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Saturday, November 17, 2007

   So sore but wouldn't trade this feeling for the world.
So I went to Band Camp 2007 yesterday. I got out of school early to get a really good place for Operator. It was really cool. During Drowning Pool was the best though. Nearly everyone was moshing expecially during let the bodies hit the floor.I was crushed in between my friends even before they came on. I was hit in the head three times with bodies.Hit in the nose with a shoulder, my toe was stopmed. Ilost my shoe and was steped on when I tryed to put it back on.Knocked completely over then helped back up by people I didn't even know. And had the taste of dirt in my mouth until I had four drinks.There was so much dirt that people had it on there teeth and lips. My friends and I were like we're starting a mosh pit right here when Drowning pool comes on and we did. They keep stoping us though. They said mosh pits are in the back. And we bacically said fuck that and keep moshing. I mean If they don't want people hurt they should send the ones who don't mosh to the back. Honstly who sarts one in the back of the people. You want to be close to the band when you mosh. It shows you like the music.
Well later posts Kupos

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