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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

   Ooooooh I love this picture! Thank you SO much Ace!!! =D

Ace And Kate
| Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Well, Ace (akai-ryu) drew this for me. I love it so much! =D

Anyways, did you know, that phone operators (sp?) are like, not that bright? Coz, my friend Claudia brought her cell to school today, and I was messing around with it, dialing things like 1-800-MYCHEMICALROMANCE or 1-800-FALLOUTBOY, and then I had a stroke of genius. I dialed 0, and I got the operator. Then I asked if they could connect me to Emma Watson (Hermione), and then they asked if I had the phone number, I said no, and then the guy said that I just needed to call 411 to get her number! He said as long as I got her number, they could connect me! =O So I called 411, and I was SOOOOO close to talking to her!!! Except, my friend's phone didn't have long distance that we could use to call from CA to Oxford England. T.T By that time, EVERYONE was trying to call famous people. I tried SO many times though. I'm gonna try again tomorrow, and see if I can pretend to be from Oxford if they can connect me. I'm SO excited! =D

Bye bye!

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

It's hot, I've got school tomorrow, and I'm total anti-Ron X Hermione.
Omigosh it is SO hot over here. I thought my mum turned on the AC... Hm. I bet you there's a window open down here (I'm downstairs in my uncle's part of the house using the computer right now). I would go look, but I don't want to. I'm just lazy like that. Anyways, I can't wait untill it's winter. Then it'll be all cold and stuff... But then I'll be wishing it was summer again... Stupid weather... Hey, there is a window open down here! *closes it* Much better. Hey... Uugh, my uncle's air vent is closed. Who does that??? Idiot. It's coz he smokes in the house even though it makes me sick and gives me headaches, and he thinks that if he closes the air vent then the smoke won't go up into my room. Idiot. I can still smell it really strongly my room. I bet you I'm gonna die an early death coz he smoked in his room, then all the smoke came up into my room, and then I got second hand smoke and died. That would suck, wouldn't it?

No what I just thought of? It's something that really annoys me. It's when like, you're trying to be all serious when you're talking to someone, then they start laughing because they think you're being funny. Isn't that annoying? None of you peoples on here do that though. At least I think you don't. But I can think of a few people at my school who would do that. It just like, annoys the heck out of me. Ha, I'm annoying myself by talking about it. I guess I'll stop now.

Well, I've got school tomorrow. So sad, so sad. But hey, at least my class isn't that bad. It's actually pretty fun. I like it. My teachers are SO awesome. I like 'em alot. They're super nice. They like, barely give us any homework. And the homework they do give us, we usually have some time in class to finish it. Cool, huh? I think it's cool. But I'm gonna have some work to finish tomorrow because I missed Friday last week. Oh well. I should be able to finish it.

So, is anyone planning on going trick-or-treating this Halloween? I am. I'm SO excited. I think I already told you peoples yesterday that I'm gonna be Hermione this year. Are you peoples gonna dress up as anything this Halloween?

Omigod, if I see another Ron X Hermione pic I'm gonna scream. I mean, I have nothing against Hermione (no duh, I'm gonna be her for Halloween), but her and Ron just don't belong together. When I was younger I suppored Harmony (Harry X Hermione) and I kind of still do today (I like Harry X Ginny better though), but now I think that Hermione belongs with Draco. I mean, if you think about it, I think they make the perfect couple. No offense to people who support Ron X Hermione. I'm just voicing my opinions.

Well, I guess I'm done talking about random stuff now. I'll see y'all later!


