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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

   Yesterday sucked.

My subject states it all.... Yesterday really, really stunk! Not only did I have to go shopping with my Dad and sister, I, somehow, pulled a muscle in my shoulder, so it's killing me. Not to mention the fact I wore a pair of boots that I forgot were too small, so now my feet sting....

And even, after all that, I forgot to call my friend Angel, forgot period to get on myO, and I haven't gotten any farther in my story or started writing my fan fic. *sigh* Yep.... I knew yesterday was going to be bad. I just knew it....

So now, I don't think any of my friends will even want to visit me, much less PM me or talk to me at all...

*sighs again* Well, such is life.... I hope you all aren't completely ticked off at me!


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Saturday, July 29, 2006

   Hi peoples!!! I feel chatty today.

Okay, so no new chapter today. I do have one, but it's around 2000 words and more, so I don't know if I should post it as is or in two sections...? It's a pretty boring chapter too, but it's necessary to move on in the story, so I don't know if I should post and get it over with or what xD

Today is going to be a good day...I think....No, I'm not one of those psycho people who think they're psychic...! *looks around the room and whistles* J/k! *bursts out laughing*

I feel like making a fan fic.... Any suggestion on a manga or whatever? I'm only gonna do one, though....It might get confusing after a while...

Well, I think I'm gonna do requests for art too. Please don't get mad at me if it turns out all deformed or whatever ^-^" But request away! I need the practice....

Since I have pretty much nothing else to say, I'd like to say c'ya, and have a good day!


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Friday, July 28, 2006

   Yay!!! Midnight post!!!

I'm posting at midnight!!!! ...Well, actually, it's 11 o'clock over here, but that's not the point.

I've been having a lot of fun with my story lately. I'm adding a ton of different twists in my mind, and I can't wait to write them all down... I can't type fast enough, lol. Need to work on that....

I'm sorry to those that can't see my bg (Sage)!!!! I submitted it as a wallpaper, though, so if you want to go see it, I think it'll load up better there.

Okay, today, I had too much sugar xD I had the rest of a frapuccino with vanilla ice cream, and I just had a root beer.... Heheh... So I'm really hyper now ^.^

Yes, I'm done boring you! You didn't think I'd torture you much longer, did you?

Hahah, well, here it is! It's a little longer than most of my chapters, so I hope you can throat it ^-^"

C'ya later, everyone! Hope you have a great day!


After what felt like a five-hour trip, Terrence and Kitty came walking out of the mall.

"Thanks!!!" Kitty said.

"You've said that a million times already!" he said, trying not to look at her.

Her clothes were very stylish, but they were a little bit revealing. The top of her red shirt folded over beneath her clavicles, just barely hanging onto her shoulders. Thick plastic straps held the outfit up mostly. It reached down to her ribcage, then split in two, a white piece of cloth covering only until her naple. Either side of the red cloth then ribbon-ed out, the backside going down to her knees.

She wore hip-huggers, very tight, and a flashy silver belt that knotted instead of buckling. The belt was like thick, silver strings held together by four strings circled around them -- it took a lot to keep Terrence from staring at her.

"You know, I've never really worn anything like this!" she said, holding two large bags also filled with clothes.

Terrence then looked over at her and blushed a little. "You sure you want to toat your bags?"

She looked down at them. "Oh, I forgot I was holding them." She smiled. "Nah, you bought them for me!"

He looked away again.

"....Terry? ...Is there something wrong? You don't think my outfit's a little much, do you? I'll change!"

"Oh, no.... That's okay." he smiled. "You seem happy with it." he then looked in her eyes, ignoring her flashy clothes. "They look cute on you..."

She stopped walking as he did, stepping on her tip-toes even though she now wore pumps. He bent down and kissed her lips, letting his lips glide over hers. She dropped her bags and put her arms around his neck. He breathed a little faster and kissed her more passionately. He slid his arm around her waist, then jerked back away from her.

Kitty opened her eyes and looked at him. "What's wrong?"

He didn't say anything. He just reached down, picked her bags up, and started walking back to his car. She walked over to him and looked at his face.

"...." his eyes looked distant. "...Don't ever do that again."


"Terrence...is fine." he said, turning away from her.

She stopped in the middle of the road. Terrence had gone from a really sweet guy to a jerk in an instant, and she didn't even understand why. She didn't care right now, though; so she sat in the middle of the road with her arms wrapped around her knees.

Terrence loaded the stuff up in the trunk and looked back at the store and saw Kitty sitting in the road.

"What are you doing?!" he slammed the trunk and walked over to where she sat.

"...." she didn't answer for a moment, but then her eyes glazed over. "Why did you do that?!"

Terrence looked shocked, then perturbed.

"You just.....you make me feel so happy, and then you turn around and make me feel like crap!" her face hardened and she didn't want to let him talk. "I actually thought......I thought you liked me, for one moment...."

He looked angry. "Of course I like you! Just get out of the road!"

"No!" she said, her eyes not letting the tears escape.

"Kitty!" he said, his voice commanding.

