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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 12/25/06:
I suppose this is like me...

You Should Be A Cancer
What's good about you: you're incredibly kind, caring, and generous

What's bad about you: you can be too moody and impossible to understand

In love: you enjoy wining and dining the object of your affection

In friendship, you're: likely to depend on other friends for emotional support

Your ideal job: historian, marine biologist, or religious figure

Your sense of fashion: you dress to match your mood

You like to pig out on: classic home cooked meals, like mac and cheese

Result Posted on 06/11/06:
I dunno about the "funky" though....

Which One of The 7 Main Arts Are You? (Beautiful Pictures -- FIXED!)

You are ~Story Writing~
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Result Posted on 05/12/06:
Not really that upbeat though...

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What Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 04/30/06:
Niadra and I made this quiz together. YOU MUST TAKE IT!!!!

<-(~:.What Shop Should You Run.:~)->Girls AND Guys Welcome

Martial Arts/Kendo SchoolOfficial Name: "The Dojo" In the Far East...of the strip mall, lies the finest martial arts training facility left of the Mcdonald's! The windows are filled with shining talismans of victory- the many trophies won by the skilled and reknowned Tiger-Sensei, Zodiac Master and a Warrior of Honor. This...mighty figure is none other than...YOU. Only the elite youths of suburbia may attend your classes and recieve their daily butt-whooping.Your uniform consists of camo-cargos, a bandana, and a muscle shirt embroidered with an imperial dragon.The method of greeting new customers is flipping them over your head and commenting on their weakness.It is not unusual for at least one or two of your students to take a trip to the emergency room once a week.If you were confronted by a crazy person, whom you just flipped, they would say:"OH MY STARS!! Great Ghengis Kahn! Have mercy on my narrow buttocks!! They are UNWORTHY of such a magnificent butt-whooping!!!!!"
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Result Posted on 03/25/06:

Where was your soul born?[pics + detailed answeres]

Your soul was born in the Shadows.Your soul was born in the shadows of the moon at night. You're all mystery and enigma and your element is the Moon. No one really knows who you are, but they might think they know you. You only tell people fragments of who you are and never show your true personality. That doesn't have to mean that youre being someone you're not though. You're always yourself and you never do something just because someone else does. Some might think you're a little cold or dull, but you're just hiding your true self for some reason. Maybe only a couple of selected people have ever seen the true you. You are loyal to these people and it will take time if anyone else wants to gain your trust. You let people think that they know you and that you trust them. But sooner or later they will realize that they never really knew you. Be careful. Someday you might need someone who knows what you need. Trust people. You prefer silence and tranquillity. You're calm and collected and a nice person most of the time.
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Result Posted on 01/01/06:

Result Posted on 12/27/05:

You are Sailor Saturn! You are quiet, but you have immense power on the
inside. Your Attacks! You can heal wounds and end
the world... SCARY!

Which Sailor Scout are you? (Not quite finished yet! ^^)
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Result Posted on 12/14/05:
<3 omg <3

Subaru Sumeragi
You're Subaru Sumeragi! You are a sensitive, caring
person, but because of those qualities you may
have been hurt a lot. Fortunately, you are a
powerful person, but may not be able to summon
your strength, be a little more self confident
and you'll be well on your way! And... you're
sexxi too, haha.

Which X/1999 Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 12/01/05:
I don't really like how much the term 'thing' is used but the description is pretty true.

You are a Wolf thing. Most likely, your the leader
in your group of friends. People respect you
because of your wisdom and courage. Even though
you may have a few close friends, sometimes it
still feels a bit lonely. Instead of running a
muck outside, your probably inside studying or
reading a book. People may consider you a
loner, but friends and family are the most
important to you. This picture is awesome.

What type of half animal thing are you? (cool anime pics+ 7 results)
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Result Posted on 11/27/05:
Hokuto-chan, cool.

Your grace is what makes you beautiful. When people
simply see you walking, they envy your lithe
movements and your "athletic
prowess". You've worked hard to get there,
I congratulate you!

What Makes You Beautiful?
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