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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Been going to dance camp at our local arts center. The teachers there are really good and some of my friends are taking it too, so I'm a good time, save from the bruised knees and the soreness in my general bodily area that is.
Some people would say I'm not the dancing type, and I guess I'm not, but there's something about dance. I mean, drawing and writing are all well and good and I love them, but dance is different. Instead of just creating art, you become art. Is that cool or what? XD
I think my favorite class is modern because there's less structure and I can move the way I want. Also, the music is just so darn awesome. Today, we were listening to this weirdly awesome zen, retro, remix music by a band I forgot the name of...whoops.

But enough of that...FEAST YOUR EYES!!!

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