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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Time: Almost midnight
Listening to: Hey there Delilah
Thinking about: Darn MP3 player ¨¨

Hiya ^^ how was your day? Lol, mine I basically slept T_T I ended up getting sick and just stayed home. *had one class* I did alllll my homework for the upcoming week and started reading the book for my Comparative Religions class. Yay! I'm ahead (for once XD)!! I'm getting my cosplay list ready for AWA :D Lol I plan to be Near again, then also Jessie from Team Rocket (my team...er...kinda fell through so it's going to be a loli version of her n_n;;) and also Itachi XD. I'll get ya pics of how everything is going <3 n_n Well...*ponders* I don't know what else to talk about XD so I'll just leave you with an interesting fact!
Did you know:
Monopoly was invented by Charles B. Darrow during the Depression in the 1934 and at first it was rejected by Parker Brothers due to "52 design errors"! Streets in Monopoly are taken from Atlantic City, New Jersey. Game was very popular in Cuba until Fidel Castro took power and burned all the Monopoly sets. Standard Monopoly bank starts with $15,140 and it is estimated that Monopoly has been sold 250 million times through out the world.
Lol til next time, friends *waves and wanders on*

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Time: 6:30 pm
Listening to: a movie in the background
Thinking about: Dragoncon

Hey guyzes ^^ well let me say that Dragoncon was AWSOME!!!!! The only down side of it was the 3 1/2 hour wait in line for regestration @_@ *rubs feet* TT_TT owww *le sigh* BUT! Besides that and the con crossing across 3 different hotels, it was a blast. Lol I even seen a Kenshin cosplayer! ;D I kinda ran over there and begged for a pic. ;) Lol they were reallly nice (a Kaoru was there too!). Lol 3 people knew my Near cosplay and glomped me XD yayyy. I got to meet up with a couple of ppl I knew there from Anime South too! *w00t w00t* My two friends went as Rogue and Yuna. I'll put up my photobucket account where they're set up at.
There you go! I don't know how to hotlink it though u.u *sigh* Today I've helped out with my neice's bday part XD It's been fun! I also washed my big dog Lady. She didn't like it til it was over XD then she was thankful. Welp! Hope you guys have a good one ^_~ Til next time~ *waves and wanders on*

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Time: 11:31pm
Listening to: Nothing surprisingly XD
Thinking about: Anime Con!

Yay! I finally got to it and changed the theme completely ^^ As you see it's back to Kenshin *heart* Lol, I hope I did a good job n_n! Thank you guys so much for the birthday wishes! Lol I ended up being stuck at school for hours. It was storming so badly XD and I was parked far away. T_T it took me 30 minutes to even FIND a parking space too! *pouts* Though it was alright in the end XD I played my Pokemon Pearl in this one room with couches etc and even made 2 friends X3 yay lol. I went to a friend's house to comfort him because his friend died by getting struck by lightning u_u it was sad but we ended up cheering him up so in the end it was all good n_n YAY! 2 days til Dragoncon! Wish me luck! Lol total subject changer, ne? Lol I got an Mp3 player and I don't know how to work it XD;; it's from a friend too @.@ *is still trying to figure it out* Welp! I'm off to play some Suikoden ^_~ Til next time guyzes~ *wanders on*

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time: Midnight
Listening to: Brothers *Full Metal Alchemist*
Thinking about: Dragoncon, birthday, you name it XD

I'm slowly getting better ^^;; I might have to see a therapist though. >< it's really hard to go about things... well cuz >>;; my best friend is dating my ex now u_u and the thing is I still love him >< darn emotions. But anyways! Today is mah birthday! I should be happy! *is turning 19* n_n XD I feel semi old now. Most of my friends are like...17 etc. College has kept me uber busy @_@ *fans self* and I have to stay til 8:20pm on my birthday T_T cuz of Advanced Bio. *cries* Ahz well n_n I love the class....just not the lab >>;;; Oh! I'm going to Dragoncon for a day XD bahaha! I'm cosplaying as Near from Death Note and Jean Gray with a friend who is going as Rogue. n_n yayy, lol kind of a small present for mahself >D sorry for complaining earlier though *bows* Welp how is everyone btw? Hee hee ^^ I'm getting back into Kenshin XD *watched a DVD* So my new theme might be him again <3
Welp I'm off to bed. Oyasumi! (might be morning for you though XD) *wanders off to bed*

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Time: 11:30am
Listening to: Iris- Googoo Dolls
Thinking about: Trying to get mind off of things

Hey guys~ sorry again. Well, the boyfriend that I bragged about a couple of posts back and I arenít together anymore ^^;; I wonít deny that it hurts like hell or anything. Iíve just kinda been to myself lately because of it. I wonít go into details on it, itís just when it happened I felt back stabbed and betrayed. Iím slowly getting better though. We might try to work through things after all n_n
@_@ Iím at school right now, waiting on my next class (Bio101).
So! Onto a better subject hm? How has everybody been? XD ehe, actually Iím hungry >>;; I might go and pilfer a cookie from somebody T_T but nobody has cookies *le sigh* but yes XD Iíll try to be on again sooner this time :P ehehe. Wish me luck in these classes! @_@ they tough -_-; (Iím taking Sociology, Religion, European History, Biology, and English Lit.)
Well til the next time my friends~ *waves and wanders on to find food*

