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Friday, March 11, 2005

Wow it's been so long since I last post, almost 2 weeks. I should have posted the two weeks ago too. I guess I'll try to catch up with every thing.

As I had said in the last post, that Saterday I was going to a Magic tournament the next day. I had a good time with my friend Jesse but didn't win anything, and also didn't even win a game T_T. I lost about 30 bucks there. I should have saved my money for other things that I can acually stay in for more than the first few matches :P

I also am finally done with the huge Genealogy and its presentation that has been hanging over my head for weeks.

The week after (last week) I was invited to one of my friends "Board game extravagansa" parties on Saterday. She lives down the street so I just walked over. I had a good time and got home at 11:30, just in time for FMA ^_^. Although I did miss that new show, which at this time I can't remember the name of o_O I was wonder if it was any good. It looked funny but those kind of things can fool you. So I'm sticking with the safe bet and asking you people.

Other than those few things, weeks have been really dull but at least it is Friday and another week is over and another week closer to April 28.

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