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Sunday, November 13, 2005

'Twiters' and Things
My mom is officially divorced now.
As of November 8th.
From my stepdad.
happened twice.

But I'd rather not dwell on that now.

Last night I stayed overnight with a neighbor because my mom had to go out and she'd be back really late. She wouldn't let me stay home alone.
But anyway, when my mom came home around 1 o'clock, she realized she didn't have a the house key so she woke the neighbor up and tried to wake me up to tell her where I put it.
Except I didn't wake up completely.
She asked me where the key was I kept telling her:

"It's in the twiters!! It's in the twitters!!
Go away or I'll call the police!!!"

Or something ridiculous like that.
But then apparently I got up and mumbling about 'pockets' fished it out of my purse and threw it at her- announced "I hate you people" -and stormed off to my room.

I have no memory of this and I have no idea in hell what a 'twiter' is. But apparently it was very funny because they couldn't stop laughing when they told me.
Ohhhh dear...

The book Niadra and I are writing together is coming along well but besides that I have nothing else to say.

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