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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Six more days!!!
Only six more days untill my birthday (it's on December 3rd)!!! I'm SO excited. I can't wait to see what everyone got me... lol.

Well, I had a dentist appointment today (I had to get a filling), which ment I got to stay home from school... But the right side of my face was so numb I couldn't eat anything, coz I couldn't taste it... But it wore off in like, three hours, but now my jaw hurts. =( I took some Motrin (sp?) for it, but it didn't work... Darnit.

So so so so so... I'm not doin anything right now except for checkin out my friends's sites on Myspace, and listening to MCR... So if you're bored and you wanna talk to someone, feel free to PM me... =)

Omigoshlygoshness, there's this awesomely awesome game on mychemicalromance.com, and it is SOOOO fun. I've beat it once, but I haven't been able to beat it again... It's the Helena game... I've tried the Sweet Revenge Game, but that one sucks... I mean, it's fun, but you've only got three lives, and then if you die, you have to start all the way from the beginning. =P

Weeeell, I guess I'll go now... See you peoples later!


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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!
Hey peoples! Happy Turkey day! Is today going good for everyone? I hope it is. =D I'm just chillin out at my Grandma's house today... We're gonna play some board games and stuff, but I brought my story (that I need to write in) and my sketch books... I've gotta finish up so requests for some of my friends at school... Well, I actually don't have anything else to say, so I guess I'll go. See ya guys later!


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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gerard Way is sexy and he's my friend.... He is Seeeeeeeeeeeeexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Mwahahaha, I'm friends with Gerard Way, the sexiest man alive... I'm so awesome. I'm actually friends with the whole band, so... yeah. I'm friends with The Plain White T's, too. They're really nice. They all are. =D

Gerard's got a really nice singing voice... He makes me all happy and smiley when I hear his voice... =D Like right now, I'm listening to MCR, and I like, can't stop smiling. lol. I love Gerard's laugh, too. And his hair, and his eyes, and just basically everything about him...

Oh shiz, Dillan, Ryan, and Harley, DO NOT REPEAT ANY OF THIS TO ANYONE AT SCHOOL. If you do, you'll die a horrible death. Harley, you already know of my threats (lol) so you shouldn't say anything... But if any of you do, I swear, Dillan, Harley, you won't be my bodyguards anymore, AND you'll die a horrible death, and Ryan, you'll just die a horrible death. =P

Sorry about that peoples. I forgot there's some people that go to my school that have a site on here, and if they read this, I don't want them to repeat any of it to anyone... I don't know why though. =P

Okay, I'll try to stop talking about Gerard now... That's gonna be hard, but I think I can do it. lol.

So, how have all of my friends been doing? I haven't been on very much, so I miss talking to you. Update me on everything that's been happening! lol. =D I hope everyone has been doing okay. =D

Hey, peoples, do you like my new theme for my site? I like it... =D I love the songs on here... They're some of my fav MCR songs. I've got loads more, but my computer is too slow for me to add 'em all to the playlist... oh well.

Well, I think I ran out of things to say, so I'll see ya'll later... Bye!


p.s. How many of you have seen Jackass? If you have, who's your favorite person on there? I like Johnny, Steve-O, and Bam... Speaking of Jackass, they filmed part of their new movie up where I live. =D

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

In the middle of a gun fight, in the center of a restraunt.....
Happy day after Halloween! Did you all have fun? I'm so sorry I haven't been posting at all. I've just been being really lazy. Sorries.

Anyways, my Halloween went great. Me and my best friend Morgan went trick or treating. We had SO much fun. We got a lot of candy, too.

I know he's never going to read it, but I've gotta say it...


Sorry, Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance)'s birhtday was yesterday. I just had to say happy b-day to him, even though he'll never know it. =P

So so so, how have you peoples been? I've been pretty good. Last month went really well. At least some of it did. =)

I amazingly don't have much to say. It's amazing how uneventful my life can be sometimes... I'm so sorry for this being such a short post, I might post a longer one tomorrow or something.

Bye bye.


"Don't take anyone's shit!" -Gerard Way, Lead Singer of My Chemical Romance

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

   OMG I love these XDDDD

Omigosh Gerard is so awesome/hott/cute/funny!!! OMG I love him so much!!! =D

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sorry it's been a while since I've been on. I've been kinda busy. Either that, or I've been listening to music... Oh well.

Anyways, I can't really remember how long it's been since I've updated. I'll probably look at my last post and see when I put that up...

Anywho, how has everyone been? I hope you've been pretty good.

