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Friday, January 21, 2005

   Sorry and finally ^__^;;;
Sorry I wasn't able to get to you guys yesterday Xx;;; I was studying for several tests. And this weekend will be pretty nice :D I think I'm gonna go see the boys in action playing b-ball XD I have to be a cheerleader (Note: I'm a tomboy Xx;;) yeah.. right I'm getting donations for the youth ministry.

I've been able to read the newest chapters on Fruits basket.. and I finally was able to read the vol 1 of Wolf's rain. Man... I love that anime now, and I was also able to watch one of the episodes ^_^ I love Toboe!! And.... I was thinking of getting the FMA game, since I found it $40.00 at K-mart!! YAY XD But I don't think I'm gonna get it even though Devore-san (Onii-chan's friend) said it was easy..
And my Grandma got me some anime magazine.. I hate it but I've been reading it and thinking about getting new type this weekend XD You gotta love the anime, right? I'm letting Ryan-chan read Fruits basket, He's confused because he can't read right to left. I'm trying to get him into anime.. I'll see how he goes with it...
Ja Ne!! ^____^

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