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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

And You Thought It Would Never Happen
I suppose I have to post sometime so here it is:

If you're friends with ShadowsCastByDusk than you already know that we went to NYC on a class trip. It was really fun even though I got practically no sleep (bed late, up early). Some of the places we went to include The Top of the Rock, the Carnegie Deli, the Radio City Music Hall, and Battery Park. We also saw The Blue Man Group and The Lion King, which by the way were AWESOME!!!!
The only draw back to the trip was that I had to go with my classmates who basically complained the whole time and spent all of our free time at the stupid knock-off purse venders. That was really annoying. Culture is lost on them.
On the brightside, ShadowsCastByDusk and I did find this really, really, REALLY cool Japanese bookstore. It had practically every manga and anime ever made and a lot of other really neat Japanese merchandise. We also got these beautiful Chinese prints in Battery Park.
Despite the time wasted at the fake Chanel vendors the trip was totally worth it. I love going to cities but I know I could never live in one. I value fresh air, quiet, and my personal space to much. XD

Also the other night I went with my dance teacher and a few other of her students to Sleeping Beauty, the ballet. I liked it alot. There was a rumour that the Queen (of England) had attended one a previous night O.o

Those were all the hightlights of this past month.
Sorry the post was so long =_='

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