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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

   Yesterday sucked.

My subject states it all.... Yesterday really, really stunk! Not only did I have to go shopping with my Dad and sister, I, somehow, pulled a muscle in my shoulder, so it's killing me. Not to mention the fact I wore a pair of boots that I forgot were too small, so now my feet sting....

And even, after all that, I forgot to call my friend Angel, forgot period to get on myO, and I haven't gotten any farther in my story or started writing my fan fic. *sigh* Yep.... I knew yesterday was going to be bad. I just knew it....

So now, I don't think any of my friends will even want to visit me, much less PM me or talk to me at all...

*sighs again* Well, such is life.... I hope you all aren't completely ticked off at me!


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