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Sunday, June 28, 2009

So much for retirement
Im not too sure, I had free time today so I kinda came on...

Our TV cable got cut off, cause momma can't afford the bills- so yesterday and this morning we spent all day watching my Furuba Dvd's. I remeber having to go three years ago to Best Buy, and order it special because they were out of stock for some reason. Thats where I bought my Air movie too...
Surprisingly, Ive seen that Air has become more popular. Which is good, none the less it makes me sad. Im lucky Zaku got me hooked on it before it got too much attention. Its the same with Twilight for me, I loved it before it was popular and everything, and now that there are like, girls squealing over it...it's alittle freaky knowing how it just used to be a book. lol

I almost dropped my phone in my pool last night...that'll teach me better, eh? XD
Ive noticed, that in text and online, and phone and person? I act so different in each of them. On the computer Im so much more mature I think, (well, now adays.) When Im texting I always get depressed, which probably annoys the shizz out of Evilninja and Thegrantinator LOL! (Its weird calling them by that, Im used to Steven and Grat) And in person, just- you'd never think Id have to be the kind of girl on depression meds....idk kinda sad...


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