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Friday, August 25, 2006

   Hey, what's up?

I was debating on whether or not to post until I could post another section of my story; but since I probably won't be able to get onto my own computer, I won't be able to post any more story anyway.

My sister got a new art program two days ago and was playing around with it. It frustrates her a lot, so I might want to keep my distance for a while. I'm hanging out in my little brother's room in the meantime. He's letting me get on his computer, since he just watches TV anyway. (plus he likes to see what I'm doing)

Well..... My house isn't in too much turmoil right now, but things are going to start getting crazy soon -- not just because of school. Anyway, if I ever get on my computer today, I'll try to post the pic I was talking about earlier as well as another one. I drew myself in my front yard, lol. First real try at bg-s.....

So..... Um, I guess I'll ask questions now. I really don't have much else to say.

1) For those who have started school, how is it so far? And if you haven't started yet, how do you think it will go?

2) What's your favorite activity? (and by that, I mean nothing about the computer, drawing, or watching TV, lol)

3) Have you ever had surgery before?

4) First thing in the morning, what do you usually think?

1) I think it will stink. Mom's planning on checking up on all of my classes every day....bleh.

2) Um...... Taking a slow walk, I guess. Or just watching my sister draw, which she hates. > >

3) Twice, I think. The first time wasn't so bad, 'cause they pretty much just gave me stitches, but the second time was awful.

4) Hmm..... I wonder who's on the computer right now, or I wonder if my sister's already taken the computer, lol. So sad....

That's all for now, so I guess I'll see you guys later!


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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

   Hahah..... ^ ^

YES!!!! ^ ^ Sorry..... If you saw the post I had on earlier, that was not cool....hahah.

My Mom told me that I couldn't come on until I did something around the house > > But yesterday, I did what Mom told me to do, and I asked my Dad if I could...... He didn't let me, though.

Dunno what's up with that, but I'm sorry for boring all of you! ^ ^"

Okay, I drew a pic. Two chibis, lol.... I suck at drawing chibis, so I don't know why I drew it. I might be able to post it on later.

Well....ur.....yeah. Again, I'm sorry for my hastiness. I just thought I wasn't allowed to get on, so I posted when I could. Gomen!

I guess I'll c'ya guys later. Ja ne!


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Monday, August 21, 2006

   This whole post sounds stupid.

Sorry I haven't posted my story in a while.... Most of you are probably relieved about that, though, lol!

NEway, I just submitted Sage's OC, and I'm sorry that I didn't do that yesterday, like I said....it was busy then. I went to church, got in trouble somehow (don't ask; it's an even longer story), had a friend that I hadn't seen in a long time come over, and I got called by Angel. (aka, Enzeru no hikari) While all that was going on, I managed to get a picture I had promised my friend done, but since I didn't go back to church, I couldn't give it to her. And I'm really sorry if I didn't visit someone's site yesterday! I tried to visit and comment on them all > >

On a really weird note, I had somehow creased my nail behind the quick, so I had to eventually rip an entire section of my nail off. Needless to say, it felt like it was burning. Lol. xD

Sorry for rambling and saying nonsense.... ^ ^" I'm going to ask a few questions, then I'm going to post the next chapter of my story.

1) Who's your absolute favorite anime character?

2) What's one word or phrase you say a lot?

3) If you had the choice between a great book or a great movie, which would you choose?

4) Is there something you hate?

1) Gaara. ^ ^"

2) .... Lol, or 'hahah.'

3) Probably a movie so I wouldn't have to pay too much attention, but I like reading.

4) Sadly, there is -- my Mom's attitude, especially at certain times during the year. Like before school and at the end of school especially.

Okay.... If you've managed to get this far, here's my story. C'ya later!


Kitty stood up and started walking toward the door. She put her hand next to it, then brought it close to herself.

[Kitty's POV]

Maybe....he wants to know if I'll take company?

[end POV]

She let the door creak a little, but she then put it in the same position it was in earlier.

Several minutes later, she found herself on the bed, trying to sleep. She was no longer crying, but her eyes were somewhat red from earlier.

Hearing footsteps outside the door, she shut her eyes tightly and waited. The door creaked again -- it was opening. Kitty stayed still and waited to see if the 'visitor' would come in or just leave.

To her curiosity's dismay, the 'visitor' did neither. The person just stood there, staring at her. She pulled the covers up closer to her neck, trying her best to look asleep.

She then heard a whisper, then words.

"She really does.... But...I have to know...for sure..." it was Kalvin.

[Kitty's POV]

Kalvin? Why's he here???

[end POV]

She grunted a little. Then, Roxanne was heard downstairs, yelling something.

Kalvin sighed deeply, continuing to stare at her for a moment. Roxanne was heard again.

"I guess I'd better go..." he said softly.

At that moment, Kitty popped straight up. She looked hard at the door, but no one was there.

"But...but he was just-!" she stopped.

Falling gently back into her bed, she looked as if she was deep in thought.

[Kitty's POV]

Sure, he could be fast....but....soundless? ....

[end POV]

She sighed and rolled over on her side. She then closed her eyes hard.

[Kitty's POV]

Who cares anymore? I've been through enough weird junk, I should just forget about it... Sleep might be good.

[end POV]

A couple of hours had passed, and she soon woke up to find the door in the same position it was in earlier. No one was there.

"Huh...." she sighed. "Maybe that was just a dream...? Whatever."

She practically jumped out of bed and flopped on the floor, sitting there for a moment. Sighing, she grinned inwardly.

[Kitty's POV]

I am sooo not good at getting up instantaneously.....

[end POV]

She then huffed and sat up, leaning her head against her knees.

"This is so sad..."

