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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Long post.... Gomen!!! ^-^

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Okay, to make a long story short, I took it too many times for my own good, and I eventually stopped at this one. I used my initials....lol.

Fruits Basket Life [pics] [modified] by emma159
Zodiac Sign:
How you got involved with the Sohmas:Uotani was about to beat you up but you begged for mercy claiming you'd do anything and she decided to make you help her annoy Kyo.
Who fell in love with you:
He asked you out:You responded by kissing both of his cheeks and skipping away happily.
Who was jealous:
How jealous was he?Very jealous. He’s plotting revenge right now…
On your date:It ended with a long, romantic walk...and you couldn't help but fall for him.
The relationship lasted:What relationship?
How enjoyable your first kiss was:: 34%
How much you love him:: 93%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

So, anyone up for round 50? xD I swear, I had to have taken it that many times..... ^-^" I did myself, then my sister. The first result she got was about accurate.... At least, I think so. She got Hatori-san. =P

I took this from Sailor Usagi Chan's site... Yeah, it's sad.... I don't bother looking for my own stuff, so I take everyone else's...

I'm done rambling now. (I know, thank God!!!) ^-^ Here's the next chapter, which I just got through with..... It's very short, but I wanted to build up suspense!!!! ....Really!!! (someone else- "No, you were just to friggin' lazy!") >.>


"Pheeuuuwwww....." Kitty blew the bangs away from her face, hesitating before she eventually stood up.

She then saw several colors flash in front of her eyes and crashed down to the floor, holding her head with one hand while the other one was supporting the upper half of her body.

"Ow... I have to remind myself to not do that again...."

Boredom soon took its toll on her, and she soon stood up. The moonlight now shone in again, making the room look exactly like it had the night before. Two of the plants that she had knocked down before were still there, laying on their sides.

"....I kinda made a mess out of this place..."

She started to feel bad about the mess and picked up the plants. All of the dirt couldn't be picked up, so she made a small pile out of the remaining dirt.

[Kitty's POV]

He still hasn't come back. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll be locked in here my entire life!

[end POV]

She stood up, then put up her fist.

[Kitty's POV]

Well I'm not gonna wait until death to get out of this darned room! I have to go somehow! .....

[end POV]

Now staring down at the floor, her eyes grew solemn and her face still.

[Kitty's POV]

But Terry did say something about the people here....

[end POV]

Determined, she turned her face upward and almost started to walk off before she heard the door rattle slightly. Kitty wandered closer to it listening to any other noises that might have come from it. Hearing another noise, this time more of a scratching noise, she braced herself for whatever may have been behind it.

[Kitty's POV]

Oh great! Now what?!

[end POV]

Vibrating back and forth violently, the door suddenly whipped open, sending a gust of air toward Kitty that knocked her down.

"Oof...ah..." she grunted when she fell.

There the door stood, wide open, looking as if it was daring her to go through. She thought a moment, turned her head once more to look at the bed she might be stuck with for eternity, then stared at the door out of the corner of her eye.

[Kitty's POV]

It seems too easy.... But still, that wasn't normal! Doors don't rattle like that then open that easily!

[end POV]

Sighing, she stood up, threw her head back, and put her hands on her hip. She closed her eyes, clearing her thoughts for a moment.

[Kitty's POV]

Why? Why do I have to get stuck with crap like this! This isn't fair! Not fair at all!

"What do you think you're doing?! I'd hate to think of what the people here might do to you!"

Ughhh..... TERRY!!! You have to ruin everything!

[end POV]

The door creaked, then closed an inch.

"I don't care! Terry told me not to leave, and I'm not leaving!" she almost yelled at the inanimate object.

Almost as if it was in a huff, it slammed on her, then locked itself on the outside.

"Good riddance!" she yelled again.

Getting bored with just standing there like a zombie, she ran and flopped onto the bed. It was normal; there were no extra surprises hidden there - just the way she liked it.

"....but why?"

"I think it was..."

Two voices were heard outside the door, but there was too much noise for only two people. She figured it would have to be three or four.

[Kitty's POV]

Great! Now, I won't even get any sleep!

[end POV]

She viciously pulled the pillow out from behind her head and threw it on top of her face, holding it down.


Hearing the footsteps and voices cease, she opened her eyes and soon laid the pillow gently towards the foot of the bed. Cautiously, she strolled toward the door as she made as little sound as possible.

"We can't just-" that was recognized as Terry's voice.

"Well, we are!" another voice cut in. It was the second voice heard down the hall.

The door crashed open, almost being broken off its hinges.

"So, you're the one." this was the second voice, now with its owner in view.

"Eep!!! Who the heck are you?!" she shuffled backward, trying to stay away from him.

"Oh, don't worry. I won't hurt you." the emphasis was on the "I."

"!" she then saw Terrence at the door with a worried expression. "Terry!"

