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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Another Weekend gone. They go way too fast T_T .
Although I posted on Friday, I forgot to mention that I hade volunteered at the local senior center to help serve food during a dance for the old folk. I actually had a good time. I didn't have to do much work and most of the 4 hours was either spent hanging out with the other volunteers, whom I already knew, or dancing :P Plus it adds to my very (none) low number of volunteer jobs that I need for NHS.

Yesterday, Saturday, I dropped by the DMV for about 2 hours and got a Motorcycle permit ^_^ I don't have a bike yet because my father wants me to take a training coarse first before I get my bike, but I have yet to actually try for and earlier date.

And by the way, Thank you all for my first 100 visits. ^_^ I'll try to do a drawing for the event real soon.

That's all for now I'll try to stop back sometime soon and drop another post, hopefully one with a little more interest to it.

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