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Saturday, May 12, 2007

hi! havent been on a long while but like I AM AT MY COUSINS!!!! so yeah here i am!!!! so whats up???
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

   bad news...
HI! uh...yeah i cant get on anymore til later so see ya!
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Monday, March 5, 2007

botd:.....um....whatever ig

Okay i am sick today!!! it suxs! i think the flu finally got me this time!!!!EVIL!!!!!!!! well ne way my day sucked!!!! well thats all see ya!

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Friday, March 2, 2007

mood: apathetic
botd: Static X
kn: none

my day was like bleh!! cause it was so it was not exciting one bit!!! cause it wasnt! so this is my post so yeah. see ya!

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Endlessly says he
"softly" he said
"what?" i said
"forever" he said
"forever?" i said
"forever" he said

"gently" he said
"i wonder..."i said
"kiss me" he said
"gently" i said

"my only" he said
silence i stayed
"what is it?" he said
my heart pounds i felt

he holds me
i hold him
"i love you" he says
"i love you too"

"forgive me" he says
"i do"
"love me" he says
"I love you"

"Gently, silently, forever, my only"
only he says endlessly.

Mood: sweepy
kn" none

my day was kinda boring and so there is not much to type. i am gonna get my permit soon so woot!!!! any way hope you guys are doing good!! bye!

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botd: AFI!!!!!!!!
kn: one step foward sends you two steps back unless you take ten more steps before they push you back.

WOOTA!!!!!!!! WHAT UP??? i am like uber hungery!!!!!!!!!! yes i am starving but i wont eat cause i am like that. i only eat like a meal a day!!!! which makes ppl think i am like anerexic!!!! which i am not!!!!!!!! cause i am trying to lose weight!!!!! and no i am no where near skinny but harsh treatment helps me reach my limmits!! WOOT!!! grrrrrr...today we have this"Sex talk thing"...it will be scaring!!! AND I GET MY PERMIT SOON!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!! okay what happened yesterday??? oh yeah...my stupid band teacher flippin yelled at me for no reason!!!!!!! but i stood my ground and he apologized to me!!!!! HA HA!! ne way i was like so PO!!!!! it wasnt funny!!!! but ppl cheered me up and got scared cause i was like all demonic!! he is such a butt though!!!!!! he blames us if he dies and he blamed us for getting into a stupid car wreak!!!!!! WHEN WE WERNT EVEN THERE!!!!!! and my art teacher says it is our fault!!!!!!!!!!! GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! were trying to get my band teacher fired!!!!!!!! and alot of us are gonna quit!!! but i cant cause my parents would never let me!!!!!!! so i am joining color guard so i wont be apart of the band. my band teacher says color guard are slaves to the band....i'll show him!!!!!!!!! well i am done complaining!!!!! i will be on friday afternoon!!!!! SEE YAS!!!!!!!*hugs*^-^

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

   DRIVER'S ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!101
botd: :0 uuuuhhhhhhhh.....GREEN DaY!!!*sings american idiot*

OKAY!!!! it has officially started!!!!! so i wont be on in the afternoons!!!!!!! well hope you have an awesome WEEK!!!!!!! WOOTA!!!!:3 well see ya!*hugs*

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

   Art competition and mall madness!!!!!!!!
okay!! today was like WWWOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT! cause i had alot of fun!!! and i made a new anime buddy!!!!!! i didnt make it to state but i scored pretty high!!!! THE JUDGE ONLY ASKED ME ONE QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you no how old ppl would be like "dont draw like that cause it is evil"??? THIS JUDGE WAS LIKE!!!!! GO DARK!!! BE MORBID!!!!! i was like....o.O? it was funny!!! AND A 18 year old dude asked me out at the mall today!^///^ it was awesome!!!!!!!! HE WAS CUTE TOO!!!!!lol! dont feel like typing details! so like if you wanna no you gottat pm me and ask!
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Thursday, February 22, 2007

botd: linkin park
kn: none

today just wasnt my day. my sis got in a wreak and i dont know for sure how she is!!! and a heck of alot of stuff has been happening!!!!! so iam sad!!!T-T life bites today....

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

mood: na na!!!.-.
botd: freak kitty by taco hut!!!!!!! j/k!!! um....siliva!!!

okay!!! omg!!! it was so funny!!! okay we had to do this acting thing in health and like i had to shoot people!!! so we made a fake gun out of these little connecting blocky thinys!!! and so we came to the part were i shoot them!!! and well i shot one and ig i did it too fast cause the barrel just FLEW up!!!O.O and it hit the ceiling!!!! we were just watching it!!!!! it was so funny!!!!!!!! well that was my day!!! see ya!!

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