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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

   It's a disease, I tell you!

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Lately, I've been getting pretty lazy... I mean, not only do I not feel like drawing, but I've also been trying to get my sister to make my meals for me o_o" I'd feel bad if I wasn't so darned lazy......

One of my friends visited me about a week ago, and I accidentally infected him with the Laziness Disease ^-^" He was so boring.......

Now, I've finally figured out why I'm not funny anymore. *sigh* I'm too lazy. xP


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Thursday, May 25, 2006

   Wow, I was bored XD

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I just put this on here so I could listen to it. It has nothing to do with anime/manga. It only has a video of Aly & AJ on there, so sorry if you were expecting anything else ^-^" But I really like their song, so yeah...

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


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I changed my site's theme. I changed my bg yesterday, but I put the rest of the stuff on my site today ^-^ It was kind of fun, and actually almost interesting.

I know, I'm off so long it doesn't even matter; I've practically given up on drawing since my art sucks, so maybe that's why I didn't want to come on. Well, I'll get around to getting my requests done (although they've probably been long since forgotten about), but then I'm probably going to be done with drawing with pencils and pens.

If anyone else wants to get a picture of their mew or whatever else done by me, the lame excuse for an artist, you may want to ask now, or before I'm done with all my requests.

Now, off that thought!
I think I might start sketching with colored pencils. I've always preferred them, so it might be a little break off those hard lines. Who knows, maybe that will get my love of drawing back (if I ever had a love of it XD).

Most of my friends on here have probably already forgotten me, and I really can't blame them for it. I'm not going to give up on myO, but it gets kinda boring not talking to a friend. So, I guess what I'm getting around to saying is that I'm sorry, and I hope you're still willing to be my friends!


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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Heheh ^-^

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Yeah, so much for the drawing... ^-^" It really stinked!!! I'm going to have to ask my sister to help me again ^-^"
I'm drawing a picture of Aya from Ceres Celestial Legend, and I hope it will turn out okay ^-^" If it doesn't, back to the drawing board O.O
Hahah, I guess I'm now hooked on Ceres ^-^" I like all the characters so far, especially Mrs. Q and Yuhi. But I like Aya and Toya too. And Aki and Ceres and-- *explosion* @-@ *waves back and forth before falling over*
^-^" I'll just leave it at I like all the characters XD
Well, I've probably taken up enough of your reading time, so I think I'll end this here ^-^
Ja ne!!!

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Monday, March 6, 2006


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Ugh, I have a head-cold... -_- Lols, but that's not really what I'm here to say XD
I got my hair cut at a place called 'great clips,' and I really like it!!! The eight inches of hair that got cut off is going to a good place too ^-^
My sister is thinking about growing out her hair super-long like I did, and donating it like I did today O.O
Lols, the person that cut my hair said it was pretty ^-^
Ohhhhh, also, I think my block is coming to an end!!! I feel like drawing again! I think I'll do that later on. ^-^

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