Slowly bringing her head up, she pushed herself up with her hands and sat on her knees for a moment. She then used the bed for support as she wobbily stood up.

"Oh man!" she groaned as several joints popped.

"Sounds like someone's up." Roxanne said to Kalvin, smiling.

Kalvin fidgeted with his fingers agitatedly, almost as if he were a little kid waiting for a Christmas present to be opened. Roxanne rolled her eyes at him, then glanced up at the stairs.

"She's kinda cute, huh?"

"Y.....yeah, I guess." he said, seeing that she was now picking on him.

He stopped playing with his fingers, then stood up and walked out to the 'kitchen.'

"It's not the end of the world!" Roxanne called after him.

She grinned as she heard the water turned on at full force.

Kitty managed to get on some respectable clothes and gingerly hobble down the stairs when Roxann greeted her very noisily.

"Hallo!!!" she nearly yelled.

Kitty cringed, sitting down on the last step. Roxanne put a hand on her shoulder and smiled.

"Sorry about that. I'm just a little excited."

[Kitty's POV]

What the heck's she excited for?

[end POV]

"Ugh..." Kitty said and held her head in both hands. "Can I get a drink?"

Roxanne maliciously grinned inwardly and motioned sweetly for the kitchen outwardly. "The water's already on in there, and the cups are in there somewhere....yeah."

Kitty pulled herself up using the railing and walked groggily toward the kitchen. She had forgotten her hunch that the 'kitchen,' as it was called, was not a kitchen, so she willingly traipsed into the room, holding onto the walls for support.

Since the water was on full pressure, Kalvin didn't hear Kitty walk in; and since Kitty was sleep-eyed and not half there, she stumbled right into him, causing him to jump.

He turned around, startled, and stared at her with widened eyes. She rubbed her eyes and glanced sleepily up at him, noticing him for the first time.

"Oh....hi." she said and yawned, stretching her arms.

"Ter- uh, Kitty???" Kalvin said, stuttering.

Kitty nodded leisurely and walked over to a cabinet. Surprisingly, the first one she opened was the one with dishes inside. The rest were filled with goodness knew what, and she would not have had a hard time waking up after that.

She pulled out a purple cup, since it was closest, and stepped over to the running water. As ignorant as people usually are right after they wake up, Kitty was even more so. Since the water was on high pressure and she put her cup directly under its flow, she managed to make both herself and Kalvin soaked.

Five minutes later, both Kitty and Kalvin were sitting on the couch, still wet but not entirely drenched and wrapped in towels. She looked miserable while he looked like he was trying to make her feel better. Roxanne just smiled mischievously as she watched them both.

"All right. So, do you want to tell me what happened yet?"

They both shook their heads back and forth.

"You'd want to know, so I'm not telling you." Kalvin stated blandly.

Kitty snuggled into her warm, soggy mass of towels, trying to shrink as much as possible.

"What's your excuse?" Roxanne directed the question at Kitty.

She continued to shrink down in the towels while she spoke. "It's embarrassing..."

"Okay, well, one of you's going to tell me, or something's going to go down." Roxanne said, holding up her fist.

At that point, Kalvin also shrunk into his pile of towels. Roxanne sighed.

"You guys..."

At that point, the door flew into the hallway, off its hinges. Several men burst in at once, lead by a younger-looking man. Kalving and Roxanne shot up while Kitty stayed absolutely still. She was certain she knew who it was, and she knew that all she could do was stay quiet and hope the egg-like mass of towels wouldn't suffocate her.

"She's here. Where the heck is she?!" it was Terry's voice, and Kitty felt a sickening turn in her stomach.

"She isn't here!" Kalvin yelled.

"Oh? How should I believe you?! You say 'she' like you know her, but you couldn't let her go anywhere by herself. There are no other residents in this house, according to my researching."

Roxanne smiled smugly, something dawning on her suddenly.

"You caught us."

Everyone halted, and Kitt's breathing faltered. Kalvin looked straight forward, trying to go with whatever plan he knew Roxanne had cooked up.

"She's right here in these towels! Right here! And you know what?" she paused and walked over to her. "I'll be kind enough to show you!"

She slowly took off one towel at a time as she whispered softly to Kitty. "All right. That thing-a-ma-bobber lets you change, right? Make it change you again!" as she spoke the next time, she spoke normally. "She's a very naughty Kitty. Probably not the one you know." she paused again. "Wasn't very happy when she made a mess with water in the kitchen, either! Hahah, she managed to soak Kalvin, too!"

She peeled away the towel, layer by layer, Terry's and Kalvin's eyes now focused on the wad as it was unraveled. The towels suddenly gave way and fell inwards, and Roxanne ripped off the remaining towels, revealing what was beneath.



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Saturday, August 19, 2006

   {cool subject here}

Hello guys ^ ^ What's up?

I haven't really been doing much.... I'm slacking off.... > > I finished Sage's OC, so I'm probably gonna post it tomorrow. I'm so dumb, though... That was my second only project, so now I've got almost nothing to do.

I'm probably just going to ask questions today, so please put up with my randomness....

1. How's your summer been?

2. What is your favorite anime/manga?

3. Is there any specific place you'd like to be at this moment?

4. Do you think I'm hyper, or just insane? (okay okay, you don't have to answer that one....hahah)

1) Pretty good. I've made a couple really good friends ^ ^
2) Naruto, lol.
3) Um... Probably just on the computer where I can talk with said friends.
4) .....My lips are sealed.

Well, um, sorry for tying up your time with crud.... C'ya! ^ ^"


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Thursday, August 17, 2006

   Eheheh ^ ^

Okay, so.... Today is really boring so far, lol. Of course.... I just woke up > > Hahah....

