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Monday, August 14, 2006



Cramming Down Tommorrow!

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Tommorrow i'm gonna be workig all day on my MyO. Two new layouts for ppl on MyO. One of Kingdom Hearts, and another of Inuyasha. Then i'm setting up some Music codes and The !NEW! Players also. And maybe some new KH things, like KH3 Plot, and other stuff. I'll think about it tonight and maybe you'll see a huge change tommorrow, i just made a paramore layout for my MyO today. It's very cool, well i think so. Cya all tommorrow! OH and The Community will be up and ready at the end of September. Yeah a lil l8, but at least it will be up, i think i'll be putting the plot on there for KH3, cause the communtiy is all abut KH so yeah. Ok well talkto you all l8r MyOtakuin's


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