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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Time: almost 8pm
Listening to: Laputa No Houkai
Thinking about: AWA :D....and school TT___TT

College has kept me severely busy I must say @___@ *twtiches* Classes have toughened up T_T But~! I want to talk about the anime convention ^_^ Anime Weekend Atlanta! It was great. I got to spend it with my two friends Anna and Farrah. n_n I cosplayed as "Loli Jessie" from Team Rocket. It was great! I has some piccies for all as well!~ There were a couple of Kenshin cosplayers, all whom I glomped >D~~ :D there was con drama but let's not talk about the bad things of the con @_@ a few friends got a little wild and it was up to me and the two friends I mentioned to keep control~* But everything was awsome. n___n Now I must be off. I'll go into detail later about the con~! Til then, my friends, much love! *wanders on, tossing a Pokeball in the air*

*points to the Rocket* there I am! <3

Here's the link to the other pictures! Enjoy! They're from pages 1-3 n_n *goes off to read Naruto manga as well*


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