got nothin to say. Here's the videos of the day!

Salad Fingers Episode One

Salad Fingers Episode Two

Salad Fingers Episode Three

Salad Fingers Episode Four

Salad Fingers Episode Five

Salad Fingers Episode Six

Salad Fingers Episode Seven

Salad Fingers Episode Eight

Okay, first of all, the whole story behind Salad Fingers is that there was a great war were he lived, and all of his friends and family died, causing him to go crazy.

Salad Fingers is pretty creepy, huh? He scares me...

I guess I'll go now... See you peoples later! =D

~Mrs.Gerard Way

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