Well.... Not much has been going on....lol. I just remembered *cough cough* I'm starting school in two weeks, not one, so that's cool....I think.

Okay, don't think I'm a weirdo or just some freak, but I want to thank you all so much for commenting on this, and I especially want to thank my great friends. ^ ^ It's been really cool talking to all of you, and I'm glad you guys can put up with my idiocy/randomness. *bows*

(maybe that wasn't such a good speach...lol) Hahah, on another note....do you like my site??? I've spent a little bit of time *cough* on it last night, so I hoped it turned out okay. And no, I don't have a picture for the post bg. It didn't quite...match. (inner me: Oh yeah, Gaara rocks!!!!) ^ ^"

Well, thank you so much for reading this, and I'll c'ya guys later! ...Eh? No, I don't have an inner me. Just playing around...lol.


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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

   Gomen nasai....

Zzzzzz.... I'm so tired....hahah... I'll try to stay awake long enough to write this, though.

I might not be able to visit everyone's sites.... And I haven't been lately, either. I've stayed in bed most of the day, just sitting there sick. xP So when I get on....I try to get on the people's sites that I haven't visited the last time. But my memory's really crappy too, right now, so I really apologize if I haven't visited your site in forever -///-"

Well....My Mom's being really rude lately.... Can't say I don't know why, but I wish she'd just stop. *sigh*

Sorry for complaining to you all like that ^ ^" Gah.... NEway, I'm posting the second part of my Furuba fan fic, so I hope you'll like it. I might not have kept all the characters in character, so I'm really sorry about that.

Hmm.... *cough* I don't have much else to say. Well, c'ya guys later, then! ^ ^

*~* Tohru *~*

Well, the storm's letting up a little! That's great... I smile and throw some garbage inside a trash can. Momiji is, again, wanting to go outside now. I almost want to let him, since the power's back, but still...

Oh, and that call! She said that a boy was yelling on the phone for me.... I think that was Kyo-kun... I guess Shigure-san hadn't told him he already called to see if I was okay.

Mimiji is taking a nap now. At first, he was sleeping on my lap until I had to clean out the garbage can... I feel sleepy myself.

Days like this are so peaceful inside, but so violent outside. I shiver and pull my big, fluffy jacket around me. Shigure-san bought this for me, and it's so warm! Hah.... I'm so glad I'm not out there!

I have to go do some more chores... There isn't much left to do now, so I'll just get it done quickly. No time to lose! ...But, then, what will I do? Huh...

~*~ Yuki ~*~

I groggily walk toward the room Kyo and Shigure are in. Shigure looks very smug, but I ignore him and fall into a chair. I feel so tired.... Cold weather isn't the best thing.

He looks like he's about to explode in fits of laughter -- Shigure, that is. He's got something on the cat, and he's gonna embarrass him and rub it in as much as he possibly can.....

"I called Tohru a while before you did." he stopped then, prolonging the story and letting it sink in.

Kyo called Tohru-san? ....That's strange.

"And she already said she was fine." he choked back a laugh to continue nagging at the idiot. "So you were worried about her, huh, Kyon-kyon? You know,"

"Shut the HECK UP! You're such a RETARD!"

That cat couldn't yell any louder, could he? But then again, neither could his face be any more red. I almost feel bad for him...

"Oh, don't feel bad! I'm sure Yuki here was just as worried as you were."

Involving me already, Shigure? I feel veins popping out on my face and knuckles.

"Tohru-san's all right? That's good." I say curtly. I intend to stop this conversation before Shigure pushes it too far.

He looked like a dog that had its treat taken away and recoiled. "Yes, she is. In fact, as soon as the weather gets better, she's coming back. Of course, Kyo didn't think enough to ask that, did you?"

"I said, SHUT UP!!!!" the whole house appeared to rattle in his rage.

I stood up and walked away. It was pointless and ridiculous sitting there, listening to their squabbling. I walk to my room, managing to ignore Shigure and the cat until I got there. It's less noisy in here than it is out there, at least.

I make my way to the bed and sit down. There's no way I can get any sleep with them out there, but I can try.

I lean back and close my eyes, trying to listen to my thoughts to drown out those two. It won't work, I know. But there isn't much else I can do now.

~*~ Shigure ~*~

Kyo is so stupid. It makes me smile every time I think of him calling about Tohru. It's only natural, I suppose. I lean back in my chair, pondering about the curious weather.

It's so strange. All of a sudden, this blizzard comes out of nowhere. Of course, it isn't like I haven't seen enough strangeness around this house alone. I sigh in thought.

At least little Tohru makes things cheerful. The little flower in the household....

Enough thinking about that. I should get to writing my novel....ah, but procrastination is the better part of valor. Or so I'll say.

Heheh. Can't wait to see the look on my editor's face....

~*~ Hatori ~*~

I just found out that Akito's sick again. I was waiting for it. I knew it would happen sooner or later; it happened to be sooner.

It's still storming outside. I wonder if it will even quit by tomorrow. Maybe not.

I pull out a vial of fluid to give to Akito. Of course, I'll have to inject it into his system. I pull out my equipment almost leisurely. There isn't much else I can do after this. It might even be the only thing I'll have to do all day. No one else inside the building is really ill, and there's no way anyone from outside will be coming in today.

I wheel all the things I need to Akito's room. I could have just held it, but this is probably better. I open the door to reveal the usual sickly-looking Akito. Somehow, I really feel no sympathy toward him -- just a need to work on my patient.

I insert a proper amount of fluid into my needle and walk toward him. I then slide the needle gently into his skin, making sure I hit a vein, and slowly inject a little bit of the fluid at a time.

