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Monday, October 1, 2007

Once again im in my tech class and thankfully we are not doing powerpoint but we are doing a project that i really do not want to do but oh well i guess i have to if i want to pass the class. so my weekend went pretty well i got the new season of dragonball Z that came out recently YAY ^^. i also went to a huge book sale on saturday and i got 4 books YAY i was so happy and on sunday i went and got another book so at least i have a good supply of books and i wont get board anytime soon. other than that my weekend was very uneventful and i even got to leave school early on friday cuz we had the terryfox run and a football game so my mom let me go home early YAY, it was kinda funny cuz i start school at like 8:05 and i left school at 9:24 so i only went to school for like just over an hour then i went home which after i got home felt kinda stupid cuz i got up early and went to school just to come home pretty much an hour later oh well, the only reason i actually went to school is cuz i have science first and i like science so i went for science then i went home.
until next time bye bye


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