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Thursday, August 3, 2006



Success=Not a Failure!!!

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So, The Music Player's were a success, no bad comments! What a good thing! They will be up in my linx next week. One thign i did forget to mention when i posted about them, is that you can even change your colors on them easily , just find to color codes you want and paste them where they go. It's quite simple if you ask me.I now have an enemy!!! A MOUSE! He's in my house. He's trying to kill mke i swear. At night i'll be ion the comp and look to the tright, and he's there. He's the only one we can't ctach with our trap. Which means he's smart(bad thing>.<) DEVIL MOUSE! Lol, so not much has been happening, besides the Mouse Murderer! I was supposed to go shopping for school today, but it didn't go as planned. Well i ordered Degrassi: The Next Generation Season 3. It's my aboslute favorite show in the world, and Season 3 is the season with the episode they've never shown b4(i think...)! I'm hoping it's on there or i'll be very dissapointed. Well that's about all today for me, but if i get something new that happens, i'll edit tonight.

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Paramore-"Emergency" Music Video. It aired everywhere on Monday! You def have to watch it. The Best band ever!


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