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Time: Almost 6pm
Listening to: The Reason (Hoobastank)
Thinking about: Vacation~ <3

Allo allo~ Iíve been babysitting as of late so tis why I havenít been able to post D: *le cry* But! I decided to post right before taking a small vacation~ *squee-ness* Itís only like 3 hours away and itís at a friendís house ^^ though I canít wait :D There have been a lot of stresses at my home, so itíll be good to have a small getaway right before school starts. ;) When school starts, I should be able to post a lot more since my breaks are going to be in the computer lab XD *gigglesnort*
Well thatís basically it! Though I want to say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ALEX! (dothackloner) :D sorry I didnít say that on your birthday xD;;; Oh! Speaking of which, my birthday is in a couple of weeks ^^ Iíll be 19!
Well til the next time my friends~ *waves and wanders on to pack more*

Yummy Balthier~ *purr*

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Time: 5pm
Listening to: Can°¶t Be Saved (Senses Fail)
Thinking about: Phoenix Wright @.@

Blargh >< I think I might be catching a cold Éľ *cries* Though that still won°¶t stop me from posting etc! *laughs then coughs* Lesse~ nothing reall too new since last time XD I°¶ve been babysitting still, this time my cousin (for the weekend). Oh! And I went to a friend°¶s birthday party XD it was rather°Kcrazy! And fun! Heehee. I°¶ve also just been surfing on the internet, rping, and playing Ragnarok XD. The only downside is that you have to pay ; ; I°¶ve also been watching Bakumatsu, and RomeoxJuliet :D makes me all warm inside. *gigglesnort*
So how are all of you guys? Forgot to ask earlier XD welp I must be off. Planning more on cosplay for AWA as well :D JA NE! *wanders on*

Enjoy the dancing gifs!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Time: 2:30pm
Listening to: Tsubasa Chronicles
Thinking about: Ragnarok Online and role playing (*cries*)

Lalala~ How is everybody today? :P For some reason, I'm extremely content... except by the fact that my Ragnarok Online account has ran out T_T I need to get some money in zeh bank to pay for it! Lol for those who don't know what Ragnarok Online is~ IT'S FUN! :D Lol it's one MMORPG that I can play XD since I know a couple of people who play it. I'm still new at it though ^^;; In other news, the hunt for a theme is still going on! Now I'm thinking about making it into RomeoxJuliet ( a very cute anime version has recently came out ^^) Also deciding on more cosplay :D thinking about doing Jesse from Team Rocket for fun times ^_^ Alright well I won't bore you any longer~ til next time! *wanders on*

the anime RomeoxJuliet

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Time: Midnight
Listening to: Ave Maria
Thinking about: How I have been gone and how I was missed

Ok ok~ I apologize to everybody as a whole ^^;; *grovles* especially to Aya chan and Schultzie. What can I say? The wandering took a little longer than expected~ They've convinced me to come back XD I would've eventually but it would've been a while. I've mainly been babysitting at night, my usual time to post XD. Lesse~~~ Nothing too much except babysitting and trying to get money XD also surfing the forum I'm on. Oh! and I've found an AWSOME boyfriend XD surprisingly so~! I really likes this one too XD he can handle my fangirl-ism! Heehee XD also now I have red hair *zomgasp!* and I also have a myspace~ yep! I converted! I'm twilit_dreamer on there XD my display name is~what else!~ Kya chan ^_^ I'll post sooner. *I know I said that before but I mean it this time!* Much <3 to all of you!
Oh! I'm wondering what theme I should have again XD hehe. I'm debating Suikoden or something. Any suggestions? Much <3! Til VERY soon my friends~! *wanders off* (that felt nice to say XD)

just for fun!

For old time's sake ^_^

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Time: Almost 2pm
Listening to: Xenosaga
Thinking about: SCHOOL @___@

Konnichiwa n_n Sorry it has been a while since I have last posted XD;;; school has been keeping me really busy @_@ hmm other than schoolÖ..OH! I went up to NC to see a couple of friends of mine, with Julian, and we cosplayed at IHOP n_n heehee! Though my wallet did get stolen T_T *cries* I got it back though, just without the money L Ah well ¨¨ Iíll somehow get them back for itÖ! Once I find out who XD lol. Happy late Valentineís Day!! *huggles all and gives candy* Thank you Puppy chan for the card as well n_n hehee! Iíve also been working on my cosplay, trying to get enough money (now more than last week >.<) to buy the Itachi Sharingan eyes. Welp I hope yall forgive me ^_~ Iíll cut this short lol. Ja ne! *wanders on*

Sorry this is late!

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