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Monday, May 23, 2005

   Dinner in Tokyo

Dinner in Tokyo.
More on that later.
My beloved father return from Singapore bearing gifts...
I gotta a Kimono, a silk shirt, and a Chinese (all well) T-shirt!! He also brought me back some beautiful jewelery, a watch, a purse, and some...pens?(I don't know). He also got some foriegn moola($$) from Singapore and JAPAN. Yes, on the way home he had dinner in Tokyo! He was just in the airport but...
Well I think that's pretty awesome.
My dad's been all over the world. He's the Chief Engineer on an oil tanker. He's supposidly a miracle worker on the ship.
He's a sailor for over 30 years.
He's away alot though.
But he's seen the world and
I get to here about.
It's great.

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