Uuugh, I've got strep (sp?) throat. My throat hurts SO bad. =( I'm all worried that my lipnodes(sp) are gonna get like, gimungo. Coz, I was watcing LA Ink one day, and this girl Pixie, hers were like, giant. She said she got strep throat a bunch of times, though. I just don't wanna get my tonsils taken out. My mum said they won't; they only do that if you've had strep throat A LOT. This is only my second time having it, though.

Omigoshlygoshness, you know that guy that called me a hottie a few weeks ago at the fair? I think I found out who he is!!!! He's this REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY hott high schooler dude! His name is Joey. And my friend knows him! He's SUPER cute.

Sorry bout that..

Omigosh, today, I got to meet the REAL girl who modeled for the original Tinkerbell! It was so cool!!! I got her autograph, too! I met a famous person!

I wanna go to a My Chemical Romance Concert. If I go to one, and if I can bring a friend, I wanna bring my friend Emilie. She loves MCR like, as much as I do. She's wicked cool.

Well, I guess I'm gonna go now. My hand is kinda starting to hurt.

See ya!

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Hey peoples, sorry I haven't been on much.
Heylo. I don't think I've been on at all this week.... Oh well. I'm on now, I guess...

Anyways, not much has happened in the past few days. Nothing that I can remember, at least.

Omigosh, today, after my mom picked me up from school, we were driving down the big hill that connects you to the main road in my town, and I saw my friends Harley and Dillan and their friend Darrell (sp? I've got no clue.) walking to wherever they go after school. Well, Harley and Dillan were talking about something, and then Harley shoved Dillan against some car! I started laughing SO hard. So when we caught up to 'em, my mom rolled down my window, and I said "That was freaking hilarious" and I said bye to them again, and we started driving away. And then Harley started running next to the car! XD He was all "I can almost run as fast as the car!"
My mom told me to tell him that he was going five miles an hour (XD) so I did, then he slowed down, and started walking again, and then, after we speed up a bit, Dillan starts running next to the car XDD it was SOOOO funny! I was laughing so hard I was crying. XD

Oh yeah, I also started this business thingy in class. Since I'm the best artist in class, everyone is asking me to draw them pictures. So today my friend Shealyn decided that I should start charging them for my pictures. I thought it was a good idea, so me and Shealyn and my friend Emilie are gonna start "Kylie's Art: Always Really Tight" lol I feel kinda guilty about taking my friend's money though... Oh well. =P

See ya peoples later.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

   Omigosh these are so cool!

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Did anyone see the VMAs?
Omigosh, I didn't see the VMAs, but I heard the Britney Spears was awful, so I went and looked up her preformance on Youtube, and she was AWFUL. She looked bad, her lip-syncing (sp) was off, and she looked kinda drunk, and like she didn't know what she was doing. I felt kind of bad for her. But not really.

So so so, how has everyone been? It seems like I haven't been asking that question very often. =P I hope everyone is doing good. ^^

Anyways, I've really got nothing to say right now, so I guess I'll see everyone later. Bye bye!

Random Questions:

1.Do you like Spongebob?

2.What's your favorite movie?

3.What's your favorite song?

4.Do you like waffles?

5.What's your favorite food?

6.Favorite ice cream?

7.Favorite color?

8.Do you like me?

9.Are we friends?

10.Have you seen the movie The Goonies?

11.If you have, who's your favorite character?

My Answers:


2.The Goonies (and the Harry Potter movies)

3.I've got too many to name.



6.Cookie dough

7.Black and pink

8.Can't answer.

9.Can't answer.

10.Well of course I have.

11.I like Mikey, Chunk, Data, Mouth, and that one guy that Chunk is friends with. I kinda like Andy too.

well, I'm gonna go now.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Omigosh! =D
Duuuuuuuuuuuuudes!!! Do any of you watch the show LA Ink with Kat Von D? Well, me and Claudia are BIG fans of it, so today, instead of trying to call Emma Watson, we focused our calling on High Voltage (Kat's Tattoo shop) and we actually got the number!!! We tried to call SOOOO many times, but either we got static, or it was busy. =( We're gonna try again tomorrow.

Anyways, right now I'm singing Jingle Bells with an English accent. Don't ask why, I've just got the song stuck in my head.

Ooooh I'm thinking about cutting my hair. I wanna get it just below my shoulders (it's about to the middle of my back right now). I've already dyed it maroon (and it looks REALLY good) so I'm pretty sure I am gonna get it cut... I dunno. I hope it looks good.

Well, since I'm like, freezing my fingers off (it's REALLY cold here), I think I'm gonna stop typing now.... Well, I guess I'll see you peoples later. Bye!


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