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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Picture of the Day

Squil 03


Hey guys, how’s it going today? Well looks like I’ve got some explaining to do…well how to put this…I bought an Xbox 360…so I keep forgetting to post…I’m sorry. But I mean come on I got Soul Caliber IV!!! And man is it ever AWESOME!!! So yeah I made a new wallpaper just for my site, so yeah there it is…enjoy it like I have enjoyed the game. I also bought another game called "Lost Odyssey" and man is that game ever cool. I mean I've had it for three days now and have put over six hours into it, but I've only fought three boss! This game is going to take me fucking forever due to how many disc it has, which is FOUR! Now for the real sad news…on the 18th I’ll be starting getting ready for college…and I’ll have a little too much on my plate to even try to keep up with the Otaku, so this might end up being my last post for a while. But don’t take my word for it because sometimes I’ll have time on my hand so that I’ll be able to post. So keep an eye out for me, which means I might have another chapter up and ready for posting for you guys to read.

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