"Normally, strangers just call him Terrence. It seems he's taken a liking to you." he snickered.

"You're not going to hurt her!" it was more a demand than a question.

"I said I wasn't." his voice sounded like a snake's would if it could talk.

"Don't touch her!" Terry demanded.

It was a little too late for that. As Terrence spoke, the man pulled Kitty by the arm towards the door, making no effort to be gentle with her.

"Get off me!" she screamed.

"You have no right to demand that." he scoffed. "If anything, I should be the one demanding you not to even breathe. Be satisfied that you're still living."

Terrence's face grew pale as he watched the cruel man pull and shove her down the hall. He started to run toward them when the other two men that were there restrained him.

"If she's hurt at all, you'll be the one to pay with your life!" he yelled, his words cutting off as the man slammed a door behind him and Kitty.

Terrence then slumped to the ground, the two men there letting him drop to the floor. He closed his eyes, then leaned his head back.

"They can't do it to her too! Not her..." in the small section of moonlight that showed a small part of his face, you could just see a small tear running down a section of his cheek.


I think it might be a little sad... I dunno. I'm not really the soft-hearted person >.> Well, you'll eventually see what Terry was talking about originally when he said "I will be nothing compared to my Father." I kinda made him a little OOC for the business part.... You might've noticed that already ^-^"

Kat out!


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Thursday, July 13, 2006

o.O Uh..... Next chapter?

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Okay okay, so I don't have much to say this time. That's all right, right?

Well, NEways, I got the next chapter done. I tried to incorporate a little bit more, as Enzeru no hikari said, "lovey-dovey" stuff in there, but I'm not quite sure how that came out...

My sister's going to draw Kitty, I think ^-^ Well, she wanted to know what she looked like. She said she thought curly redhead; I thought straight-haired blondy xD We'll compromise somehow, lol.

I'm thinking about turning this into a manga sometime. Since my sister's a ton better at art than I am, and since she sort of likes the story, I thought that would be interesting.

I'll stop wasting time now. Here it is!!! Lol.


"WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING?!" a voice rang out in the hall beside the room Terry and Kitty were in, making the never-ending quietness a much better option.



An old man, much more elderly than the other one, ran into the room with more energy than a sugar-hyper five-year old. He stopped and glared at Terry, then smiled more widely like a cat that just caught a rat as he turned to look at Kitty. He then gave a weird chuckle, almost sounding drunk, and he ran over and slapped Terry on his spine.

"PEEPING on a girl, EH?!" he then gave another choked laugh and ran out the door after slapping Terry hard on the back again.

As he left the room, they both stared incredulously at the now-empty hallway beyond the room. Kitty crawled, curiosity now struck, slowly off the bed and headed toward the door.

Terry figured out what she was doing after quickly getting over the shock of the old man and raced toward the door to close it. She had stuck her hand through, but she pulled it back out the second before he closed it.


"What do you think you're doing?! You don't know anyone in this house, and I'd hate to know what they'd do to you!" he paused from ranting for a moment, catching his breath.

She finally understood why she was kept in that same room, the one that looked like a greenhouse. It was for her protection.

[Kitty's POV]

What could he protect me from? I can already kick his butt! ...Well, he was caught off guard...and I was asleep.

[end POV]

She closed her eyes and rubbed the side of her head.


"?" he stared at her for a moment, and then sighed. "You're strange."

Her face immediately knotted up.

[Kitty's POV]

I'M WEIRD?! After I apologized and everything, that's all he has to say?!

[end POV]

She turned around, stomped back to the bed, and flounced on it, crossing her arms.

Hearing the bed creak slightly, Terrence turned around and saw Kitty looking very disgruntled. He was puzzled, since just a moment ago she was apologizing.

He walked over to her bed, but she turned around and faced the window with her legs on the bed.

[Terrence's POV]

Man, what'd I do now? She's having a hissy fit!

[end POV]

He sighed then crossed his arms. Having no idea what to do next, he sat down next to her then lay back.

"Hey, what are you doing?" her voice was harsh and unforgiving.

"Nothing." he stated plainly. He looked up at the ceiling, then turned his attention to her beautiful eyes. Before, he hadn't noticed the ocean-like colors that splashed around her pupils.

She started to blush from his stare, but her face still remained somewhat flustered.

After a few moments of looking at her, he sat up and touched her cheek gently. On an impulse, she flung her arm up and slapped his hand off her. The next few seconds breezed past as he leaned forward and his lips gently touched hers. Her eyes opened widely before she heard a noise, then she backed quickly away from Terrence.

The door jolted open, and the fat, old man that had run in there before again flew in. He then pounced on the bed like a shaggy dog, then looked Kitty in the eye.

"She is a pretty one. I think I'll keep her." he then rolled over on his back and held his hands over his chest like a happy dog would.

"Ehhh?" she moved away from the man, backing into Terrence.

