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Monday, July 9, 2007

5th of July writing and This morning's writing
Written July 5th but nobody read it
So much has happened...
Wow, so much has happened. Ok, First, I already told you all about my Church Camp which was so much fun. I went to go see "Transformers" yesterday, and it was good and hilarious. I give it 3 thumbs way up. I had a good 4th of July, except for my boyfriend breaking up with me. We had a barbecue at our house, looked at fireworks, and just had some fun. I'm getting over my boyfriend dumping me(especially the way he did it). He never deserved me anyway. The way he broke up with me though was horrible, he didn't even tell me, he told another boy to tell me over the phone. It was horrible, but Im Strong and I'll get over it. Anywayz, how was yall's 4th of July?

Now For this Morning,
How was everyone's weekend? Mine was Blessed, as usual. I can;t complain with the way God keeps on Blessing me, you know? Well im gonna get some rest. I wanna hear about yall's weekends though.

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