"No! I'll just go if you want me to. Just.....stop fooling around...." she shut her eyes, turned her head up to the sky, and let the tears fall.

That was it. He melted right on the spot. Soon, he was putting his arms around her to carry her, and he brought her over to the car. He opened the door and seated her, buckling her up.

He then jumped over the car, using his hand to boost him halfway over, then opened the door and jumped in.


She had turned her head to look out the side window and didn't move at his voice.

"It's fine. It really is......." she stopped, then looked out the front window. "I understand, Terry.... You've probably been through a lot....."

The conversation just dropped, and it was a silent ride home. As soon as they unloaded her things into the room, Terry tried to start another conversation, but didn't succeed in doing so.

"Hey, Kitty...I'm sorry-"

"I'm fine." she stated blandly.

She had no interest in talking to him, and at that point, neither did he. He stalked out of the room, dragging out a bag.

[Terrence's POV]

What the heck was that?! God, I'm such an idiot.... I can't believe I did something so incredibly stupid!

[end POV]

He fumed and cussed inwardly, but kept all those thoughts in his head. Walking back and forth down the hall, dragging his bag behind him, he counted up to five hundred, each foot-step a number, and then opened the door.

Kitty stood there, surprised and very shocked, then turned around to face the wall, wearing only a pair of black slacks and undergarments. Terrence stared for a moment, paralyzed, then turned around while blushing hard.

"I'd appreciate it if you closed the door..." she said quietly.

"Oh, sorry!" he said, then tried closing the door with the bag blocking it from shutting. He then kicked the bag back sharply into the room, sending it to the other side. "Darned....bag..."

He placed both of his hands on the door directly in front of his chest, hung his head down, and sighed.

"...I'm sorry."

"Whatever....I don't care." Kitty said, flipping her hair back. During the time he was trying to close the door, she had slipped on a trim, black and white tank top.

He turned around and looked at her, then he turned away. She walked toward him a few steps and sat down on the bed. Jerking roughly, she pulled her hair back into a very tight ponytail, trying not to miss a single hair, put the rubber-band in, and let her hair fall.

Terrence glanced back at her and noticed, for the first time, something was entirely different about her. It wasn't just her attitude or her new clothes, either. Her hair was now, instead of a striking red, a light blonde color.

"What did you do to your hair?!" he exclaimed. It was a completely different look, and her hair was also no longer curly.

"...." she looked away. "That's none of your business."

He shook his head, then he sat down on the other side of the bed. "Wow....."

Kitty blushed and looked at the mirror, trying not to look at Terry in the reflection.

"Did you dye it, or what?" he asked, almost dumbfounded.

She stood up and started to fold some of her clothes and put them inside the bags they came in. She stayed silent for a long time, but she soon found her voice.

"These powers are more extraordinary than I thought..." she stopped. "I was very surprised myself....."

He arched an eyebrow and shook his head. "What, now you're gonna say it's because you were ticked off with me?" he asked incredulously.

"..." tears sprang to her eyes, but she held them back determinedly. "No, actually. I'm not going to say anything. It would do neither me nor you any good."

She walked toward the door and opened it. Looking back at him once before exiting, she walked out and let the door shut softly behind her.

[Kitty's POV]

There's no point. I no longer look the same.... he might not have even noticed, but my eyes have changed too.

[end POV]

She walked beside a mirror in the hotel hallway, then ran down a stairway. She looked both ways before choosing to use the right exit. It was the main exit and less obvious for Terry to try to find her.

[Kitty's POV]

He probably thinks I'm stupid. I've seen all the movies. It always happens the other way. He won't find me, though, and, if he does, I'll be able to change myself....skin color or whatever.

[end POV]

She smiled to herself, thinking what Terrence would look like when he tried to find her...if...he tried to find her.

Bolting out the door, she headed down the street to a nearby phone booth. She quickly walked into it, slammed the door shut, and slid a dime in.

[Kitty's POV]

I want to talk to them.....just tell them I'm all right...

[end POV]

She plunked in the numbers and listened to the rings before someone answered.

"Yes? Gates residence. Speaking?" her father's voice.

Her vision immediately blurred at the sound. She made a sobbing noise, then tried to respond.

"Oh, Dad, I missed you so much!"

On the other end.

Her father looked puzzled and slightly confused, then smiled.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am. I think you have the wrong number." he said gently.

Kitty's end.

"No, Dad, wait!! You couldn't have forgotten me! I'm Kitty!!!" she started to sound desperate. "Please don't hang up! I just want to hear Mom's voice..."

"Mrs. Gates is in the mental institution right now. Um...who is this again?"

She almost burst into tears. Instead, she hung up the phone and rubbed her eyes. She jarred open the door and walked out with a heavy heart. It would have been better if she had not spoken to him at all.

Now, there was an empty place in her stomach surrounded by a terrible pain, making her double over and use her hands for support. Looking up, she saw something blurry.

[Kitty's POV]

Great. I'm crying again! ....Oh, now what?! Is my skin going to turn blue, then I'll explode?! I hate this life!

