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Friday, August 12, 2005

Death by 6 Year Old Heathens
I am wiped and sunburnt.
I've spent the last five days at art camp, chasing twenty screaming 5-9 year olds all over God's creations.
I've been doing everything from breaking up groin kicking fights to having my brains knocked out by an over zealous 8 year old during soccur.
And I never want to hear the sentence-
"Is it lunch time yet?"
Ever again, in my life.
But besides that, it wasn't really that bad.
We got to go swimming at the end of the day and and most of the kids were cute and nice.

So that concludes art camp.

My cousins are comming in two days and I still haven't finished my summer reading. I've got two and a half books to go...
Fortunatley I'm a fast reader and all the books are in English, unlike my poor cousin who had to read two that were in Spanish.

I'm afraid I won't be able to visit your sites tonight, I'm fading fast, but I will leave you with this quiz and the URL address to some Soldiers pictures in Iraq, and etc.
Just looking at the first one made me tear up.


People see you as a Dreamer. You always have your
head in the clouds and long for a better place.
Dreamers are imaginative and creative and often
have a very short attention span. My
recamendation to all dreamers is to try to make
all your dreams come true! Never say Never my
dear dreamer!

What Do People Truly See You As? (lots of outcomes and stunning pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

That and an "Artist loner".

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