After the procedure, I quickly dispose of the used equipment and wheel back the rest of the things to my office. I sit in my chair and think.

There is nothing left to do. I cannot sleep, for if I do, I shall ruin my sleeping schedule and I'll start waking up in the middle of the night and such. I tap my pen on the desk in a slow rhythm and stare at the paperwork that is still in front of me. I then lean back and swerve my chair to the left.

There it is -- the clock. The clock that seems to no longer move. Will spring ever come?

I immediately sit upright. Why did I just think that? I look around to see if there is someone in the room. Then, I see her...Kana.

I reach for my head and lean over the desk. I'm hallucinating now.... There must be something I can do to get her off my mind...

But there is nothing. The snow will never melt. Spring will never come again.



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Thursday, August 10, 2006

   6:53 A.M. Hahah xD I'm sleepy...

Yep. That's the time. I stayed up late last night to post a fan art of my O.C., Kitty Strinx. ^-^ She's the one I've been writing about.

I drew her in her latest form -- black hair, purple eyes -- but I shaded it. My scanner tried to mess it up, and I tried to fix it, so it may look...odd. Heheh xD

Nothing to talk about really.... Um, I think I'll ask a question then.

Quesion: Who's your favorite character from Fruits Basket/Inuyasha?
Answer: I Hatsuharu is my absolute favorite, though it's a toughie... And Sesshoumaru and Kagome are my tied favorites ^-^

That sounds so random.... I'm done now, though. ^-^ Here's the next chapter in my story!


At that moment, the front door swung wide open, revealing a very dirty-looking - and rather bad-smelling - boy coughing. Kitty opened her eyes in shock, then turned around before the boy saw her.

"Aw, gee, Kalvin, don't get my house all dirty!" she said, not even bothering to look in his direction.

He coughed again then straightened up only to cough again. Apparently, he was trying to speak, but speaking and coughing at the same time is, obviously, not such a great idea.

Roxanne finally glanced over and saw him, dirt all over and black in his face. Her eyes widened before she bursted out laughing. She knew what had happened, and she seemed to be not-all-that worried about him.

Once her laughter died down, she looked back over at him and smiled, standing up. "You need to be more careful with what you use. Heheh."

He glared at her, in-between coughs, because he knew she could say whatever she wanted while he couldn't say anything about it. That seemed very...thoughtful of her.

"Hey, why don't you scrub up while I try to remedy this. Oh, and Kitty? There's a- HEY!"

As soon as she said the name Kitty, Kalvin pushed her back to get into the living room. He stopped and stared at her, his coughing ceasing for a moment. But just as soon as their eyes locked, they disconnected, and he started coughing again.

"KALVIN! I told you to scrub up, not torture Kitty!! Now, leave her alone, and take a darn shower!" she snarled, stomping all the while toward a room that Kitty had hoped would be the kitchen.

She glanced up from the chair, waiting to see if the dirty boy was trying to look at her again. But no. He had already gone upstairs obediently.

[Kitty's POV]

Even though I'm as miserable as I can get right now, I still feel kind of angry that he thought I was some sort of display!

[end POV]

As she continued to ponder these things, she heard a racket both in the kitchen area and in the shower on the second floor. Even though some of the noises made her curious if either one was hurt, she didn't dare look or speak. One or the other of them, it was gonna be bad if she did.

Glancing at the surrounding walls, she noticed they were dirty. Pretty, maybe, but they were awfully dirty. A rattling noise in the kitchen brought her back to reality rather than wall-watching.

"I-is....everything...all right?" she asked doubtfully.

"Yeah. It's cool." Roxanne's voice sounded kind of harsh and on-edge, so Kitty decided not to bother her again.

Another clinking noise in the shower was heard, then the water turned off. She then heard him cough several times before getting out of the tub.

After that, she did not desire to know what happened next. Instead, she turned her attention to the sounds from the kitchen again. There were several more harsh noises, and even a cacophony that left the air silent in recovery, but all went well, she guessed, when Roxanne came out smiling with a bottle of what looked like olive oil.

"What......is that?" she dared to ask.

Roxanne then shook her head, a laugh congested behind a smile, and thought a moment before responding. "Eh. You don't want to know on this one -- trust me."

Kitty blinked, then looked back down at the bottle. If she didn't want to know what it was.....then she probably didn't want to know what was inside it.

After a brief moment of silence, stumbling was heard in the hall, then footsteps coming down the stairs. Kitty looked away, slightly curious as to what the boy actually looked like, but not enough to really look.

She positioned herself so she wouldn't face him, no matter what, while he almost tumbled downstairs. His coughing was still as bad, but she couldn't pick up the scent that she had smelled so strongly earlier.

When he reached the end of the stairs, she heard a pause, as if he was dumb-struck. Rupturing coughs came after that, followed by several clumsy noises. She also heard Roxanne sniggering loudly.

"H...heheh...here's y-your..." she then laughed very loudly as he snatched the bottle from her.

He gulped down as much as he could before coughing once again, spitting out some of the gloopy liquid, and then finished it off the second try. Kitty continued to look at the wall, actually gazing at the shadow of the boy. She realized, by the shadow's size compared to the size of Roxanne's shadow, that the boy was not really a boy, but more like a man.

When Roxanne's laughter ceased, she smiled and looked over at Kitty, who, she noticed, hadn't even giggled during Kalvin's torture. She then walked over curiously and crouched down next to Kitty.

"Yes?" she asked, knowing pretty much what Roxanne was going to say.

"Come on now, he doesn't bite. Seriously! Only I do that." she giggled jokingly, then saw Kitty wouldn't budge.

"Roxy, just leave her alone." Kalvin finally said. "I think you've done enough for today." his voice was calm and rich --much better than the coughing noises that came out before.

