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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

   Roundhouse Kicks...Mwahahahaha
I had a horseback riding lesson this morning. The first one in literally years. I've missed it, I really do love horses.
My legs are killing me though...urghh
Trip to the waterpark is tomorrow. Lord, I hope it doesn't rain. That would suck.
I have a new fantasy as of last night...
"Martial Arts"
Screw ballet, I want to be able to do roundhouse kicks!!!
I'm a fighter not a ballerina gosh darn it!!
Living in the middle of no where and being squat broke is working against me...it would be really awesome if I could like have private lessons with a tutor guy...hmmmm...
Errr anyway do any of you guys know the code to make music play automatically on one's site?
Does that count as direct linking?

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