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Sunday, October 2, 2005

WOW! It's been a long time!

9:10A.M., Sunday

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Monkeys! I haven't posted in so long! Last time I posted was like
September 4th. Not much has been happening. Basically the same old
stuff, and things like that. I got my report card on Friday, I got all
A's, 1 B and an incomplete (Chemistry teacher wasn't there the day
grades were due I think). Other than that I went to my first football
game a couple weeks ago, it was a lot of fun, especially since my
friends were there too. This week's game was sad though...we won but a
couple hours before the game a car that had 6 people in band flipped.
And one person died. The others had life-threatening injuries. My friend
Sean said that at lunch that same day he was playing cards with the guy
that died and that he still can't believe that something like that could
happen in just a few hours after school. The band didn't show up at the
stadium til almost the 2nd quarter of the game. I heard that they we
still deciding if they were even going to march at halftime. But finally
my friend saw the reflection the lights hitting the brass tubas. And the
band came down the road. The rest of the game after that went normally
except for a couple changes in the halftime show.

went with me to the game, and stayed over at my house that night so my
parents and me could take her to her Cross Country meet at 8 in the
morning. She got #150, which is good considering how many people were in
that race. After the race was over my parents took her and her brother
home, and we went home and watched college football.

that's about all for now. Sorry I haven't been commenting on site lately
either. Thanks for reading my post, and I hope you all have a wonderful

of the Day!


Your wise quote is: "The best
antiques are old friends" by Unknown...
Your buds is the source of your happiness
(maybe not all but still). Even if it's just
one, a couple or a whole group they are the
ones you can't wait to see. It does not matter
if you're shy with everyone else or not, with
them you let your true spirit shine and can be
as loud as you want. They accept you, and you
love them for that.

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