[end POV]

She struck the metal light pole nearby and cursed, not because of the new pain in her hand, but the pain inside her head and heart.

Standing up, she felt someone brush up against her. She turned around too late, because whoever it was had put a cloth full of ether to her mouth and nose, allowing her a full breath, then thrusting the cloth in their pocket. She immediately fell unconscious, the ether being too much for her systems. The person then carried her off, acting like nothing had even happened.



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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

   New theme! and chapter!

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Hahah, I have prevailed!!!! My computer was working so slowly, but I managed to change my theme without too much trouble ^-^ But it did take forever to make the avatar....

I'm so happy xD Does it look okay? I actually liked the bg enough that I sent it in as a wallpaper....

Here's my next chapter! Of course, it's not like I really worked on it today xD I will, though, so I can have it done for tomorrow or whatever...


[Terrence's POV]

"He's not special."

"But - he did survive." the poisoning man's voice.


"Bring him to me. Now!"

"Yes, sir." the voice again.

Several minutes later--

"Agh...It hurts! ....It.....it hurts!" a younger Terrence came into view, then the vision blurred and faded.

Special....Kitty must be what they're looking for.....but I can't just let them take her. Not without a fight! No matter how strong she is...she can't take them all down....

[end POV]

"Kitty..." he started. "I'll do whatever it takes to protect you, but you have to fight yourself."

She stared at him oddly, then smiled. "That came up right out of the blue, didn't it? ...But one thing I don't get.... Do you mean fight myself, or I have to fight someone else....?"

"Oh boy....." he put his head in his hand. "Huh......" he looked over at her. "Why would I tell you to fight yourself, silly?"

She pondered this for a moment, thinking of a sensible answer, and grinned sheepishly. "I dunno. It just sounded like something from a movie..." she took a deep breath. "A sci-fi movie....."

He took his hand off his head.

"Well, either way... I'm gonna go to the movies. You comin' with, or what?" he turned and walked toward the door that was still open.

"Hey, wait!!! I can't go in this!!!!" Kitty jumped off the bed and pulled Terry's arm.

"....." he looked at her outfit, blood-stained and slightly torn, and sighed. "Well.....what size are you?"

"No. No way. You're soooo not picking my outfit!!!" her face hardened, but then she grew thoughtful.

[Kitty's POV]

I don't know....his clothes are pretty hot.

[end POV]

Terrence looked at her strangely. "You okay? Your face is burning up!"

Her eyes widened and she looked away. "Oh, it's nothing...."

They both said nothing for a minute or two, waiting for the other to speak.

"You wanna wear something of mine then...? I don't think you want to go in that....." his voice trailed off.

"You mean guys' clothes?!" her face looked appalled, but her eyes said otherwise.

[Kitty's POV]

I've always wanted to wear those snug, skin-tight jeans of theirs with those wide pockets!!! And a loose T-shirt.... Man, guys get it so easy!

[end POV]

".....Yeah, I don't really think I wear girls' clothing...." he looked disturbed at the thought, then shook his head.

"Just point me to the drawer!" she said, starting to get hyper.

Terrence sighed. The thought of her shuffling through his wardrobe wasn't very appealing, but he knew she wasn't going to get any satisfaction otherwise.

"Fine. Just don't mess it all up....I like to keep things....orderly..."

He walked over to a dresser on the other side of the room and opened three out of five drawers.

"You can get whatever you want out of these drawers, but don't touch this one or else! And this one.... Well, let's just say I'd probably cut your fingers off if I saw you trying to open it."

She gasped and her eyes widened, but then she turned smug.

"I'd kill to see what's in there....." she said, mischief written all over her face.

"....." Terrence's face turned a brick red. ".....No, I....don't....think you would....." he then paused, his face becoming even more red. "Would you?"

"I dunno. What's in it?" she asked stupidly, wondering why his face was so red. "I think you're the one whose face is burning up."

"Just don't touch it, okay?!" he almost hissed, very irritably.

He tried to calmly walk out the door to wait on her, but it was clear in the pounding of his shoes hitting the ground that he was a little torked with her.

"Okay, geez...." she stared at the open drawers.

Very neat, very orderly, no dust or anything. Yep, it was a very well-kept dresser. Very much unlike her dresser back at home with clothes hanging out from almost every angle of the drawers.

She poked through the first drawer, finding a lot of the long sweater-like shirts he wore all the time.

[Kitty's POV]

These must be for the scar......to hide it.... Poor Terry....

[end POV]

She closed the drawer after pulling out a black shirt, leaving it slightly messier than it used to be, flipped through the next drawer, tossing out two shirts, and closing that drawer.

She then went through the pants drawer. There were plenty of stylish pants, she thought, for boys. But she tried to find the most girlish-looking pair.

[Kitty's POV]

Nothing! Doesn't this guy ever try to get in touch with his feminine side?

[end POV]

She huffed, blowing her bangs away from her face momentarily before they fell back down.

"All right. Fine." she rolled her eyes.

Pulling out a pair of tight jeans, like she had thought about before, she tried them on.

