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Hello Fellow Otakuans,

Welcome to my realm. Feel free to look around and enjoy yourself. I have no rules, because rules are just there to be broken right? Well anyway, welcome again and I hope we can be friends. I must go so i bid you adieu...


-Random Facts About Me-

1- I have stayed awake reading for more than 32 hours... i couldnt go on any further; there were no more books in the series...
2- I am a fan of many animes you probly have never heard of...
3- I hate Daisuke (go figure)
4- WARNING I cuss a lot... but i try to watch my mouth
5- WARNING I like to pick on people, but if it goes to far let me know and Ill quit
6- I Love Blonde jokes... even though im a blonde myself @_@
7- I have a dog. I want a cat and a rabbit, but my parents wont allow it.
8- Im a geek and im proud of it
9- I like to sing
10- I love to act
11- I seem arrogant... but really, Im not
12- I like rock music
13- I scare people just by looking at them, idk why...
14- I love to play videogames
15- I am very moody, dont mess with me people... -_- i will hurt you


Saturday, March 24, 2007


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