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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mood: Sick. Currently listening: Funeral of Hearts by HIM
Even though I was sick I went to the mall today. I went to Hot Topic because I saw this wicked awesome Hogwarts shirt there the last time I went there, so my mom bought it for me. I'm gonna use it for Halloween this year. I'm gonna be Hermione (Yay! I look alot like her). I'm excited. =D

Sorry I've been gone for a few days... Like I said, I've been sick. And I still am, but I've got to help my mum babysit my two cousins tonight... Oh well. I'm just gonna bring my book that I'm reading right now, my story that I'm writing, my DS, and maybe my sketch pad. =P

Well... I've really got nothing spectacular to say, actually... But hey, if you've got a Quizilla site, I would totally appreciate it if you went and read my Sirius Black love story.... You don't have to if you don't want to. =] But if you do, that would be great.

Well, I guess I'll see y'all later.


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Monday, September 3, 2007

Mood:Feeling a bit sick... Currently listening: Girls just wanna have fun; by Cyndi Lauper
Ok, how many of you peoples out there like Cyndi Lauper? I LOVE her. I first heard her when I was little and watching the Goonies. I've loved her ever since.

I didn't get up till 12:00 this afternoon... But then again, I did go to sleep at like, 3:30 this morning. Me and my mom were playing a Harry Potter Scene-it game that I got yesterday. I had SO much fun playing it with her. It was totally hilarious.

Oh yeah, I went shopping yesterday, too. I mostly hung out in Hot Topic with my friend Morgan and my little brother. My mom told us to meet her at Gap, so when we got bored with Hot Topic, I put my stuff on hold and then we tried to go find Gap, but we ended up getting lost for a little bit. So then we asked someone how to get to Gap and we found our way. We went to a Skate Shop at the mall too. I can't really remember what it was called, but they like, didn't have any Element stuff. What kind of skate shop has only one Element skate board? I didn't even see any Birdhouse boards either.

Anyways, I got this wicked awesome Sirius Black shirt and a Hufflepuff keychain at Hot Topic, then at Target I got the Harry Potter Scene-it game. Woot.

Uugh, I'm feeling kind of sick today.. I went to the fair a few hours ago, and I went on like, three spinning rides in a row, and I got really sick. Bleh.

Well, I guess I'm gonna go now. I think I'm gonna type up another chapter of my Sirius Black love story I'm typing up on Quizilla.

Bye bye!

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Friday, August 31, 2007

   Yay!! Fair weekend! =D
Well, this weekend is the fair weekend. Yay. I didn't have school today so I went there... I was like, totally bored at first but then my friend Morgan came and I hung out with her and my other friend Claudia for a bit... I just now got home. =) I should be going back tomorrow with Morgan and Claudia. I really hope I get to go. I've only got like, eighteen dollar's left though. Oh well.

And OMG this really really hott dude at the fair called me a hottie!! I only found out coz my mum and uncle and grandma were talking to eachother, and I was just standing there, daydreaming, then all of a sudden I heard my mom say "Oh, well don't tell Kylie." And I was all "What? What don't you want to tell me?" Then my mom said that they guy that just walked by me called me a hottie! And I was the only like, young girl there. And the guy was really really hott! I told Morgan and Claudia and they said that I was SO lucky to have a hott guy call me a hottie. I was like, so happy then, and I still am, now.

Well, I suppose that's all I've got to say... And if I'm not on tomorrow, I'm probably at the fair. See ya! =D


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Thursday, August 30, 2007

   I'm in serious denial right now.
Like I said in the heading, I'm in serious denial right now. Sirius Black isn't dead. He's really not. He's just behind the vail. Actually, when he went through the vail, he landed himself in Aruba. Cedric's there too. He's not dead either. They're just sittin there... With those other people that died in the seventh book.... I've got a really good logical reason how two people who died in the seventh book can come back, but I don't wanna say it coz I don't wanna spoil anything... But if you want to hear it and you've finished the seventh book, then just send me a PM about it and I'll tell you...

