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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

   Japan Day
24 for hours of cosplay, green and white tea, Japenese terrioki chicken, anime, manga, and general gooffing off Japanese style.
It was awesome!!
We stay up practically all night and slept till noon.
I'm very sorry to have neglected my otaku site for so long. I hope you guys haven't forgotten me.
I'm gonna try to get to all your sites tonight.
It's just that with the exams comming up (speaking of which the first one starts tomorrow) I've been really busy.
Well the anime's I order finally came. I'm gonna try to watch at least one episode tonight though I have to study. Niadra's isn't very happy though. She want's me to wait and watch them with her which I would probably consent to except I've been waiting for those blasted things for like 4 weeks! We'll see. I probably won't have time any way.
This is one of the picture Niadra and me took-posing.
This one's the one of me about to perform the death blow on Naia.
It's about the only one where I don't look like a total dweeb. I'm not very photogenic and have the tendancy to make wierd faces-alot.
Damn ballet class has ruined me for life! I look more balletish than Japanese in most of the picks.

by the way, I'm in the fuscia silk shirt and Niadra's in the kimono.
They're the one's my dad brought back from Singapore.
There are more pictures in the original cosplay section if you care to look.
-Off to study for French or should I say, francais.

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