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Friday, February 9, 2007

   So it's been a while...
So it's been a while since I have been on Otaku..

Not that I have been busy. Anyway..I have been drawing some but unfoirtunately it's not anime..it's regular people...

So how is everyone?

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Sunday, November 5, 2006

   My Birthday
So my birthday's in a week and I dread it...

Another year alone...

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

   Ok so wtf is going on?
It seems that ole' Kuro has been forgotten again...

Where have all the good buddies gone?

Forget it- I don't need phony friends.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

   So here it is...
So here I am once again at my computer.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about my life at the moment. I have wondered a few things lately.

#1. why do I always end up kicked in the ass by men?
I have this "friend" named Charles...he flirts like crazy with every girl he meets. He thought I was going to give him some free booty and when he found out that I wouldn't give it- the asshole stops talking to me. I would say that it's pretty obvious what he wanted. It seems that I am not the only woman he has done this to and he really needs his ass kicked.

#2. Why is it that every guy that I am friends with seems to pity me?
I have several guuy friends who find it necessary to tell me things like, "You are a very beautiful person inside." or "You will find somebody who will love you as you are." In other words- they think I am a porker and ugly. Come on guys- you don't have to pity me anymore. I know the truth. I mean- I look in the mirror and see it.

#3. I will be fat forever.
It seems that my body wants to be fat and I don't really like it but I can't afford the meds I need either.It's true that I have been gorging myself for a few months due to my use of food as comfort. Maybe I will lose some weight at college...I hope...

#4. It seems that the guy I thought I loved...well I don't. In fact- I pity him for chasing a dream and I will really pity him if it comes out that it was all a lie. But at least I know that he's not the type to lie about his feelings and run to me for comfort.

#5. My crazy "friend" will never leave me alone. I don't write back or call so why won't she give up? Well because when we were friends(I mean when I was her friend), I did everything for her. I protected her and took care of her when she was sick. I even wiped her ass one day when she was so weak from the shits...the bitch shit all over the couch and guess who cleaned it up? That's right- I did.

#6. It seems that I have met a few people online just like the crazy bitch. I have this one guy friend who thinks that he should get all these sexy photos of me...um no...
He says, "How about one where you lean back and spread your legs while clothed?"..um how about no?
I think it's funny because he says that I am sexy...I think he's pitying me...yes yes fat is sexy...ugh no...
Why do these people enjoy using others?

#7. I am sad to be alone and yet I am not. I would love to find someone- but every time I met someone interesting...I get screwed(not literally). I get picked on because I am a virgin and almost 32. Do I care? Nope. I am old fashioned and want to share my body with someone I love- not the whole world. SO I may never have sex- so be it...

I guess that's enough..I need to go to bed.

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

So here I am on myOtaku site. Um I am so lost and I don't know anyone. I hope everyone is having a great summer because Kuro is bored.
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Thursday, May 18, 2006

   Kuro is bored.
So here I am at the library of hillbilly retards and sitting next to Bubba..I bet he has a horse trailer outside. Don't these hillbillies bathe before leaving the house?

Don't get me wrong- I am born and bred full Southern but I do know what soap and water are..

Anyway I am doing okay. I am really bored. This town doesn't even have a mall. I know i know...the population here is like 5000 people and most are old as dirt.So I am really enjoying it*sarcasm* I miss Memphis...even if everyone was getting mugged on campus and the sirens were all night..I can't wait for August 25!!!

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

   A love poem
I sit here alone
In my empty room
Full of loneliness
I reach out for you
Wishing you were here
We once were strangers
Merely words on a screen
Now you have invaded my heart
You have invaded my soul
My heart longs for your love
My body yearns for your touch
My lips want to touch yours
We come from different places
The world will be against us
Fate brought us together
And now you are mine.
I have waited all of my life
For you, my Love.
Only Death can take me away
From you.

AManda Davis
May 3, 2006

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

   Ok bad news from Kuro
On May 5th Kuro goes offline until late August. I will not be able to get to my site at all. Damn library blocks cookies..grrrrr..

Anyway I wish you all a good summer..

Gene Outlaw please take of yourself out there. OK?

Hugs to all my friends..

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

To let my friends know..

I do not cut. But Sunday night I was about to take my life. I am so tired of being alone. But I made it through that...

I love all of you for your concern.Thanks to all of you.

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Friday, April 7, 2006

Another poem....I swear I am turning so emo...
The Razor Calls To Me

I woke up alone
Without you
And I was afraid
Outside the wind hisses
“You were dreaming”
”For he was never here”

Reality slaps me
As I feel a cold hand
Take my heart
And fill it with eternal darkness

I feel the darkness
And the pains inside takes hold
I look at this pale flesh
This flesh that you will never touch

I sit on this tile floor alone
Longing for you
My flesh longs for the steel
Longs for the release
I feel the sharp sting
As I begin to bleed

I sit here alone
It’s you I need
But for now I mangle my flesh
Because the razor calls to me.

Amanda Davis

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