Ya know, when I think about it, it's all Harry's fault that Sirius is dead (I know I just said he isn't, but forget about that last part for a bit). Coz, Harry was learning Occlumency, then he looked into Snape's Pensieve, then Snape got all mad at him and refused to teach Harry any more Occlumency, so Harry just kept having those visions, and then he had the one where Voldy was tourturing Sirius (me:*cries*) and so then Harry goes to the Ministry to try and go save Sirius, but he's not there, then Sirius comes and tries to save Harry and then Sirius dies. But, like, if Harry hadn't been so curious, then he wouldn't have looked into the Pensieve, and then he wouldn't have had the vision of Sirius being tourtured, then he wouldn't have gone to the Ministry, then Sirius wouldn't have came and helped him, then Sirius wouldn't be dead. Gosh darnit. So it's all Harry's fault. He's much too curious. Ha. But don't get me wrong, Harry is totally awsome. Except for that fact that it's mostly his fault that Sirius died! T.T

Sorry about my random rambling on about Harry Potter... I tend to do that sometimes...

Ooooh tomorrow is the first day of the fair! Me and my friend Morgan are going together one day. My mum said she would drop us off one afternoon and she would let us stay till it closes. I'm not sure whether Morgan and I should take the bus to the resteraunt and just hang out there till my mum can get me... Oh well. I'll ask Morgan. We'll probably hang at the fairgrounds. =P

Well, I'm gonna go now. See ya later peoples!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

To me, writing a post is kind of like writing a story about your life... But alas, I run out of ideas for this story, as I run out of ideas for everything else... Speaking of stories, my teacher said that my story I wrote in class was one of the best she's read before... Yay me. She just said I needed to add a bit more detail... And I know I need to. Some of ya'll on here have told me that I need to be a little bit more discriptive... So hopefully I'll start adding more description to my stories. =P

Well, since I've hit a blank spot in my brain, here's three random questions, and some pics.


1.What's your favorite Harry Potter ship (couple)?
2.What reminds you of me?
3.What's your favorite movie?

My Answers:
1.I've got a whole list, but I've got to say my ultimate fav is Lupin/Tonks.
2.I can't answer that question. =P
3.I've got way too many to list.

Picture time!

Dora wants a Puppy Coloured by ~BlackMage339 on deviantART

multi-colored werepup by ~rhasphodisiac on deviantART

HP Characters_Serie 3 by *mary-dreams on deviantART

I know there's only three (right?), but the window with the pics I was posting up shut... oh well.


"What is the function of a rubber duck?"

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Monday, August 27, 2007

me:*is trying not to dig my fingernails into the palm of my hand and scream at the top of my lungs in frusteration*
Okay, breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out... Okay, I think I'm good for a few minutes. You see, I was typing up a chapter for my story on Quizilla, and I had just typed up a hecka long chapter, and I went to add a tag, and I guess I pressed enter or something (even though I don't think I did) and my whole chapter was gone. I've spent like two maybe three hours writing that one chapter!!! I hate my effing computer so effing much! *kicks computer* Ouch. Anyways, as you can see I'm in a kind of bad mood right now, so if you PM me and I don't see very happy, you'll know why... Anyways, before I start flipping out, I guess I'll go. See ya'll later.


p.s. here's some funny quotes from some of the harry potter books (sorry there's so many):

The Sorcerer's Stone:

Everybody finished the song at different times. At last, only the Weasley twins were left singing along to a very slow funeral march.

Dudley looked a lot like Uncle Vernon. He had a large pink face, not much neck, small watery blue eyes, and thick blonde hair that lay smoothly on his thick, fat head. Aunt Petunia often said that Dudley looked like a baby angel. Harry often said that Dudley looked like a pig in a wig.

"You haven't got a letter on yours", George observed. "I suppose she [Mrs.Weasley] thinks you don't forget your name. But we're not stupid - we know we're called Gred and Forge."

"And what if I wave my wand and nothing happens?" [Harry]
"Throw it away and punch him in the nose," suggested Ron.

Speaking quietly so that no one else would hear, Harry told the other two about Snape's sudden, sinister desire to be a Quidditch referee.
"Don't play," said Hermione at once.
"Say you're ill," said Ron.
"Pretend to break your leg," Hermione suggested.
"Really break your leg," said Ron.