Roxanne glared at him, then smiled back at Kitty. "Look, if you need anything, just call one of us. Preferably Kalvin, since he'll actually do something sooner than I will. I'm usually working at my fact- I mean, kitchen -- so it may be harder to get my attention. He's just working on something in the garage, usually."

Kalvin trudged upstairs, paying no attention to Roxanne any longer. He was then heard directly overhead, then nothing.

"You gonna hit the hay too? It seems a little early, but you've had a hard day...." she glanced up and down at Kitty's black hair and purple eyes.

"Okay....that sounds....good...." Kitty stood up and turned around to go upstairs.

"Oh....you know.... Kalvin isn't a bad guy. He's just heard so much about you, he thought I was joking when I said you were here!" she smiled.

Kitty smiled back, but she didn't respond more than that. She heard helicopters overhead and stopped. Her eyes widened. By the sound of it, there were three of them, but she couldn't be sure.

Roxanne glared up in the direction of the sky and huffed. "Some nerve they have, patrolling this area once again! This is the second time this darn week!" she grumbled.

Aware that this was no more than what was common there, she exhaled in relief and hopped upstairs. The room she was in before was no different than when she had been there last.

[Kitty's POV]

At least it's farthest away from his room....

[end POV]

She stopped at the door and leaned on the door post. It was oddly comfortable to her for the moment; it was something to lean on, at least.

[Kitty's POV]

What was she talking about, though? He heard so much about me? .....She probably called him on the phone or something and told him about me.... Maybe he thought it was a prank...?

[end POV]

She shook her head and stood up straight. Walking toward the bed to sit down, she started thinking clearly again.

[Kitty's POV]

I don't need to worry about anyone except myself. I shouldn't be thinking about a guy at all! Especially not......

[end POV]

Her eyes widened for a brief moment and glazed over in tears. She fell toward the bed and used both arms for support while she leaned over, trying to stop crying.

"No....not again!" she said, her eyes still open.

Tears kept spilling out until there was a four-inch spot on the bed that was completely soaked in tears. She then scrunched her eyes, trying to make the tears go away.

"Just once.... I need to be strong enough not to...cry!" she uttered the last word bitterly.

She bit her lip and rubbed her eyes with the back of her left hand. A voice was then heard, but it sounded fuzzy in her head. After a while, it became clear.

"...re you okay? ....Hey, are you okay?" it was that guy. Kalvin.

Kitty flipped around, bracing herself on the bed but facing him. Her tear-stained face was red and puffy, and she probably didn't look very pretty just then.

"...I...." her voice cracked and more tears came out. "I'm...fine!" the last word was said loudly.

Kalvin stayed at the doorway, not knowing how he could help.

"Is there.....anything I can do?" he asked slowly.

"Please.....Just....go...." she then tried to hide her face with her right hand, leaning on the bed with her left arm for support.

He nodded slowly and shut the door slowly. She noticed, even with blurry vision and her hand in front of her face, that he left the door open a crack.

[Kitty's POV]

What's....wrong with me...?

[end POV]



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Monday, August 7, 2006

Hey ^-^

Okay, yesterday, I stayed all day at church, and the day before, I didn't get to stay on the computer very long, so I'm very, very sorry for not being able to visit very many people!!!! TT-TT

I'm not very satisfied on how my site turned out, so I might change my theme....again. But I'm too lazy to do it now. I might do it later on this week, though.

I've also been working on a fan fic -- Fruits Basket!!! Angel said it was pretty good, so I guess I'll post it and see what y'all think ^-^"

Well, other than that, yesterday was really depressing..... Since I'm gonna be moving no matter what, I felt really bad hanging around my friends... Maybe I'm just acting moody -_-"

Heheh, on an entirely different note, I feel really happy that I can help some of my friends with their sites ^.^ I dunno why I get so happy over such things....

Okay, I'm done rambling now. Here's my new fan fic!

NOTE -- I'm putting this in an entirely different perspective. It goes from one character's to the next's. Once in a while, I may have mine for an over-view of the situation, but maybe not. Also, I only have the first five books ^-^" This takes place like right after the second one.

~*~ Hatori ~*~

It's cold......once again. I glance outside yet another time to see only the biting wind and the constantly falling snow. It seems almost restless...

Akito's doing fine today....I don't have to tend to him much. In this cold weather, I'm actually quite surprised. I would have thought more work would have been required from me than I have.

For some reason, I was hoping for a visit from Yuki and Tohru. I know the cat wouldn't come..... I stare at the snow now piling up and ponder what the three - rather, four - are up to.

Glancing back at my work laid out in front of me, I wonder if there is some work left to be done. Maybe checking up on Akito again...? No, I just did that.

I lean back in my chair, both arms across the arm-rests. It's strangely quiet and more dull than usual. Momiji went to the shop earlier, but he hasn't come back yet. He's probably waiting for the weather to lighten up before even attempting coming back....of course, that's probably thanks to whoever's working there now.

I pause for a moment. Yes, I believe Tohru was working today. She probably left about an hour ago. I hadn't thought of this before, really. Momiji is most likely pestering her, but she wouldn't see it that way.

I look back out and see the snow once more. I pull my coat up somewhat, even though inside the building is quite warm.

With nothing left to do, I stare at the ticking clock, the clock that makes every second feel longer than it truly is on days like this. There isn't anything I can do now, just keep track of the time and wait for better weather...

*~* Tohru *~*

Ah... The snow outside is very pretty! But it's also so cold! Brr..... I have to keep on all my coats and mittens and things, since the shop isn't very well heated. I smile.

