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Saturday, July 22, 2006

   NEW STUFFS!!!!! Lol.

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Okay, so I decided to do Riku and Risa first. I kinda want to do Dark and Daisuke next.....although, they did find their way into this post, lol! But now I don't have much of anything left to do.... I finished up everything but my avatars, and I have four out of five already... ^-^"

Well, what'd'ya think? Bad, good, okay? Lols, sorry, I'm acting hyper...

I actually kinda cheated, grabbed some pics online, and didn't do much work on them.... But for my Furuba BGs and stuff, I worked a lot on them.... though I think they definitely don't look as good as these... xD

PROCRASTINATION WARNING: eheh.... I haven't written much more for my story.... Gomen!

Too tired to write anymore, so I'll stop now.

C'ya laters!!! Btw, I hope you guys have a good day! Mine's gonna be busy, I know it, lol.


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