The Chamber of Secrets:

"You're alive," she said blankly to Harry.
"There's no need to sound so disappointed," he said grimly, wiping flecks of blood and slime off his glasses.
"Oh, well...I'd just been thinking...if you had died, you'd have been welcome to share my toilet," said Myrtle, blushing silver.

Warlock D. J. Prod of Didsbury says: "My wife used to sneer at my feeble charms, but one month into your fabulous Kwikspell course and I succeeded in turning her into a yak! Thank you, Kwikspell!"

The Prisoner of Azkaban:

Ron was staring at Pettigrew with the utmost revulsion.
"I let you sleep in my bed!" he said.

As though an invisible hand were writing upon it, words appeared on the smooth surface of the map. "Mr. Moony presents his compliments to Professor Snape, and begs him to keep his abnormally large nose out of other people's business."
Snape froze. Harry stared, dumbstruck, at the message. But the map didn't stop there. More writing was appearing beneath the first.
"Mr. Prongs agrees with Mr. Moony, and would like to add that Professor Snape is an ugly git."
It would have been funny if the situation hadn't been so serious. And there was more...
"Mr. Padfoot would like to register his astonishment that an idiot like that ever became a professor."
Harry closed his eyes in horror. When he'd opened them, the map had had its last word.
"Mr. Wormtail bids Professor Snape good day, and advises him to wash his hair, the slimeball."

Trelawney: "Would anyone like me to help interpret the shadowy realms within their orb?"
Ron: "I don't need help, it's obvious what this means: there's going to be loads of fog tonight."

The Goblet of Fire:
Harry spun around. Professor Moody was limping down the marble staircase. His wand was out and it was pointing right at a pure white ferret.
"I want to fix that in my memory forever," said Ron, his closed and an uplifted expression on his face. "Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret..."

"Don't be prat, Neville, that's illegal," said George. "They wouldn't use the Cruciatus Curse on the champions. I thought it sounded a bit like Percy singing... maybe you've got to attack him while he's in the shower, Harry."

Ron: "Who're you going with then?"
Fred: "Angelina."
Ron: "What? You've already asked her?"
Fred: "Good point. Oi, Angelina! Want to come to the ball with me?"

Ron: "I could've taken those mer-idiots any time I wanted."
Hermione: "What were you going to do, snore at them?"

[Harry considering whom to tell that his scar hurt] As far as informing the headmaster, Harry had no idea where Dumbledore went during the summer holidays. He amused himself for a moment, picturing Dumbledore, with his long silver beard, full-length wizard's robes, and pointed hat, stretched out on a beach somewhere, rubbing suntan lotion onto his long crooked nose.

"I've got two Neptunes here," said Harry after a while, frowning down at his piece of parchment, "that can't be right, can it?"
"Aaaaah," said Ron, imitating Professor Trelawney's mystical whisper, "when two Neptunes appear in the sky, it is a sure sign that a midget in glasses is being born, Harry..."

"Excuse me, I don't like people just because they're handsome!" said Hermione indignantly.
Ron gave a loud false cough, which sounded oddly like "Lockhart!"

"I was saying that Saturn was surely in a position of power in the heavens at the moment of your birth...your dark hair...your mean stature...tragic losses so young in life...I think I am right in saying, my dear, that you were born in midwinter?"
"No," said Harry, "I was born in July."
Ron hastily turned his laugh into a hacking cough.

"You’re not by any chance writing out a new order form, are you?" said Mrs. Weasley shrewdly. "You wouldn’t be thinking of restarting Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, by any chance?"
"Now, Mum," said Fred, looking up at her, a pained look on his face. "If the Hogwarts Express crashed tomorrow, and George and I died, how would you feel to know that the last thing we ever heard from you was an unfounded accusation?"