At this point, she didn't care what Terrence did. She thought that if she spent any more time near that freak, she would go insane herself.

"Don't worry about him. He's the family 'dog.' At least, that's what he calls himself...." he watched the old guy roll back and forth on the bed.

"Eww!!!! That's just gross!" she curled herself by Terrence, trying to stay as far away from the dog-man as she could.

Terrence chuckled for a moment, then became aware that she was really scared of the guy.

"Oh boy..." he looked over at the fat man who was now jumping down from the bed.

He barked at the door, then ran in a few circles and left.

[Terrence's POV]

If that's how she reacts to him..... I don't want to know what would happen around the rest of us....

[end POV]

He then stared down at his hand. It wavered for a moment and it soon was half-whole like hers. He clenched his hand for a moment, then relieved his grip. It was soon back to normal.

"Is he gone?" Kitty asked, still not opening her eyes.

He flexed his arm a couple times before responding. "Yeah..."

She slowly opened her eyes and sprang out of Terrence's arms.

"YES!!!" she jumped up and down, laughing and giggling weirdly.

[Terrence's POV]

I hope I'm not there when she has to know....us....

[end POV]

Sliding off the bed, Kitty laughed, and then ran towards the window. Birds were singing outside, so she watched them as they flew around in circles, singing their own tunes.

"They're beautiful." she said, interrupting Terrence's thoughts.

"Huh?" he looked over at the window, then noticed the birds. "Yeah, I guess..."

She smiled, then turned around to face him. Knocking over a couple plants and their containers, she walked in a round-about way to get to the bed.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah! I'm a lot better since....it's...gone." she then bounced on the bed and leaned back on her back-side.

The rose-like globe that hung above their heads was now on, making the room bright. Like she expected, it cast a different angle of light across each section of the room because of the design.

"It's getting a little late...." Terrence pointed out. "We can still....."

She turned to face him. "'We can' what?"

Hearing his words put that plainly, he turned a light pink color. It sounded a lot different from what he was trying to get across.

"It's your birthday, I think...." he mumbled.

She yawned, then stared at him for a minute. "And that means...what?"

For the second time that day, she made the conversation edgy.

[Kitty's POV]

Oh no, I did it again! But what did I do???

[end POV]

Not letting the conversation end like it had before, Terrence shrugged. "Whatever it means to you, I guess. Apparently, it doesn't mean much."

He let out, yet again, another sigh. Disappointed with where the conversation ended up, he stood and started to walk out of the room. He felt something on his arm before he went through the doorway.

"What do you-?"

Kitty had both of her hands clasped over his left hand.

"You wanted to do something, right? Let me go with you!" her face had a determined look on it.

"Wait.... You can't just leave hand-in-hand with someone!" he shuffled a little.

"Please, Terry? I really don't want to be locked up here forever!" her tone was so pleading, he started to feel a little guilty.

"It is my birthday.... but you don't have to take me anywhere."

"All right! Just stop it!" he looked up at the ceiling, silently bemoaning the fact that he had to traipse through the house with her.

[Terrence's POV]

Man am I going to get ragged out for this!

[end POV]

He looked down at her hands. Surprise suddenly filled him up as he noticed for the first time that her hands looked absolutely normal.

"Wait, what did you do?!" he tossed off her other hand and held up her right hand.

He stared at it intently. She immediately began to get upset.

"That's my hand, you know! You don't have to try to rip it off!" her voice was angry as her face looked.

"Oh, sorry." he rubbed his thumb over where he would have sworn the mark was at. He then made her fingers extend, retract, extend, and retract. Nothing changed.

"I'm not a stupid puppet! I'm a real person, okay?"

He stopped moving.

[Terrence's POV]

No way! She can't possibly-- this isn't....!

[end POV]

Sweat dripped down his forehead. He then pushed her away, ran out the door, shut it, and locked it somehow.

"Hey! Idiot! You can't just leave me here!" she banged on the door, then tried to rip off the door handle.

Giving up on a useless endeavor, she slowly skidded down to the floor where she sat until night slowly and peacefully crawled up.


Btw, later on, I think I might give the story behind this ol' whacko... We'll see. This is also the farthest I've gotten... I've been too lazy to type too much. So you know about as much as I do now ^-^


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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

   Sea WORLD!!! And next chapter ^-^

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Yep, another chapter done. I'm surprised I could actually get started on a fourth chapter after almost 4 hours of walking through Sea World xD That took a lot from me, I'll tell you!!!

I had a lot of fun. Other than the fact that I was in sweltering heat all day, it was great! I saw three shows and the last part of another one. I'm going again today to do a lot of the stuff we didn't do ^-^

Today, we're doing the water stuff! It'll be soooo much fun!!! ......But my sister has to go to work today, so that sucks >.<

Okay, well, I'll stop babbling now ^.^" Here's the third chapter!


[Kitty's POV]
A dream? This is a dream...

