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Monday, September 19, 2005

Niadra came over this weekend.
She came on Friday and left on Sunday.
And I've never, in all my days, done soo much vegging out.
I mean we never left the room, except for the necessities like the bathroom or for food and things, for practically 2 days!
We were such bums but it was awesome. We watched a bunch of new animes, drew pictures, and worked on a manga/book we may make together.
Heck, we stayed up all night, Saturday, till my mom came in at 4 and yelled at us. I have no idea why she was up at such an ungodly hour.
But anyway, I have to return to the real world now, to School.

See you on the other side.


*By the way I'm very proud of myself for getting to all your sites, last night.
Sorry if I accidently skipped anyone.

**Oh, there was also an IM battle with a homophob. Niadra and I were trying to defend a friend of ours.
I don't think anybody won.

You're a dreamer. Smart and probably a little
sarcastic, you tend to have your head stuck in
the clouds. You love things like writing or
art, creating things from your own mind and
bringing them to life. You are an observer,
listening instead of talking. You can tell who
a person is by just listening to them for a
little bit. You are also a little bit lonely,
probably hurt from trusting someone too much.
You believe in love, but you know the pain it
can bring. You forgive a little too easily, but
you can also hold a grudge longer than anyone.
Know that not everyone is a nice person and
some people will take advantage of your seeming
naivete. Be a little more cautious but for the
most part, don't change.

Your Personality (detailed outcomes)
brought to you by Quizilla

I am not at all niave and am probably over cautious...

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