"But I think Durmstrang must be somewhere in the far north," said Hermione thoughtfully. "Somewhere very cold, because they’ve got fur capes as part of their uniforms."
"Ah think of the possibilities," said Ron dreamily. "It would’ve been so easy to push Malfoy off a glacier and make it look like an accident... Shame his mother likes him..."

"Maybe he'll believe I'm not enjoying myself once I've got my neck broken or - "
"That's not funny," said Hermione quietly. "That's not funny at all." She looked extremely anxious. "Harry, I've been thinking - you know what we've got to do, don't you? Straight away, the moment we get back to the castle?"
"Yeah, give Ron a good kick up the - "
"Write to Sirius."

The Order of the Pheonix(sp):

A week after Fred and George's departure, Harry witnessed Professor McGonagall walking right past Peeves, who was determinedly loosening a crystal chandelier, and could have sworn he heard her tell the poltergeist out of the corner of her mouth, "It unscrews the other way."

"Well, I had one that I was playing Quidditch the other night," said Ron, screwing up his face in an effort to remember. "What do you think that means?"
"Probably that you're going to be eaten by a giant marshmallow or something," said Harry, turning the pages of The Dream Oracle without interest.

"The hats have gone," Hermione said happily. "Seems the house-elves do want freedom after all."
"I wouldn't bet on it," Ron told her cuttingly. "They might not count as clothes. They didn't look anything like hats to me, more like woolly bladders."

A slightly stunned silence greeted the end of this speech, then Ron said, "One person can't feel all that at once, they'd explode."
"Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have," said Hermione.

"Has Ron saved a goal yet?" asked Hermione.
"Well, he can do it if he thinks no one is watching him," said Fred, rolling his eyes. "So all we have to do is ask the crowd to turn their backs and talk among themselves every time the Quaffle goes up on his end Saturday."

"Not this brave at night, are you?" sneered Dudley.
"This is night, Diddykins. That's what we call it when it goes all dark like this."

Malfoy glanced around. Harry knew he was checking for signs of teachers. Then he looked back at Harry and said in a low voice, "You're dead, Potter."
Harry raised his eyebrows. "Funny," he said, "you'd think I'd have stopped walking around..."

"Did you like question ten, Moony?" asked Sirius as they emerged into the entrance hall.
"Loved it," said Lupin briskly. "'Give five signs that identify the werewolf.' Excellent question."
"D'you think you managed to get all the signs?" said James in tones of mock concern.
"Think I did," said Lupin seriously, as they joined the crowd thronging around the front doors eager to get out into the sunlit grounds. "One: He's sitting on my chair. Two: He's wearing my clothes. Three: His name's Remus Lupin..."

Mrs. Weasley let out a shriek just like Hermione's.
"I don't believe it! Oh, Ron, how wonderful! A prefect! That's everyone in the family!"
"What are Fred and I, next-door neighbours?" said George indignantly, as his mother pushed him aside and flung her arms around her youngest son.

"It was my father's," said Sirius, throwing the ring into the sack. "Kreacher wasn't quite as devoted to him as to my mother, but I still caught him snogging a pair of my father's old trousers last week."

"Excellent." said Lupin, looking up as Tonks and Harry entered. "We've got about a minute, I think. We should get out into the garden so we're ready. Harry, I've left a letter telling your aunt and uncle not to worry -"
"They won't," said Harry.
"That you're safe -"
"That'll just depress them."
"- and you'll see them next summer."
"Do I have to?"

The Half Blood Prince:

[Talking about Inferi in DADA...] "When we come face-to-face with one down a dark alley, we're going to be having a look to see if it's solid, aren't we? We're not going to be asking, 'Excuse me, are you the imprint of a departed soul?'"

Fred, George, Harry, and Ron were the only ones who knew that the angel on top of the tree was actually a garden gnome that had bitten Fred on the ankle as he pulled up carrots for Christmas dinner. Stupefied, painted gold, stuffed into a miniature tutu and with small wings glued to its back, it glowered down at them all, the ugliest angel Harry had ever seen, with a large bald head like a potato and rather hairy feet.