"Oh, Kitty! That's amazing!"

"You think so? I thought it was kind of dorky..."

"Well, you like sort of weird things, so you're eventually going to start making weird things."

"But I thought you said you liked it!" she snivels.

"Oh! I do!!! It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I just hope you can make even better things in the future."

"You mean, you think I'm going to be doing this sort of thing all my life?"

Why is this coming back to me...? I thought that memory was long-gone! I was only ten at the time...

"Quite possibly. You really do love this sort of thing, and you love making them too!" her mother's slightly younger face beamed with happiness at a much-younger Kitty.

"...Yeah, you're right! I'm going to find a way to make my own tiny world with lots of tiny people! Then I can rule over them, and you can play too!"

"Thank you. That's very sweet of you! I don't know about the tiny part, but that's about..." the voice faded away as did the memory.

She said something that I thought was strange then... But I can't remember! ....That's about.....

"But that is about right."


[end POV]

Her eyes immediately opened and closed, the bright light from the window overwhelming her eyes.

"Ooh.... That hurt...."

"I usually turn away from the light before I open my eyes, but that might just be me."

She knew she heard that voice before. It wasn't the younger man's that she had heard the night before, but the other one that was conversing with the younger man.

"...Who are you?" she sat up slowly and put the lower half of her right arm over her eyes, trying to get rid of as much sunlight as possible.

"I....That is of no concern to you as of this point. Although, you do have a way of finding out what you want. Rey already gave you Terry's name and vice versa." the man chuckled as she flopped back down on the bed with a sigh.

After a second or two, she sat immediately upright and bounced out of the bed to stand up. As soon as she did so, she felt weak and almost fell to the floor. She bent over and leaned on the bed for support.

"I'm not going to attack you. You don't have to wear yourself out for no reason." he eventually saw that she wouldn't budge. "You can at least sit down."

He motioned for her to sit on the bed as he walked to a chair that had apparently been earlier placed in the center of the room.
She hadn't had time to notice that before.

"What....do you want with me?"

"I don't want anything with you. Terrence did. That's the only reason I'm saving your life." he looked out the window for a moment in wonder, then scooted his chair closer to her bed.

His voice echoed out suddenly as he continued. "It's very surprising to think that someone like yourself could inherit such power..." He then jumped out of his chair toward her and, in an instant, snapped off the necklace she wore around her neck.

"Owch! Hey!!!"

"I'm surprised that all you did was stop time. You're also lucky Terrence found you. If he hadn't, time would have stayed still and your parent’s blood would have gone cold in their bodies. Very fascinating..." he fingered the pendant that hung from the necklace.

She shot an accusing glare at him. "I didn't do anything! You stopped time so you could kidnap me and get whatever's on my necklace!"

[Kitty's POV]

I can't believe I just said that! "He stopped time"?! Gosh, I'm so stupid!

[end POV]

He chuckled for a moment and stared at the pendant on her necklace. It was rather large for the necklace, but it was surprisingly almost weightless. In the middle stood a grey sphere, larger than the size of a golf ball. The sphere was surrounded by an intricately designed silvery frame.

For a minute, he brushed the orb several times making it roll on its frame. The sphere eventually made a clicking noise and in that second popped off, leaving the silver frame in one hand and the grey sphere in the other.

"That was it? No special charms or anything to keep it safe?!" he shook his head in disapproval and handed her the necklace only decorated with the silver frame. Since the frame only went around three fourths of a circle around, it still didn't look too bad.

"Hey, that's my necklace!"

"No, that's your necklace. This..." he rolled it around a second in his hand before grasping it. "This is your mother's sphere."

He paused for a moment then looked at her again. "Your mother inherited this priceless gift. At the age of fifteen, she knew she needed to protect this orb with all she had. You, on the other hand...."

"No, I ain't buying this crap! Your son already tried to sell it to me, but I still don't want it!" she flung her blanket over him, but then paused as nothing happened. The blanket stopped where her hand had left it. All movement had ceased.

She felt her body start to freeze, the air chilling. It was getting harder to breathe at this point. She slowly brought her hands up to either arm and tried to warm herself up, but it was futile.

"Let's see what this power has done to you." his voice had a hint of cruelty as his cold, hard eyes watched her every movement, slow or not.

Kitty soon saw that this was some sort of test.

[Kitty's POV]

No kidding?! This is crap! What's he trying to prove?!

[end POV]

She soon made up her mind that she was going to do something. Stopping her arm movements, she tried to muster up her strength to move off the bed. Throwing her legs off the bed in one sudden movement, she lost half the energy she had.

He smugly watched her trying to stand up; but there was something else she was doing that was abnormal. She held her arm out, letting her fingers spread out as far apart as she could. Her eyes flickered white for a second as did the sphere, and the sphere was transported to the palm of her hand.