"Wow, he's got some nice hips!" she said, giggling to herself.

Outside the room, Terrence was leaning on the door, turning pink.

"You done yet?" he asked, embarrassed.

"Oh, not yet, sorry!!" she pulled on the long, black shirt. "Is it cold outside?"

He sighed, then brushed his hand through his hair. "I think it's supposed to be cooler...."

She smiled. "Okay!" Kitty then pulled on a royal purple-colored T-shirt with a black-fire design on the front. She then tossed on the white tank top. It was plain, but it was long and went down to the pockets of her jeans.

Terrence looked down the hall, half-sleepy, one-fourth awake, and the other part was already asleep. He was leaning on the door.

"You have to be done now!" he groaned.

"I didn't take that long!" she said rolling her eyes. "But I'm done. You got any shoes?"

She pulled open the door suddenly, and Terrence almost fell backwards.

"Whoa!!" Kitty said.

She stepped forward quickly and helped support him. "Sorry!!!"

Terrence got his footing and turned around, about to give her a lecture when he saw what she was wearing.

"...Three?" he looked away, smiling. "It won't be that cold. Trust me."

"All right." she said, throwing off the tank top. "It was too long anyway." she saw he was now looking at her and got flustered. "What? Is this okay?"

She had a slender form, and even though that was his tightest pair of jeans, they hung loosely around her waist even though the purple shirt, also very large, tried to cover it.

"Hmmm...." he didn't quite know what to say. "I've never worn my clothes like that."

She rolled her eyes. "I know. It looks stupid. Let's just go!"

"Um.... 'k...."


I hope you liked it! The next chapter will be a little weird, though, so bear with me!


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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

   Hayo!!! ^-^

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Okay, so I was a total idiot and kept writing until I thought a chapter was done. *rolls eyes* Well, turns out I had about 4000 words, so I had to cut it down into chunks xD

I posted late yesterday and today, but I'll try to post at midnight tonight.....yeah....

I think I'm gonna post another pic today, but I'm not sure... It's a Fruits Basket pic of Haru and Momiji.... and Momiji's head is too small ;.;

So bored today.... -.- Had to go to DQ today with my sister (even though she quit her job there) so she could chat with her ex-co-workers xP Oh well. I got fries and a piece of fried chicken out of the deal, so w/e, lol!

I hate posting so late, but I wanted to post anyway, so here it is ^-^"

Well, c'ya later! Here's my chapter!


Terrence nodded off for a moment, but then saw a small sliver of sunlight trying to find its way into the room. Deciding to help it, he walked up and pulled back the curtains, and then he heard a groan on the other side of the room.

"I'm still.....tired....a few more....hours...." Kitty groaned as she flipped over to face the other side of the room.

".....I almost forgot you for a moment." he smiled as he saw her move a little before eventually flopping back down again to continue her sleep. He then shook his head and smiled.

[Terrence's POV]

She's so weird. But....maybe...

[end POV]

His face grew solemn as he walked over to her bed. Stopping for a moment, debating on whether or not to sit down, he ran his fingers across the wooden bed post. It was old wood, and it was chipped and partially cracked. The other side looked better -- probably since the sun was drying out the wood on that side.

[Terrence's POV]

Maybe she could have actually forgotten....for one small moment...

[end POV]

He smiled, but it looked pained.

[Terrence's POV]

And I'll have to bring her back to reality....

[end POV]

Terrence then sat down softly beside her and leaned over her. Putting his left arm behind her back and putting his hand firmly on the bed for support, he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, his breath moist on her pale face. She squinted with her eyes still closed, then tried to open them.

"Hey..." he smiled softly. "Good morning..."

"Huh....?" she stared at him for a minute, puzzled, then looked away, tears starting to form in her eyes. "Oh."

He saw a tear trickle down the left side of her face and brushed it away, and she stared up at him.

"Sorry... I had to wake you up." he looked in her eyes, then looked away.

"No...it's okay." she sat up a little, revealing her slender, clean arms. "I had to wake up sometime."

She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, ignoring the fact he was still right next to her.

"Hey...!" Terry looked hard at her arms, then stared at her.

Kitty wasn't rubbing her eyes now, but she was keeping them in front of her face. Terrence grabbed one of her hands, now soaked in hot tears, then looked sorrowfully at her innocent face.

She didn't open her eyes; she just kept sobbing. He gently rubbed the exposed side of her face, trying to soak up some of the moisture from the tears with his hand.

"Hey..." he leaned forward and kissed her by the ear. "It's all right..." he whispered softly.

"No, no, no! It's not all right! No....Why, Terry? Why?!" she choked out through her sobs.

He stared at her in complete sympathy, but then looked down at the ground.

[Terrence's POV]

I didn't know she'd be this shaken up.....Poor girl.... I guess...it really wasn't this bad for me.....but since her Mom and Dad....

[end POV]

He shook his head as if trying to rid himself from some unwanted memory.

[Terrence's POV]

No. She wouldn't even know. As far as she's concerned, her Mom and Dad are at home while she's.....here....