"But you are normal!" said Harry fiercely. "You've just got a-a problem-"
Lupin burst out laughing. "Sometimes you remind me alot of James. He called it my 'furry little problem' in company. Many people were under the impression that I owned a badly behaved rabbit."

Pointing his wand at nothing in particular, he gave it an upward flick and said Levicorpus! inside his head.
There was a flash of light and the room was full of voices: Everyone had woken up as Ron had let out a yell. Harry sent Advanced Potion-Making flying in panic; Ron was dangling upside down in midair as though an invisible hook had hoisted him up by the ankle.
"Sorry!" yelled Harry, as Dean and Seamus roared with laughter, and Neville picked himself up from the floor, having fallen out of bed. "Hang on- I'll let you down-"
He groped for the potion book and riffled through it in a panic, trying to find the right page; at last he located it and deciphered one cramped word underneath the spell: Praying that this was the counter-jinx, Harry thought Liberacorpus! with all his might.
There was another flash of light, and Ron fell in a heap onto his mattress.
"Sorry," repeated Harry weakly, while Dean and Seamus continued to roar with laughter.
"Tomorrow," said Ron in a muffled voice, "I'd rather you set the alarm clock."

"An Unbreakable Vow?" said Ron, looking stunned. "Nah, he can’t have.... Are you sure?"
"Yes I’m sure," said Harry. "Why, what does it mean?"
"Well, you can’t break an Unbreakable Vow..."
"I’d worked that much out for myself, funnily enough."

Why Are You Worrying about You-Know-Who?
You SHOULD Be Worrying About
the Constipation Sensation That's Gripping the Nation!

(This one isn't funny, but it's hecka sweet!) "I enjoyed the [DA] meetings, too," said Luna serenely. "It was like having friends."

"...You have not asked me, for instance, what is my favorite flavor of jam, to check that I am indeed Professor Dumbledore and not an impostor."
"I didn't..." Harry began, not entirely sure whether he was being reprimanded or not.
"For future reference, Harry, it is raspberry... although of course, if I were a Death Eater, I would have been sure to research my own jam preferences before impersonating myself."

The Deathy Hallows:

"How do you feel Georgie?" whispered Mrs.Weasley.
George's fingers groped for the side of his head."Saintlike," he murmured.
"What's wrong with him?" croaked Fred, looking terrified. "Is his mind affected?"
"Saintlike," reapted George, opening his eyes and looking up at his nrother. "You see...I'm holy. Holey, Fred, geddit?"
Mrs.Weasley sobbed harder than ever. Color flooded Fred's pale face.
"Pathetic," he told George. "Pathetic! With the whole world of ear-related humor before you, you go for holey?"
"Ah well," said George, grinning at his tear-soaked mother. "You'll be able to tell us apart now, anyway, mum."

Ron, you know full well Harry and I were brought up by Muggles!” said Hermione. “We didn’t hear stories like that when we were little, we heard ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and ‘Cinderella’—“
“What’s that, an illness?” asked Ron.

"What are you doing with all those books anyway?" Ron asked.
"Just trying to decide which ones to take with us," said Hermione. When we're looking for the Horcruxes."
"Oh, of course," said Ron, clapping a hand to his forehead. "I forgot we'll be hunting down Voldemort in a mobile library."

Luna: “Daddy, look – one of the gnomes actually bit me!”
“How wonderful! Gnome saliva is enormously beneficial!” said Mr. Lovegood, seizing Luna’s outstretched finger and examining the bleeding puncture marks.
“Luna, my love, if you should feel any burgeoning talent today – perhaps an unexpected urge to sing opera or to declaim in Mermish – do not repress it! You may have been gifted by the Gernumblies!”

When he straightened up again, there were six Harry Potters gasping and panting in front of him. Fred and George turned to each other and said together, "Wow -- We're identical!"