All movement that was still there, even hers, ceased for a moment. She then closed her hand around the sphere and locked it into place in her necklace. Bright light shattered the bitter cold that still hung in the air as movement immediately came back into place.

Startled, the man watched as the blanket immediately covered him up as it should have done a few moments ago. Kitty's palm glowed red-hot; she tried to make it stop burning with her colder other hand. In a moment, she was, yet again, in an unconscious state...

"She did what?!"

Terrence immediately sprang into action and ran to Kitty's room where she still lay unconscious. He slowly, cautiously walked in, trying his best to not disturb her.

"Wow..." he stated as he saw her hand wrapped around the pendant.

The pendant was visible. The thing that wasn't was the center of her hand that still had its grasp on the sphere. As he let out an almost relieved sigh, he walked toward the bed and laid his hand on top of the half-invisible hand.

"It's still there! That's amazing..." he then let his hand wrap itself a little more around her hand.

He soon found out that her reflexes were a lot faster than his was as her free hand knocked him clear across the room and she sat up.

"I didn't do it!!!" she paused, then noticed his crumpled form lying on the floor.

Intent on remembering what was going on, she decided to do nothing about Terry until she remembered.

[Kitty's POV]

I wonder what happened.... I remember that ugly old man trying to steal my pendant, then...!

[end POV]

She gasped, realizing what she had done.

[Kitty's POV]

I must've done something to Terry too! But how?! He wasn't even in this room, the last time I remember!!!!

[end POV]

She the looked down in remorse at his still figure at the other side of the room. Feeling deep regret flowing down her body like electricity to its load with her load being the pit of her stomach, she stood up and walked over to him.

"Oh, Terry, I'm so sorry!" she tried to control herself from sobbing.

She slowly laid a hand on his shoulder, then stroked him down to his side. At that point, she stopped, then retracted her arm swiftly. Putting her hand back on his side, she felt his body move.

"Ah!" she moved away for a moment, knowing that a dead person doesn't breathe. "He's still alive!"

She then flung herself on top of him hugging him. His eyes slowly flicked open, then closed.

[Terry's POV]

Great. I'm dead. All because she just had to.... Wait, I can't be dead! That's the same darned plant I had to drag in here yesterday!

[end POV]

He immediately bounced upward, knocking her away. After falling backwards, she grasped the back of her head that now had a good-sized bump on it.

"OWCH! Gosh, what'd you do THAT for?!"

Instead of rushing out the door like he was originally planning to do, he stopped and stared at her.

"....Wait, what were you doing?" while saying this, his face made a soft blush.

Her face was now in what some would call a "fire-engine red" blush. She raised her arm in front of her face, trying to hide her increasingly hot face.

"I-I wasn't d-doing anything at all!!!!"

They both stayed in the same position for a time, knowing exactly what the other thought was happening. They would have assumed that position for a much longer time, had it not been for the old man walking in at that point.

"What's going on here?" he asked simply.

"Well, you see, I didn't know-" she started.

"I was just coming in to check on her when-" Terry spoke at the same time.

They both stopped abruptly. They now knew the whole story.

"Oh...." Kitty and Terrence said no more. It was now quite well understood what went on.

"I see. Well, thank you for your overly specific summary of this event." after saying the most sarcastic thing that came to mind, he left the room, leaving them both to stay there as he shut the door.

Silence continued as they tried to find some way to start a conversation that wasn't about what just happened.

Kitty straightened herself out during that time and eventually sat on the bed out of boredom.

Terry was constantly rearranging the plants, since it was something to do.

More silence eked its way into their non-existing conversation as Terry could do no more rearranging and stood by the window and Kitty lay on the bed outstretched.

"All right. Fine." Terry startled Kitty since it was so quiet before that. Even the birds wouldn't chirp or sing.

He turned around and faced her, making it so he would now have to talk to her.

"It's really starting to get boring." he then glanced out the window, since her constant stare was starting to make him blush again.

"You wanna do something? I mean..." his words came out quite disjointed after that. "Since it is, pretty much... I guess... It's your... Um, well..."

She stared at him, almost getting confused by his incoherent speech pattern.

"I heard your birthday's today." he rushed out the words so they would actually come out.

"Oh. Yeah, I guess."

That ruined it. Any conversation they might have had was now tossed in the garbage thanks to those words. The conversation now ruined, Terrence turned around and gazed out the window, trying not to be hurt by her bluntness.

[Kitty's POV]

What? What'd I do? I just tried to make it sound like it wasn't a big deal, and now he hates me?!

[end POV]

She then sat up, now facing the opposite side of the room. Her face was turning hot now, thinking that he could've started a better conversation.

As the silence continued and the minutes dragged by, nothing was said to win against the over-prevailing silence.


Oh, I was about to post this before I left xD

Well, I went there. Yes, there was water. I even went into this giant pool they had ^-^ It was great! Not to mention they had these waves that would come in like an ocean or something.

