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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ne Minna-san
How are you guys? I'm good I can't complain, I guess..
I'm starting my cosplay outfit tommorow, I went with Edward... man I'm too obsessed XX;;
-I just had my first Gaian Birthday yesterday. happy gaian b-day to meh? 0o;;

I got the 4th vol of Tsubasa today at the mall, I haven't read it but hope to. And I think I might watch FMA tonight, I want to atleast.

I kept on laughing in Mc. Donalds, cause I kept on calling it Mc Meaty's (From Invader Zim). I couldn't stop laughing I saw a sign with, 'Wonder bread', on it and started laughing really badly... don't worry I'm partly as sane as I can get, which is insane..
Uh yeah... Ja Ne!! ^__^

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