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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Well >__
My tab key wont work T__T I used it so much too.... it was like.. my brother. Or something 0__o;;
Not happy bout what's happening at school..

I'm getting physically abussed by one of my good friends.. evidentally everyone in my class finds laughter out of my pain..
I got kicked by that person pretty hard, under the ankle, I collasped (Yet.. no one cared) and almost didn't go to scrabble club....
and I'm getting mentally abused by someone I hate.. My mom wanted to call the school I told her not to...
And my brother got mad at me so I don't think I'm gonna play much videogames (I haven't started FMA yet..)or any.. He hid all of the game counsel cords on me, and all the other wires. So everything is unplugged. Lovely isn't it?
I just suck at everything!! I think I'm gonna wind up returning my FMA game.. and Idk..
Ja Ne...

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