That's where the FUN came in!!! My brother and I were in the four foot deep section when the rapids turned on, so for the next couple minutes we were tossed around in the largest waves there.

But that wasn't the best part!!!! ^///^ This one really, REALLY hot guy ran into me! >.> I hate acting so girly, but he was...... ^.^!!! He tried to apologize when the next wave came down xD I about crushed him because I wasn't expecting it, lol!!

Okay, my moment of too-girliness-for-my-own-good is over. Heheh....


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Friday, July 7, 2006

   Too much junk >.>

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Okay, since Sage and Detective Diva want me to post it.... Yes, it.... I'll go ahead, lol.

I must warn you first that it's about 1500 words long... A little more.... So yeah. If you don't have the time to read it, you might not even want to start.

[Kitty's POV]

My life is pretty normal. Of course, that's what pretty much everyone says.


I know better than that.


Even so, my usual everyday life, in the typical point of view, is normal.

"Don't answer with that tone! Come down here!!!"

Even though everyone says everything's the same, day after day, I disagree... I always want to believe there's something more out there.


Yet the more and more I continue in this way, the more I think they're right.


"Gosh, I'm coming!!!!"

[end POV]

"What in the world do-"

As she nears the end of the stairs, she sees a younger man standing in the middle of the living room.

"Ah, hello there! You're Mother said that she thought you'd be interested in buying these-"

She goes off into La-La land staring at him with starry eyes. She then shakes herself, noticing he was only here for business.

[Kitty's POV]

Okay, STOP IT! He would totally not be interested in me. I'm, what, fourteen?

[end POV]

"-and these are actually pretty rare. I'm a friend of your Father's, so I thought I would sell them to you for a discount. Especially since it's your birthday tomorrow."

"?! How'd you know THAT?!"

"Oh, well-"

"Your Father told him so."


Her head drooped a little, noticing for the second time that he was only there for business.

"..." sweat dripped down his forehead as he could not quite make out what to do next.

"...Sorry about this. I'm sure she'll-" she took him off into the kitchen for coffee.

[Kitty's POV]

Great... I don't even know what he was trying to sell me now! ...Maybe Mom will try to keep him here until I see.......

[end POV]

She stopped thinking for a moment, mid-thought, and stared at a leather bag. It wasn't shaped exactly like a purse, but it wasn't far from it.

Glancing at either side of her beforehand, she unzipped the bag carefully, opened it slightly, then gasped and shut it immediately.

"Oh my!!!" she was in so much surprise, she couldn't do much more than a whisper.

She zipped it shut, not so carefully this time, and ran out into the kitchen.

"Hey, what's in that bag?!" she said, excitement starting to well up inside her.

"Well... It's some ancient sort of sphere for games, I think. Several, actually. I don't know how much they're worth, but I did some research on them."

He guestered for her to sit down in the dining room as he also did so. He put down the coffee cup, leaned his lower arms on the edge of the table, and put his chin on the top of his hands.

"You see... These things are ancient, and there are many legends about them. As far as I could find, they were used in some sort of magic practice."

Kitty's eyebrows arched at this.

[Kitty's POV]

What the heck's he trying to sell me? Some witchcraft junk?!

[end POV]

"Sorry, I'm not into witchcraft. If those things have some sort of spell on them, I don't even want them in here!"

"No no no! It's not like that." he took his arms off the table and leaned back.


"...I don't know exactly how to put this without offending..." he leaned forward again slowly and half-whispered to her from then on. "Only certain people could use these things. I believe it's probably the posterity of the people that made them."

He traced his finger on the table until he reached a napkin. He pulled out a pen that had no point and started to sketch on it as he spoke.

"There was a specific family that made one of each of these things." he pointed out to where he estimated the hallway, as well as the leather bag, should be. She nodded slowly, urging him to go on. He then started to doodle a few things onto the napkin.

"Each of those families had their own sphere, and they could use it for what they wanted." he smiled, noting her disbelief and yet sudden curiosity.

He then continued as he drew several dots for people and larger circles for spheres. "What they were used for was up to them, essentially."

She brought her face closer to the napkin to try to make out what he wrote when he jerked his pen and scratched off most of the dots that represented families.

"Ah! ....What'd you do that for?! You startled me half to death!"

She paused, noticing for the first time that he zig-zagged his way through most of the families but two.

"Now... This may be a little hard to understand, but...."

Her face was now nearly on the napkin, and she hardly paid attention to what he was saying. He soon dropped the pen, then put his hand on her forehead.

"Wait, wha...?" she blushed and pulled herself up from the paper as he let his hand glide softly down her forehead to her left cheek then jawbone.

"You're one of the people in this family." he then pointed at the group at the top of the page with his free hand. "And I.... I am...." he pointed at another group at the very bottom of the page, farthest away from the other groups.

