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Sunday, August 27, 2006



Going back to what we were before...

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Oh sadness. I had to drop my sister off at college today. I was so sad after we left. No more createblogging, no more staying up and talkign all night till one of us falls asleep, i'll miss her. We are like best friends. I could have never asked for a better sister at all, and i'm so glad she's part of my life. In Other news me and sam are taking "A BREAK", so she can sort out her life, and make sure she doesn't like anybody else, and if you read my post before, she was trying to do that before we even went out! Well i told her i'm not gonna wait around for her forever this year. I start school tommorrow and i'm gonna have fun this year, no girl is gonna put me down and make my life hell. If there is someone i like, then i'll need to move on, she's wasted alot of my life with her isssues and she always comes up with reasons to be on a break, so hopefully we do work out our issues, but if not then i'm gonna move on? i dunno, but i need to. Well i better be going now, so i'll talk to you all tommorrow!


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