[end POV]

Terrence looked up at the ceiling, stared at her for a moment, and then stood on his knees and held her.

"It's okay." he paused; nothing he could say would really help. "But....Please stop crying."

She nodded her head slowly, but she couldn't stop. The tears just kept coming, and she hardly knew the reason why.

"I know I can't do very much for you, but at least-"

A knock was heard on the door, so he turned his attention toward the noises coming from the room next to them.

"Hey, open up in there!" a raspy voice was heard.

Terry slid his arms off Kitty slowly and walked toward the door, making sure his steps were unheard.

"'Wat ef n'on's 'ome?" another voice whispered.

"Of course they're home, you 'idget!" the raspy voice again. The direction of his voice then changed. "You go in there and tell them they're goin' home alone or with us!"

There was a quick shuffle of feet, then a small knocking was heard followed by two harder knocks. Terry rolled his eyes.

"Oh brother..." he sighed. "You guys really stink at the whole 'spying' thing."

He walked toward the door and unlocked one lock at a time, leaving one still locked.

"Is Rey there?" Terry asked doubtfully.

"Yes, I'm here..."

Terry smiled in relief, then almost unlocked the last lock before thinking.

"Only Rey may come in, if I unlock the door." he stated plainly.

"Is that a threat? You wanna fight?!" the raspy voice answered.

"Do you?" Kitty exclaimed, her face less red and less drenched.

Everyone paused and Terrence looked at her incredulously. Four feet were heard moving back from the door and soon running down the hall. Rey, apparently, was left all by himself.

"Rey? You still there?" Terrence finally asked.

"...." he didn't respond for a moment. "Will she hurt me?"

Terrence unlocked the door to see a white-faced young boy. He hadn't stepped away from the door because he was stunned to hear Kitty's voice.

"It's a good thing this door opens on the inside..." Terrence mumbled then ushered Rey into the room.

It was really no problem trying to get him into the room since he was as still as a stone.

"Kitty.... You've met him before, right?"

"Yeah..." she smiled, then rubbed her right eye with her hand.

Rey flinched and gave a small grunt. "Please don't punish me! ...Uh....I can....." he stopped speaking.

Kitty stared at Rey and frowned. This had made her angry for some reason.

"Hey, stop being such a knucklehead! I'm not gonna hurt you! I didn't hurt you before, did I?"

"That was before....before...." he stopped, thinking that what he was about to say would be too bold. "Don't hurt me, please!" her cried, then crouched, prepared for an attack.

"GrrrrrrrrRawrf!!!" a bark echoed through the hall, then all that was seen was a shaggy white mass of something at the door. Whatever it was apparently knew who the boy was and walked into the room as if he owned the place.

Terrence stared at it wide-eyed. "Oh no....don't tell me...."

It walked up to Rey and bit into the cuff of his sleeve, then trounced off jerking Rey off with it.

"G-grand...pa?" Rey asked, still staring at the creature as it pulled him down the next room and, apparently, by the sound of several thuds, down the stairs.

Kitty stared, not knowing whether to continue sitting there or just burst out laughing. The first idea being unappealing, she decided to do the latter.

Terrence then turned his attention from the open door to her, seeing her smile and laugh for the first time since the night before. For some reason, that made his heart kick his stomach - hard, too.

[Terrence's POV]

Oh boy... I must be coming down with something! ....Oh well. She seems to be happy.....

[end POV]

He grinned to himself, then stared out the door.

[Terrence's POV]

I wonder what sort of deal was made.... And then.... Her arms!

[end POV]

He turned around and stared at her, probably thinking he just didn't notice it before. But no, he wasn't seeing things. Her arms were bare.

"....How is that even possible? ....First, your hand....now this?" he looked shocked.

"What are you talking about?" she was still smiling from before, but she had a very questioning look.

Slowly, Terrence walked toward her and examined one arm, then the next.

[Terrence's POV]

Nothing..... Absolutely nothing!! ...It's....it's strange!

[end POV]

"No. It's impossible...." he stopped, then looked her in the eye. "Do you know how long it took for just the poison to go away?"

He pulled back his right sleeve to reveal a long, wide scar-like scab that started at the top of his arm and came all the way down to the middle of his forearm.

"Terry, what happened?!" she looked in horror at the wound.

"It....it happened to you too!" he pulled down his sleeve, then walked toward her. "Your arms..... They were bleeding, remember?"


Pretty long....but not too bad, right? ....Oh well. I tried. I had to cut it off there since I went on another tangent, so yeah.... W/e xD


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Monday, July 24, 2006


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Hello all ^.^ I feel really chatty today for some reason...

Well, I went to the library today, got four books and renewed one, aaaaand I made a pic ^.^ Actually, I made two....but still, I'm only posting one xD I hope it looks okay...

Anybody know what Planet Ladder is? Well, even if you only have the first book (like I do), you'll know who "Gold" is. (I think he's like a replica of a guy named Kagami....not sure) That's who I drew.

I'm eating CRACKERS!!!! I like crackers.... No updates on the story....Gomen!