"...." she jerked his hand off her cheek, though she somewhat wished she hadn't. "Okay, I don't get what kind of hokey stuff you're trying to jam down my throat, but-"


Silence followed as her father slowly stepped in.

"I do believe that's enough of this." he grabbed Kitty by the arm and jostled her out of her seat. At this, the man stood up, shoving the chair backwards.

"Ow!" she cringed as her arm turned red.

"I don't want you telling my daughter any more of that, you little-"

"Honey!" Kitty's Mother stood in the doorway. "I thought she should know now, and since it is nearing her birthday... She'll know anyway!"

Kitty stared incredulously at the three that stood before her.

"What the heck are you guys doing?!" after that unexpected exclamation, she started speaking again. "Okay. It's my birthday tomorrow, so you" she pointed at the man "get out and let me enjoy my birthday! I don't care about your crappy marbles! Take 'em and go!"

He closed his eyes and sighed.

"If that's what you want." he turned around, then faced her once again. "I will be nothing compared to my Father; you will have wished yours did not interfere."

With that, he took off out the door, straightening his jacket at the left shoulder.

[Kitty's POV]

What the heck was that supposed to mean? I want to know what he was getting at! ....But first, I'll have to wait until Mom and Dad start talking to me.

[end POV]

After almost fifteen minutes of silence, she finally eased her father's grip off her arm.

"What....in the world...just happened? I mean, other than the fact some cute guy came in here and told me some garbage...."

Her father and mother did not respond. They didn't even look at her.

She waited for almost a minute, until the silence finally snapped the little string of patience she had left in her.

"You know what? Fine!!! Keep your cruddy stories to yourself! I don't even want to hear...." her hand brushed against something in the air.

She stopped, noticing that her father's hand was still in the same position she had left it in, and his chest was not moving. The same was with her mother. She eyed them both for a minute, then laughed.

"All right. That's not funny."

She walked away, leaving her parents frozen in time.

"I hate stupid dreams like this. I'm probably talking in my sleep right now." she smiled almost happily at the thought.

She walked out the door. There was no difference. There were the same trees, the same houses, the same people.... All were just as still and as cold as stone.

"Man, I'll probably never forget this one!"

She laughed, thinking of how her parents would react to her dream.

"They'll think I'm hooked on something! Probably LSD or PCP..."

She stopped laughing, noticing that she could now think clearly with no interference. That was something she didn't normally have the possibility of doing. She would usually think of her frustrations and how to respond to them, or do the same with some other feeling. This time, she just stood there blankly. No wind, no noise... Just the sound of the ringing in her ears.

At this point, she knew she couldn't have been on any drug.

[Kitty's POV]

What in the world is that noise?! Gah!

[end POV]

She reached up and grabbed at her throbbing ears and head.

[Kitty's POV]

I guess I've never been silent enough to notice that...
Wait.... It stopped....

[end POV]

She stared out into blank space; faces of people she knew were stone-cold.

"....Why in the world is this happening to me?! What have I done?!"

She threw herself onto the unmoving grass, which tore through her clothes and beautiful skin. She cried at the pain she had not expected. The whole left side of her body and her face was now smeared with at least some blood.

She quickly picked herself up and rubbed at her wounded cheek. She brushed it lightly with her right jacket-sleeve, knowing that the other sleeve would just leave her more bloodied.

"Why don't you think before you act? Please do!"

The man she had seen earlier was behind her, gently lifting up her right arm over his left shoulder.

"...What are you doing? Who are you? Huh....Aren't you...?"

She soon started seeing spots, felt his gentle embrace, then blacked out, consciousness slowly ebbing away from her being.


Yeah ^-^" Like I said, it's long....

If you could read all of it, I would like you to tell me what you think.

Oh, I took the quiz on Sage's site!!!! (yes, I am a bad theif *sniff* )

How would your anime family look like? (pics) by Princess Sakura
Name/ Usersname:
Favorite Color:
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Yeah.... This is going to be an extremely long post >.> Gomen!


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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Blah - blah - blah - blah - blah!

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Okay, so lately, I've been acting crazy. But that's normal, right? .....Right???

Well, at least that's pretty much over now. Luckily for me and everyone I know/don't know >.>

I decided to take my craziness into a constructive sort of outlet.... I guess it kind of worked.

Drawing didn't work so much (f.e. Daisuke pic) , so I decided to write! Yeah yeah, I know. Boring! And it probably really sucks too....

Well, I might post it sometime. If you guys want me to.....

NEways, I feel too bored to do games, and my job's ending tomorrow. That's a good thing.... Of course, then I go over to babysit my friend's sisters/brother. She has.... *counts on fingers* four or five sisters and a brother. I think it's four....

I also did my nails.... The fingers are white with red (now pink) swirls, and the thumbs are red with white (now blush pink) swirls. My Mom thought it looked weird, and my sister didn't comment..... I think that's bad >.>

The Wal*Mart sticker? Huh? Oh, the mood icon! Yeah.... About that.... I really need to find something else to do other than jab stickers on people....

