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Sunday, July 23, 2006

   Hallo there!!! I'm grounded today, but I'm posting!

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Almost....done.... Not gonna post until I have the next chapter done! ....Must...resist...urge to....procrastinate... xD

All righty, another short chapter done!!! But it had to be short. Okay, done talking about that.

Today was starting off really badly.... To tell the truth, I almost wish today never happened.... But then, I got talking to my friends at church, and they made me feel a lot better.... I guess that's what friends are for, ne?

Okay, I'm done chatting now, lol! I can't go online today, though... Don't ask why I'm on now. I'm just insane, and I'm gonna get in trouble >.>

Well, here it is!


Kitty flicked her eyes open then closed, feeling surges of cruel pain crawling through her arms and sides. She curled herself inward, then gripped her arms with her hands. Looking down, she saw blood smeared across her arms.

[Kitty's POV]

Crud... I don't remember getting hit!

"It's not blood! But it may soon be...."

No!!! It was poison! How could I be so stupid!

[end POV]

She jerked her hands off and saw blood smeared all the way across. Her arms felt like they were burning, and her sides felt almost as if they were on fire. Kitty then looked around the room, noticing someone stood there. Her vision was fuzzy beyond the point of the bed post, almost as if she were near-sighted.

Sitting upright, she let the blankets fall off her body and slowly inched off the bed. The figure immediately was beside her, holding her up, then seating her back on her bed.

"I...can't see..." she saw it was a man but couldn't tell who it was. "Terry...."

"Yes?!" his voice sounded panicked, but it was Terrence's. She could've leapt for joy if it wasn't for the searing pain she now felt. "I brought you to the only place I thought was safe..."

He put his arms around her and kissed her forehead. To her, it felt as if he would never let go of her, almost as if he was afraid of losing her.

"I can't let you go now..."

She took this literally, and responded that way. "Are you stuck, or are you hurt?"

He smiled and let out a small laugh, but then slowly leaned back, trying not to rub her wounds.

"You were poisoned....and I couldn't stop it! And now....you're still in pain! I don't know how to cure it!" he sounded pained, and has her vision cleared up, she could see his face was slightly damp, especially by his eyes.

"It's all right, Terrence." she leaned forward and let him hold her once more.

She felt a hot tear collide with her face and drip down.

[Kitty's POV]

Huh? It's not....

[end POV]

Pulling her head back slightly, she looked at his face. She could see a trail of tears from one eye while the other was being hidden by his jacket sleeve.


"I'm sorry." he tried to smile and slowly succeeded, but tears still ran down his face.

"..." she smiled back, then commented. "Now it looks like I'm the one that needs to hold you."

He laughed -- it wasn't long, but he laughed.

[Kitty's POV]

Wow..... I've never, ever seen a guy cry like this..... It just....makes me feel.....sad.

[end POV]

"What? I was being serious."

"I know you were...." he stared deeply into her eyes, almost as if trying to see everything they witnessed.

"...." she spread out her arms, then embraced him, even though it killed her arms to do that. "Just don't get all mushy on me."

She smiled, but she was stuck there. Even if she wanted to, she couldn't move. Not only was it the fact that she didn't want to let go, but her arms were in so much pain, they were almost numb.


[Kitty's POV]

Yeah, genius. I'm stuck.....but I don't know if I really want to move....

[end POV]

"Oh...." he moved backwards slowly off the bed, keeping his arms under her so she wouldn't fall off.

"Sleeping...or unconscious?" he shook his head.

He then moved closer to the bed, picked her up with one arm under her neck and shoulders and the other on the underside of her knee, and laid her gently on the bed.

He slowly pulled the covers over her.

[Terrence's POV]

What's wrong with me?! Just a second ago, I was crying like an idiot....all over her! What's so special about her?!

[end POV]

Frustrated, he yanked them entirely over her, then pulled a section back to reveal her face again.

[Terrence's POV]

Why? Her face.....it just....calms me down.....why?

[end POV]

Terrence then moved closer to the bed and knelt down. He smiled, then brushed her cheek with his hand.

"No." he stated, then stood up.

He turned and walked toward the door, but then sat in the corner beside it, watching her.

Her peaceful - yet slightly pained - face made his entire body warm up. He looked away.

[Terrence's POV]

She's a friend....not even that! I hardly even know her! ....But....I....just let those things happen to her....

[end POV]

He pulled in his knees, wrapped his arms over them, then buried his head in the space left.

And so went the entire day of Kitty's fifteenth birthday. The gentle silence edged its way into the entire room until the sun broke the darkness.


Not even 800 words, if you want to know the truth ^-^" Kinda sad, actually....

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