Two of my friends got flamed, and I hope no one else does TT-TT I, personally, wouldn't care about myself getting flamed, but DON'T GO MESSIN' WITH MY FRIENDS!!!

On another note, I might start another story.... Also, I'm taking requests ^-^ But....if you request, it's gonna be drawn in colored pencil.... I don't know why, but I can't, truly can't, draw with a graphite pencil!!!! xP Sad, really....

I'm done rattling on now! *everyone breathes a sigh of relief* Oh, and gomen to the people that I gave an excrutiatingly long post to ^-^"

C'ya! Kat out...


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Sunday, July 23, 2006

   Hallo there!!! I'm grounded today, but I'm posting!

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Almost....done.... Not gonna post until I have the next chapter done! ....Must...resist...urge to....procrastinate... xD

All righty, another short chapter done!!! But it had to be short. Okay, done talking about that.

Today was starting off really badly.... To tell the truth, I almost wish today never happened.... But then, I got talking to my friends at church, and they made me feel a lot better.... I guess that's what friends are for, ne?

Okay, I'm done chatting now, lol! I can't go online today, though... Don't ask why I'm on now. I'm just insane, and I'm gonna get in trouble >.>

Well, here it is!


Kitty flicked her eyes open then closed, feeling surges of cruel pain crawling through her arms and sides. She curled herself inward, then gripped her arms with her hands. Looking down, she saw blood smeared across her arms.

[Kitty's POV]

Crud... I don't remember getting hit!

"It's not blood! But it may soon be...."

No!!! It was poison! How could I be so stupid!

[end POV]

She jerked her hands off and saw blood smeared all the way across. Her arms felt like they were burning, and her sides felt almost as if they were on fire. Kitty then looked around the room, noticing someone stood there. Her vision was fuzzy beyond the point of the bed post, almost as if she were near-sighted.

Sitting upright, she let the blankets fall off her body and slowly inched off the bed. The figure immediately was beside her, holding her up, then seating her back on her bed.

"I...can't see..." she saw it was a man but couldn't tell who it was. "Terry...."

"Yes?!" his voice sounded panicked, but it was Terrence's. She could've leapt for joy if it wasn't for the searing pain she now felt. "I brought you to the only place I thought was safe..."

He put his arms around her and kissed her forehead. To her, it felt as if he would never let go of her, almost as if he was afraid of losing her.

"I can't let you go now..."

She took this literally, and responded that way. "Are you stuck, or are you hurt?"

He smiled and let out a small laugh, but then slowly leaned back, trying not to rub her wounds.

"You were poisoned....and I couldn't stop it! And now....you're still in pain! I don't know how to cure it!" he sounded pained, and has her vision cleared up, she could see his face was slightly damp, especially by his eyes.

"It's all right, Terrence." she leaned forward and let him hold her once more.

She felt a hot tear collide with her face and drip down.

[Kitty's POV]

Huh? It's not....

[end POV]

Pulling her head back slightly, she looked at his face. She could see a trail of tears from one eye while the other was being hidden by his jacket sleeve.


"I'm sorry." he tried to smile and slowly succeeded, but tears still ran down his face.

"..." she smiled back, then commented. "Now it looks like I'm the one that needs to hold you."

He laughed -- it wasn't long, but he laughed.

[Kitty's POV]

Wow..... I've never, ever seen a guy cry like this..... It just....makes me feel.....sad.

[end POV]

"What? I was being serious."

"I know you were...." he stared deeply into her eyes, almost as if trying to see everything they witnessed.

"...." she spread out her arms, then embraced him, even though it killed her arms to do that. "Just don't get all mushy on me."

She smiled, but she was stuck there. Even if she wanted to, she couldn't move. Not only was it the fact that she didn't want to let go, but her arms were in so much pain, they were almost numb.


[Kitty's POV]

Yeah, genius. I'm stuck.....but I don't know if I really want to move....

[end POV]

"Oh...." he moved backwards slowly off the bed, keeping his arms under her so she wouldn't fall off.

"Sleeping...or unconscious?" he shook his head.

He then moved closer to the bed, picked her up with one arm under her neck and shoulders and the other on the underside of her knee, and laid her gently on the bed.

He slowly pulled the covers over her.

[Terrence's POV]

What's wrong with me?! Just a second ago, I was crying like an idiot....all over her! What's so special about her?!

[end POV]

Frustrated, he yanked them entirely over her, then pulled a section back to reveal her face again.

[Terrence's POV]

Why? Her face.....it just....calms me down.....why?

[end POV]

Terrence then moved closer to the bed and knelt down. He smiled, then brushed her cheek with his hand.

"No." he stated, then stood up.

He turned and walked toward the door, but then sat in the corner beside it, watching her.

Her peaceful - yet slightly pained - face made his entire body warm up. He looked away.

[Terrence's POV]

She's a friend....not even that! I hardly even know her! ....But....I....just let those things happen to her....

[end POV]

He pulled in his knees, wrapped his arms over them, then buried his head in the space left.