<---doesn't really do that

Okay okay, I'm done bugging you. Well, it was good talking to you. *crickets chirp*

Ja ne!


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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

   *sigh* Happy 4th of July, lol...

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Yeah.... Today was supposed to be really great. It is, after all, Independence Day. But, no, the rain decided to ruin things. My brother and I really wanted to see the fireworks.... To add whipped topping to this wonderful dish of ice cream, my sister has to be at work today.... which sucks.....

Neways, there's a pretty bad T-storm outside, so I'll have to make this quick. I can't visit anyone's site today either, though I really want to....

I love watching the rain. I love listening to the rain.... But not when it ruins the one day I can really have fun and enjoy time with my family. Whatever. There's nothing I can do to stop the weather.

*ambulance rushes by* ....Huh..... I wonder what that was for..... I probably don't wanna know.

I'll stop ruining everyone elses's mood now. Gomen!!!!

Well, bye!


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Sunday, July 2, 2006

   Starting off the month!!!!

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Okay, so it's not quite starting off the month, but that's okay, right? ^-^

I just posted a pic of Daisuke, and I know a lot of DNAngel fans are going to be after me about how bad it looks >.> I'll be prepared, lol.

Neways, I might not be posting my other picture. Now that I look at it, it's pretty disproportionate, and the colors really clash..... I guess that's kind of why I did my new pic in shading, lol. xD

Also, I have a job. It's taking care of my neighbor's animals for 9 days. I've been taking care of them for a while, and I believe today's the fourth day.... Oh well, at least I'm getting paid ^.^

Other than that, not much else has been going on. I might be moving soon, but it's not like that doesn't happen often, lol. If you know briar rose90, my sister, than you know what I mean.

I guess I'm through chit-chatting.... I get kind of annoying sometimes.... ^-^"

Bye then!


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Saturday, June 24, 2006

   Lazy spell!!!!

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Thanks, Sage of Magic ^-^ You started the chain, and I hope I'm continuing it.... I'm waking up at 7:30 in the morning instead of at my usual summertime 9:00 waking schedule. Not to mention, I'm nearly done with my pic. *that I should've already been done with >.>*

Other than that, I'm still the lazy old me who sits around eating and playing games. <-- let me mention, this is not good for you o.o

The pic that I'm almost done with is.... Well, I didn't do a very good job coordinating the colors <.<

Other than that.... OH! I've been playing video games ^-^ <-- already mentioned this -- Mainly the new Harvest Moon game that came out.... Enzeru no hikari already knows my fav character on it, lol!

<-- Kurt

Yeah, lol. I'm an idiot, but I enjoy it ^.^ Every second! .....Well, except when someone tells me to stop TT-TT

You know the mood I put on for this post? I put it on for a reason:
That's how you're going to look after you've read this ^-^

Talk at you all later!


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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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Okay, so I got really bored today, and I decided to make this.
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The lyrics that I put on there are from Avril Lavigne's "He Wasn't," so they're not my lyrics, lol. I had a lot of fun doing it, though I did it in just a couple of minutes.... The pain in the butt was getting pictures for it....

Well, I'm almost done with my new pic. The bg will be no problem, but I still have to work on her clothes and her hair >.> ......

I submitted two pics yesterday, and I think I might have my new pic done tow days from now.... It may be longer if I procrastinate *whistles*

I want to thank my friend Sage for making me feel better about drawing. If she didn't, I would probably have torn apart all my old drawings and quit. (okay, maybe not to that extreme. that's too dramatic; but I was almost up to that point >.>)

I'll bore you all later with my posts, but for now, I have to go. Bye!


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Monday, June 19, 2006


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I decided to change my site..... again. It was kind of fun, lol, but it annoyed me when I couldn't change one pic to put on here....

So, I'm drawing a pic.... And I may have it done tomorrow or the day after that.... it depends on how well I detail it.....

And back to the bg. Thanks to Sage of Magic, I decided to change my site to a SSMB (Super Smash Bros. Melee, for those who don't know) theme. I also tried to change my avatar....but that didn't work. I guess MyO's quitting on me TT-TT

Okay, enough with the drama, lol....

I got all my pics for the bg on this one site.... I'm just forgetting what it's called at the moment, lol xD

BEWARE!!! Polar change in subject! -->

FINALLY!!!!! Okay, you guys will probably think I'm crazy, but I'm SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!! My brother's finally, FINALLY getting his hair styled ^-^ He's kept it in the same, plain fashion for the last....... twelve years of his whole life, I'd say. He's actually asking for my advice, which is pretty wise...... Since I made my sister's hair look really cool already ^-^

<-- Conclusion of idiocy

Well.... I've probably already bored you all to tears.... So I'll stop rambling now.


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