"Mind you, if all the alleged sightings of him are genuine, we must have a good nineteen You-Know-Whos running around the place." [Fred]
"Which suits him, of course," said Kingsley. "The air of mystery is creating more terror than actually showing himself."
"Agreed," said Fred. "So, people, let's try and calm down a bit. Things are bad enough without inventing stuff as well. For instance, this new idea that You-Know-Who can kill with a single glance from his eyes. That's a basilisk, listeners. One simple test: Check whether the thing that's glaring at you has got legs. If it has, it's safe to look into its eyes, although if it really is You-Know-Who, that's still likely to be the last thing you ever do."

"And the rumors that he keeps being sighted abroad?" asked Lee.
"Well, who wouldn't want a nice little holiday after all the hard work he's been putting in?" asked Fred. "Point is, people, don't get lulled into a false sense of security, thinking that he's out of the country. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but the fact remains he can move faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo when he wants to, so don't count on him being a long way away if you're planning on taking any risks. I never thought I'd hear myself say it, but safety first!"

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

I've been tagged! lol
Well, Ace (akai-ryu) tagged me today... yay! So, shall follow the rules now! Muwahahah! lol

The rules are:
1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 more people are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

Here's my 8 random facts:

1.I'm terribly afraid of spiders and moths.
2.My idols are Keira Knightly, J.K. Rowling, and my mum
3.I can do a wicked impression of Emma Watson, Keira Knightly, and sometimes Tom Felton
4.I ate a ladybug when I was a baby. Ew.
5.I've always wanted to travel around Europe.
6.My favorite number is 16. My lucky number is 3, though.
7.I want to be a journalist, scriptwriter, or an author when I grow up.
8.I'm obsessed with taking Harry Potter quizzes on Quizilla.

Here's the people I dub "tagged"!:
1.Shelby (Shelby oftheSand)
2.Dani (Valon Cra-Z)
3.Julie (RikuisHOT)
4.Rose (MissDarkAngel)
5.Kylie (BoomStar)
6.Harley (H Man)
7.Ryan (R Man)
8.Molly (Nyane)

Other than that I've got nothing much to say... bye bye!

"He's probably stalking around in the attic... Then again, he might have crawled into the air cuppboard and died... I shouldn't get my hopes up, though..." -Sirius Black, on where Kreacher the house-elf could be.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Fudge muffins, dude...
Hey, I just found a nickel... Gosh darnit, it's stuck under the computer monitor... ....Ha! I got it! Now I'm five cents richer!

Uugh, I'm not very happy right now, and I'm not sure why... Maybe I'm mad at my story... Ha, that's probably it. I just got finished writing a chapter for my Sirius Black love story on Quizilla. I left it off at where... Well, you'd have to read it to understand. I don't really feel like explaining it all right now. Ooh! Maybe I should go eat some chocolate... Chocolate cures everything!!! ...I think I've been listening to what the Harry Potter books have to say to much... But it's kind of true, chocolate cures everything. Well, almost everything...

Since I'm bored, I'm gonna write a list of the Harry Potter ships I sail. Here they are:

Hermione/Draco (me and my friend support this. So don't complain. and plus, Ron's mine anyways.)
Ron/me (haha, I'm so cool)
James/Lily (well that's a big surprise..)
Lily/Severus (don't complain about this one either, please.)

Okeydokey, I think that's all... But like I said, please don't complain about the ships I sail. I don't complain about the people who support Remus/Sirius, so... Yeah.

Well, I just found out that I'm popular at my school... Gosh I'm slow. I was talking to my friend Jessica today, and she was all, "you like, became instantly popular as soon as you came here." And I was all "Really" then she said "Yeah, you could hang out with anyone you wanted to, and they wouldn't care." So yay for me! I'm popular again. lol. Actually, I've been popular since last year, so ha. lol.

Well, I'm gonna go now... See ya'll later.


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