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Sunday, February 27, 2005

   Shit happens
Crap, no MAJOR CRAP!!!!
My stepsister in a car accident yesterday around 3:00. They had to CUT her out of the car!! She had to be rushed to the emergency room! She's alive THANK GOD but her face is pretty banged up and swollen and she has a bad case of backlash, but no broken bones. Hopefully the surgical glue the doctors used on her cuts will prevent scars. The two other guys in the car WERE NOT even hurt. The idiot driver tried to pass in a no passing zone and CRASHED into a construction truck! They were lucky they hit the truck the way they did or it would have been MUCH worse. But STILL!! I wasn't home when it happened because I was at Niadra's Birthday Party. Everyone was bawling including me when they heard.
She's upstairs sleeping right now and she of course not going to school for awhile. I don't know how I'm suppose to bring back her work as well as my own.
Life is so.....!!

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