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Saturday, October 25, 2008

   Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!
I'm back! Scholl has slowed down for a moment, so I thought I'd post! Let's seee what we could mention here......

Harleigh isn't movimg till June. So thats good!

I really love all of my classes! They're GREAT!!!!! I really like my Algebra class because we play games and it's not boring as hell like last year where we played games at the END of the year..... That SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!

I still miss everyone... *tear* And I'll TRY to get to commenting today nd to get to changing my layout.... So be patient if I havend commented you! I'll try to get to you later!

OH!!!! I got a PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! Jomz-kun already knows I got one. I told him on the chat!

My 1 year of being on MyO is almost here! Can't wait!

TTYL everyone!!!!!

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