Momiji keeps saying how pretty it is outside, but how he's worried about Hatori. He says "Ha'ri gets lonely! Can't I go now?" then puts on a really cute face.

"It's still too cold out there! And you could get buried in the snow!" I say. He's just so cute, I have such a hard time saying no! But it's really dangerous outside, and I wouldn't want him getting hurt.

He then puts on a sad face. The second I feel really bad, he smiles again and starts jumping back and forth, asking me to play with him. Of course, I still have work to do. I can't do much, since it's snowing so hard, but there's still quite a bit to do inside.

But until they ask for my help, I agree very cheerfully. I love playing with Momiji! He always makes things so fun!

He tells me how to play some German games, tells me how he plays the Japanese games, then mixes some up for a different twist. I find those games the best!

It's still cold outside. "I hope no one is stuck out there in the snow..." I didn't realize I was speaking out loud until I heard Momiji say something in German, then repeat it so I could understand.

"Tohru shouldn't worry! If they're in the snow, they can play games and eat their way out!" he smiles. I smile back and nod.

No. There's no time for negativity! I must think positively! At least we're in shelter and we're okay. That's what counts.

~*~ Yuki ~*~

I hope Tohru-san's all right... I walked her to work, so I know she's safe....but I can't help worrying. It's freezing... I barely walked in before the snow started up.

The stupid cat keeps yelling. I don't care what he's yelling about; he's just too loud, and sincerely annoying.

I slam the door closed. Why I slammed it, I'm not entirely sure. Maybe my nerves are getting at me. I probably shouldn't worry so much about Tohru-san. She's a big girl and can take care of herself.....but...then again....

She's a little clumsy and not exactly what you call alert, but she's not stupid. I really shouldn't think so much about it.... I should just go to sleep... Yes. Sleep would be good.

I lie down in my bed and pull the covers up -- I don't even bother changing right now. There's too much to think about.

But what if Tohru-san's out in the snow? What if Momiji just talked her into playing with him outside and she just readily consented? But Tohru-san's not like that. She's smarter than that. I'm not giving her enough credit....

I should....just go.....to....sleep...

~*~ Kyo ~*~

Darned rat! I'm sure he's just sleeping right now. Probably doesn't even care if Tohru's hurt....

Gosh, what the heck am I thinking?! I'm being such an idiot....over her? I rub my forehead with the back of my hand. I'm not sweating, so there's really no point in doing that.

Shigure gives me one of his looks. One of those looks that makes me want to rip him to shreds!!! Grr....If I wasn't so dang worried-- what am I saying?! I'm not worried. I'm not!

Gah, she makes my head hurt! I put my head in my hands then lean back in the chair I've been sitting in for the last couple of hours. I just can't seem to get comfortable in it....stupid chair....stupid house! Stupid rat! Stupid, stupid girl!

Rrrgh, if it wasn't for her, I would be sleeping, just like that darn rat! How can he just nod off like that?! ....Ugh. I'm probably just over-reacting.

I sigh and close my eyes. There's nothing really to do, so I guess I'll just watch TV for a while.... But I can't stop thinking about her. Tohru.

I turn on the television and flip the channels.... It seems that nothing's on except those stupid warnings not to go outside...but I can't help but wonder if Tohru would pay attention to them.....GOSH! This is so stupid!

I flick the TV off and walk across the room. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm going somewhere. Maybe I can call now..... No. I don't want Shigure to see me. He'll be nagging me for weeks -- even months! Darned Shigure!

I stomp towards the room I now recognize as the rat's room. Why'd I go over here? Hmph.... I turn around and walk back to the TV. I flop on the couch, laying down with my arm over my eyes. I guess I can just turn the light off.... Wait, the light's on?!

I spring up and turn it off and on. Impulsively, I rush to the phone and start to dial the numbers. My hands shake for a moment out of agitation. I don't need to worry about her! She's fine on her own.... So why in the world am I even trying to call? ...Oh well. It would make me feel a lot better, even if I don't want to admit it...

I find myself dialing up the numbers again and making a mess out of it. I hang up and try again. Dang, my fingers feel clumsy....

I soon hear an older woman's voice. Before she could finish, I shot her the question I've been thinking about all day. "Is Tohru there?!" I probably shouted, since she didn't answer for a while.

I almost started cussing at her for being so slow when she finally spoke again. "You want to speak to her? She's right here."

I immediately felt very satisfied and proud of myself - okay, I was really relieved too - when Shigure came in. I hung up the phone and stalked past him before he could finish what he was saying. I then jumped back onto the couch and watched the TV for a while.

After a moment of peace, Shigure walked in with another one of his looks. This one was even worse -- all haughty and vain! I just felt like smacking him again!

"You know..." he started, prolonging his obnoxious tone as long as possible. "You could've called her for quite a while. When Yuki went to sleep, you started watching the television, ne? Oh, Kyo, you're so stupid!" he smiled smugly, putting a hand in front of his mouth to fakely hide a laugh.

Darn him..... "Grr.... I DON'T CARE!!! I'm not that dumb! I know!" I shouted at him. Who cares how loud I am?!

The rat opens his door and walks out clumsily. Such an idiot! I ignore him anyway and watch the TV.



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Saturday, August 5, 2006

   Heheheh.....new...ish.....theme? ^-^

HAHAH!!!! Just a patchwork job, but it'll do, I guess.

All right, so yesterday, some people went on, and they probably thought I was insane for having some Haru stuff on here with Link stuff still there xD ......Heheh.... ^///^ Actually, that was quite embarrassing....

But I'll get over it....eventually.

Okay, so other than the fact I totally ruined it, do you think my site still looks....okay?

I'm really, really hyper right now, but I have absolutely no reason to be so....except I had soda earlier....

