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Monday, June 13, 2005

   Empty Spaces
My Stepsister moved out yesterday.
She took her cats Tasha and Chester with her.
It's just me and my mom,
The house seems really quiet.
The silence is strange,
I guess I'm still used to her blaring music.
She left some of her stuff, though. I piled them up in her now vacant room because I couldn't stand to see them and
My mother didn't like that though. She said it was like a tribute to a dead person.
It's not that I think of her as dead,
it's just...I don't know.
She lived with us for less than a year.
It seems sooo much longer.
The emptiness is the worst.
The first night after she left this house...
she went across the bay with her sister and her friend,
and got stoned.
She and her sister are following in her father's footsteps.
She has become what she had hated.
I have resolved never to drink alcohol.
will not make the same mistakes as my father.

If you know me as someone other than Knox-
Please don't tell anyone about this.
I'd really appreciate that, I just needed to vent.
That's all.

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