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Wednesday, August 2, 2006



Be a freak, cause being cool is way Overrated!!

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I'm Back, just a lil late, but back. This is actually funny. I'm d8ing Sam! The girl i love. If you have read my recent entries, then you know who i'm talking about. Now i have some new things in store for my site. I'm gonna be adding music players. These music players are very awesome! They came from The Otaku. It was hard to find something that played the music on Myotaku pages and looked good, but it's finally HERE! As you can see, i have one on my navigation. The Current song is Cartel-"Honestly". The thing that makes the players even cooler is that you can download the song right from the player!! Yes!! it is true. Downloading has never been easier. It's very cool. What i wanna know is if any of you are interested in the player. If you are, then so be it. Leave your comments, messages, w/e. Yay's or Nay's, Give your honest opinion on it. Also i'm working on a new layout for my site ft. ME! yep me. I think you'll see what i'm talking about when i put it up. I'm hoping to have the images uploaded and coding done tommorrow. The layout should be up b4 the end of the week. Ok well i'll leave you on a good note with a quote from me! "Love Lasts Longer When your Friends" Don't get used to the quotes, it was just a mood i was in, so it's a one time thing, maybe....


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