Kk, randomness over. I'll finally do it..... STORY TIME xD (sounds like some stupid little kid show....)

NOTE!!!! There are some cuss words in here this time, but I promise they won't be there after this. It's only a couple, but that's enough...... ^-^" Oh, and it's really, really long, so that could be bad...... Just a heads-up! x3


"Uhn...." Kitty groaned.

She had no clue where she was. The fact that her vision was as fuzzy as it could possibly be didn't help matters either. Blinking a few times, she looked around the room to see if anything would come into focuse.

[Kitty's POV]

Where the heck am I? ...Ugh, and why is my head throbbing so much?

[end POV]

"Owch..." she gripped her head and sat up.

"Oh hey! You're awake!" it was the first female voice she had heard in quite a while, other than several giggling female teenagers inside the mall and the lady behind the register.

This thought now brought back all her recent memories of Terrence, so she grunted in anger and landed back on the bed.

"I'm sorry!!! Really! You just looked an awful lot like my little sis." the voice said, trying to pacify her. "I mean....."

"No no....it's not you. I don't even know you!" she replied, throwing an arm across her aching forehead and letting the other one settle beside her on the bed. She squinted with her eyes closed, then opened them, now able to see more clearly. Her headache was also nearly gone.

"Hey..... you feeling better?" the girl asked.

Kitty now could see the lady, who looked around twenty years old, and saw her bright, blue eyes that looked like Kitty's now were. Her hair was more blonde, though, and it reached down to her hips, a little longer than Kitty's whose hair came down to her elbows.

"Do...I...know you?" Kitty asked.

The young woman looked at her for a moment, then cocked her head back and laughed a little. "I think that ether's gone to your head...."

Noticing Kitty did not appreciate this, she stopped and held out her hand, bending down a little. "My name's Roxanne, but people call me Roxy."

Kitty saw the outstretched hand and slowly brought her hand up. Impatient, Roxanne grabbed her hand in mid-air and shook it.

"Your name's Kitty, right? Yeah. I've heard about you." she walked toward a window, which was to the right of Kitty.

She now noticed she was sitting in a bed much like a hospital bed. The sheets were hardly any thicker than that, too. Roxanne then pulled up the blinds, letting the sunlight flood into the room, showing off little specks of dust in the air.

Kitty shielded her eyes. This had happened to her, what -- three times now, and it was really starting to get on her nerves. She then tossed the blanket over her head.

"Make it disappear!" she yelled, waving her arms around in the blanket as if trying to concoct some sort of spell that way.

"What, the sun? It's not going to hurt you, you know." she sighed, then pulled the string and sent the blinds back down.

Kitty groaned, then tossed off the blanket. "That too, but I'm talking about my life! Just kill me now and get it over with!" she then pulled the pillow viciously and slammed it into her face, falling back onto the bed.

"Um....okay. You've had problems in your life." she paused here, then kept going. "You ran away from home." another pause. "I mistook you for my sister and temporarily kidnapped you." she took a final pause. "And now you want to die."

She shook her head and sat on the bed. "You know, you're probably a real 'drama queen' back at home."

Kitty then flung the pillow as hard as she could at her and started yelling as loudly as she could. "You would have no idea! You probably think you've got it so hard! You've probably got a great family! Oh yeah, one missing sister. Big friggin' DEAL! I've just been through hell, and that's all the heck you can say?!"

She burst into a fit of tears but still kept her eyes open and continued to speak. "And... You say 'problems' as if it's something I can just blow off! Well, it isn't like that at all! I couldn't tell you anyway, 'cause you'd send me to a damn mental institution where I'd be under psycho-analysis for life while someone's chasing after me, trying to kill me or get whatever they want from me!"

Kitty then stopped her cursing and her ranting and buried her face in her hands. She hadn't really let anything go for a while, but it still hurt telling someone these things. It really didn't help matters much, especially since Roxanne just kept staring at her, not quite knowing what to make of all that.

"...You know, someone wants me dead too." she said after a long pause. With nothing else she could think of doing, she hugged Kitty and stroked her hair. "No, I won't send you to an institution.... You just have to kinda watch your mouth, ok? Cussing's not fit for a girl your age."

She smiled at Kitty, showing a beautiful set of sparkly, white teeth. Kitty then bawled, drenching Roxanne's shirt, but she didn't really seem to mind.

"I'm sorry....I'm so sorry." Kitty finally said.

"Eh, that's okay. This was an older shirt anyway. Besides, I was gonna go do a load to." she then pushed Kitty off a little bit to examine her. She twisted her lip up a little, then smiled, her eyes glinting. "You know what you need? You need a shower and a fresh set of clothes. I'll set you up with something and you just toss your clothes to me so I can get 'em done."

Kitty stared at her.

[Kitty's POV]

...I just cussed and fumed at her, and now she's doing this for me? Man, Terry would probably just have kicked me......out....

[end POV]

Thoughts of Terrence wrenched her heart and made her feel like crying again, but she had already been a sap once, and it wouldn't be right to make that kind-hearted girl watch another episode back to back.

"...Thank you." Kitty wiped away the tears from her face with her right hand then her left.

Roxanne popped into the room and lightly tossed a towel and some clothes at Kitty. Kitty laughed as the towel landed on her head. Roxanne soon joined in.

"Hey..." Roxanne finally said. "I'm glad you're feeling better. And....sorry 'bout the whole 'capturing' thing..."

"Oh no, that's all right.... But I am sorry for cussing at you like that." Kitty looked a little shamefaced, but when she looked up, Roxanne was just smiling at her with those bright teeth.