And so went the entire day of Kitty's fifteenth birthday. The gentle silence edged its way into the entire room until the sun broke the darkness.


Not even 800 words, if you want to know the truth ^-^" Kinda sad, actually....

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

   NEW STUFFS!!!!! Lol.

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Okay, so I decided to do Riku and Risa first. I kinda want to do Dark and Daisuke next.....although, they did find their way into this post, lol! But now I don't have much of anything left to do.... I finished up everything but my avatars, and I have four out of five already... ^-^"

Well, what'd'ya think? Bad, good, okay? Lols, sorry, I'm acting hyper...

I actually kinda cheated, grabbed some pics online, and didn't do much work on them.... But for my Furuba BGs and stuff, I worked a lot on them.... though I think they definitely don't look as good as these... xD

PROCRASTINATION WARNING: eheh.... I haven't written much more for my story.... Gomen!

Too tired to write anymore, so I'll stop now.

C'ya laters!!! Btw, I hope you guys have a good day! Mine's gonna be busy, I know it, lol.


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Friday, July 21, 2006

   Yah.... No new chapter! Short post!!!

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All righty, so I have no new chapter. Sorry guys >.> But I felt like typing down something, though no new ideas come to mind for the story....

I'm going to be changing my site more often than usual, but not today, 'cause I'm too tired/lazy to do so.... But yeah, I feel like doing something different. Anyone have any suggestions for BGs??? I have three different BGs etc. for my site already, but if anyone has suggestions, I'll do that first ^-^

Random facts! Now you will get to know the evil, I mean, good and bad me xD

1) I used to like all animals, but now I'm only slightly partial to cats...

2) If I'm bored, you're pretty much talking to a brick wall ^-^"

3) I love talking! Of course, that's obvious, huh....? But I prefer getting talked to.....though that may not be so obvious >.>

4) I have a shirt that says "Good at getting what I want"; and it's true -_-" So people think I'm spoiled.

5) I love a ton of people, but I move so much, I can hardly keep my head on straight....so, so much for the love, huh? xP

I've probably already bored you enough about me, so what about you??? J/k ^.^ You don't have to tell, lol.

If you were bored enough to read this, then you must be as bored (or more) than I am! Oh well, hope you had some entertainment from this. ^-^


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Thursday, July 20, 2006

   I'm so sorry, and next chapter!!! xD

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Okay, so I've been lazy and haven't even gotten on myO in a while, but I visited a couple of sites today and commented some. Gomen!!!

Well.... I wrote another chapter ^-^ I'm writing the next one too, so this time, I know more than you do! Lols xD I'm such a nerd...

Speaking of nerds, I'm super-hyper today! I read two entire books, so I feel like doing something a little less boring than sitting around and reading. (again, gomen to those that love to read, but I only find it interesting every now and then)

In about an hour and a half, I had this chapter done. It's almost 1500 words, so if you don't have the time to read it, you probably won't want to.

The next chapter has more Terry, so for those who like the little dab of romance I put in it, you might probably like the next one. (unfortunately, Kitty has to ruin some of it, but that's just natural) Also, some of this chapter may be a little confusing.... I don't really have much time to edit it.....

Kk, I'll stop wasting time now. See ya, and hope you all have a great day!


"Jerk! Get your bloody hands off me!!!" Kitty screamed.

She then paused for a long moment, noticing for the first time since he grabbed her that his hands were a dark, blood-colored red.

"Stupid, little girl! It's not blood! But it may soon be...." he gave an odd, choked-up chuckle.

[Kitty's POV]

What the heck?! I can't believe I'm stuck with an evil lunatic.

[end POV]

She rolled her eyes, then looked around. The room was probably about as long as a football field - maybe longer - and about as wide. The ceiling was so tall, she couldn't even see the top. It was very dark, so she thought perhaps that the ceiling was somewhat transparent to let some light in.

Light came through the door on the opposite side of the room as a figure slowly stepped in. He held out his left arm toward her with something like a flashlight in his hand -- no, it looked like a sphere. Just like the one around her neck...

Kitty impulsively pulled one arm away from the man and gripped her sphere, making it glow twice as hard as the one he held. He stepped closer and demanded in a different language for the man to let her go.

As soon as he let go, she was in mid-air, halfway up to the ceiling. The man holding the sphere now looked only like a tiny dot....growing larger and larger. She soon realized she was going to be attacked and spun away, leaving him to dart up close to the top of the ceiling.

Looking around frantically, she could no longer see the small light from the sphere. It was entirely gone.

From behind her, she could hear a faint whisper growing louder as it apparently came closer. She closed her eyes, clutched the sphere, then twirled up to the top of the ceiling. In the next minute, Kitty was holding out the sphere as it let out an enormous beam-like weapon. It was no heavier than the sphere by itself. She swung it around the room a couple of times and was rewarded by a groan on the opposite side of the room.

From that point she instinctively realized that she needed to stay put. The sword disappeared, and she made the sphere stop glowing without losing her ability to defy gravity and stay put in the air.