"Just hop in the shower. That'll cool you off and really make you feel better. Oh." she said and tossed a bottle of soap at Kitty. "Use this. Not half the stuff in that shower's safe, but there's also body soap in there and it's labeled 'body soap.'"

Kitty giggled childishly, then hopped off to the shower with the towel and clothes.

"And don't forget to toss me those clothes! I'd rather not have to start another load!" she said.

She smiled, then turned and looked down at the floor. Sitting down, she traced her finger across the floor with one of her arms over her knees.

[Roxanne's POV]

Poor thing... seems like she has a history too...... Maybe....she doesn't have a family either....? Or that's who's trying to find her. It all seems so strange, but I could've sworn that was my little sister, Terra.....

[end POV]

She brushed at her eye, noticing an on-coming tear. She then heard a flop as Kitty let her folded clothes hit the ground outside of the bathroom.

"...I'll ask her if she has a place to stay, and, if not, there's plenty of space here..." she paused and waited for Kitty to start the water before continuing. "If the one she's running from is who I think it is.....it's going to be harder than I thought."

She stood up and walked to the bathroom door. She heard a faint humming noise, then she bent down and picked up the clothes.

"Hmm...." she smiled, noticing they were folded.

She jumped down the stairs, almost, skipping three steps at a time, then quickly walked toward the room with the washer and drier.

"Hmmm-hm-hm-hmmm...." Kitty hummed while rinsing out her hair. It felt completely different from her bright, curly, red hair. She stopped humming and started to turn the water off.

Picking up a bottle, she read the label on it.

"'Poison: do NOT wash hair/body with this! Warning! If hair or body comes in contact with solution, skin will burn off immediately.'"

She almost dropped the bottle but figured that might break it; instead, she gently put it back where she got it and pulled the towel off the rack. It smelled fresh, like lilacs. Maybe she made perfume too.

After drying off and putting on the articles of clothing, she looked at the mirror. It was covered in condensation, so she used a nearby towel to dry it off. Looking at herself in the mirror, she noticed her hair was no longer blonde, and her eyes were no longer blue.

"Eek!" she uttered, dropping her towel to the floor.

The mirror fogged back up again, so she swirled the towel around again, seeing if what she saw was just a figment of her imagination. Realizing this was not so, she sunk to the floor.

[Kitty's POV]

No wonder my hair felt finer... and my eyes....what happened to them? Was I like this since I got here, or did something from the shower....

[end POV]

She looked at the shampoo Roxanne had given her but, reading nothing that would explain the black hair, she resigned herself to starting to hate her powers.

"If my hair and eye-color is going to change on demand, I'm starting to not like these darned powers...." she grumbled, standing up and folding her towel. She put it on the rack, walked to the door and opened it, then walked out, hoping Roxanne wouldn't notice any real difference.

[Kitty's POV]

Oh, gosh. Like she isn't going to notice?! Blondie to brunette, what obvious difference that is!

[end POV]

She rolled her eyes and started to walk down the stairs. She then heard Roxanne running down the hall toward her. Roxanne paused, seeing her black hair, then stepped slowly forward.

"Oh....my....gosh!" she stood, awe-struck. "You really are the girl they're looking for, aren't you?" she looked both ways, then grabbed her by both shoulders. "You didn't happen to use the wrong thing in there, did you?"

Kitty arched her black eyebrow, then smiled hesitantly. "N...no.... I used....the shampoo you...gave me."

Roxanne then threw back her head and laughed.

"What?" Kitty said, getting slightly infuriated with her reaction.

"Oh, nothing! You just looked....like I had done something to you!" she stopped laughing. "I'm sorry...."

"Whatever." I said, walking over to a chair and sitting down.

Roxanne followed her and relaxed herself on a nearby sofa. "So....has this happened before?"

Kitty rolled her eyes. Of course it had happened before -- along with all those other freakish things, yes.

"Once." she responded, tight-lipped. She felt anger bursting from her for some reason, but it wasn't Roxanne's fault.

"Hey hey, sorry! I didn't mean to get you all upset!" she stopped for a moment. It immediately dawned on her that it wasn't her. "Ah....I see...." she shrank into the cushion, thinking.

They paused for a moment, but Roxanne didn't like silence.

"So what's going on? You know, if you don't really want to tell me, we can talk about something else." she said looking at the stairway now to her right.

"...." Kitty looked down at the ground, deep in thought, soaking in the sadness that she had earlier expelled. "....Well...." she paused then blinked back tears. "I was forgotten....by my parents."

Roxanne looked astonished then her face softened, now aware of Kitty's growing sadness.

"I called......'Gates residence." Dad answered.....he....he forgot me..." she gripped her long T-shirt in her hands, bunching up the ends but stretching it down as far as she could. "Terrence....he doesn't care anymore." she looked up, holding back her tears for a moment, then blinking, setting her pain free. "I don't know what's happening....my life....my love.....everything....it's all torn appart!"

She cried out in anguish, tears constantly flowing down her cheek, making a trail down her neck and dampening her shirt.

"I don't know what to do....." she cried.



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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

   I'm tired....

yawns softly* Yep.... I'm worn out.... My shoulder isn't hurting too badly anymore, but gosh, it still hurts! It could be worse, right? Eheh...

Well... I'm thinking about changing my site. Not just the theme and all, but really. Everything! I dunno what I'm gonna do as my new theme, but oh well. I think I've got the HTML code pretty much down, though, so yay! ^-^

Okay, so, I guess I'll talk to you all tomorrow when I'm not so sleepy.... Hope to hear from you guys!

Oh, and I'm gonna try to work on my story and my fan fic. I only have the first five Furuba books as reference, so that could be bad..... xD

Well, c'ya later!


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