Whispering was heard on the side of the room where she estimated the now-wounded man was, then she heard a yell from the man that had dragged her in. She shed the light again, to see the two over there, then she saw that same man that had pulled her harshly in and tortured her wincing as the light hit him - anger welled up inside her, but then she remembered Terrence.

[Kitty's POV]

Great... I'll just get these two lugs to tell me where he is. No one can do anything to me now.

[end POV]

The man ran out of the room before the light took its hold, leaving his companion behind.

"You filthy, disgusting coward!" she yelled, her voice booming throughout the entire room, echoing, then receding.

She descended closer to the wounded man, making the light go down, and stayed far enough away that he wouldn't try to run away. She knew that he thought she couldn't hurt him at this distance.

Kitty spoke again, but more softly with a little emotion in it this time. "Do you know where Terry is...? I'm afraid I don't know how to find him with this...." she paused. "But I can find him if you won't tell me."

The old man glanced at the door and looked back at her. She, for the first time, now noticed it was Terrence's father. Fear immediately swept through all other emotions and took over her entire mind.

[Kitty's POV]

This is Terry's father! He'll never forgive me!

[end POV]

Tears ran over her eyelids, escaping for the first time since all this happened to her. She winced, feeling that tears were beneath her at this time.

"Tell me!" she almost screamed.

He groaned, standing up, then faced her. He met her eye-to-eye, trying to read her expressions in the faint light of the sphere.

"You're crying, aren't you? Petulant little child!"

She lunged at him, knocking him again to the floor.

"Let's try this again!" her old attitude seeped in, fighting the fear for first place in her mind. "I don't care what the heck happens to you or to anyone in this house other than Terry and Rey!!!"

He chuckled, then the chuckle spilled into evil laughter, letting his voice haunt the room. Her head spun for a moment as his voice reverberated through her mind, but she didn't let it take a hold of her.

"Tell me now! If not, I'll find him then kill you!" she threatened, her voice unwavering.

Pausing, he now thought this over. No sooner had he done this than he caught her off guard.

"Do you think I'd tell you?" his voice came from behind her. "Many have come before you have, and not so many have survived... Even if I told you where he was, it wouldn't matter. Your little "love life" would be of no use to you. I adopt those who don't die -- being only Terrence! Do you think I would be so foolish as to tell you where he was?!"

Those words sank through her, crawling through her skin.

"No way you could EVER be my father!!!" she screamed, turning around and, once again, letting out that burst of light for a sword.

She let it hit him until he hit the ground, then she floated downward to him, letting the light paralyze his entire body. When she got to a reasonable distance, she started to speak.

"You are unworthy of ever even being CALLED a father!" she felt like killing him, her blood-lust thrilling her just now. "I am obviously more powerful than you expected. Don't deny it! I am simply more powerful! Terrence told me it all! I'm from the absolute highest families in this entire 'sphere world' you mention so often."

He didn't bother trying to move an inch. He knew this move and, apparently, knew it all too well.

"Aren't you the bright one?" he did that awful laugh again, the choked his way into speaking. "You probably still don't realize why he crossed out all the other families, huh?"

Her eyes flashed, anger appearing suddenly in her eyes.

"You don't mean...."

"Ah, you're now catching on! How could you not wonder why Terrence was so worried about you? He went through the same thing! Of course you're stronger than he is. But that's only natural! He was never a part of everyone else. His family was always....introverted."

"You killed....so many?!" she returned the subject to his cruelty. "Why, why, why!?"

Her sphere glowed again, but this time, it was as hot as when she used it the second time. It burned her hand, but left it there. It was boiling hot, but it didn't char her skin. Fire soon spurt from it, leaping at him, but stopping millimeters short. The room was soon glowing and hot.

"So...." he grinned with his eyes unnable to be seen. "This is what the power has done to you." he laughed again, and the flames nearly licked the wicked grin off his face.

"No. This is what control over power can do with me!" she dove up close to him, still keeping the flames as a barrier between them, but not frying him like the insect he was.

"Where is the difference?!" he howled. "Besides, if you kill me, you do understand that the whole household would be at Terry to kill him." the surprise written all over her face just made him laugh even more wickedly. "Oh yes, that little boy would have no one controlling him! He would be almost as strong as you! Of course, that pill hadn't controlled you half as well as I would've hoped..."

She let the flames taste his garment, then let it go back to the sphere. She glided quickly but gracefully out the door. The rooms seemed twisted and misshapen, but she thought that was mostly because she was tired and dizzy.

Constantly flying, she went down several halls before flying into what seemed to be a quiet room. Kitty looked around, saw the plants, and realized she was back where she started. Exhaustion overcame her and she crumpled to the floor before feeling someone's arms wrapped tight around her.

"Oh, God, you're safe..." it was Terrence's voice.

She felt him hold her tight before finally feeling safe enough to rest in his arms.


I also think I accidentally deleted one of the chapters that I posted.... Well, for those of you that might be interested, you can ask me and I'll send you what I've posted so far. (without all the chit-chat garbage, lol)


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