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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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Hey guys, how’s it going today? Well today is the day that I’ve chosen to let all of you, my friends read my latest chapter of “The Cursed Knight”, yes I know I used to do that on Fridays, but you know what I’m going to have it up all week so if anyone wants to read it it’ll be there for their enjoyment. Now don’t get me wrong when I finish the story, as in completely, I’m going to submit my story to one of those Otaku Worlds, which I’ve already made one for my story. So yeah maybe when the story is finished I’ll once again have a massive following to my story…ah…like the good old days when the Otaku was a place for rest and pleasure…now it’s all a MAJOR pain in the ass. Anyways before anyone makes the comment on my story, yes I know that I kind of sped through what a relationship should follow, but come on give me a break. Edge and Aeris have wanted this for hundreds of years now…so give me credit where credit is due. But just so all of you know, this chapter takes place through 30 years of Edge’s and Aeris’ lives…so just deal with it. Well other than that there isn’t much else I have to talk about. So I’ll talk to you guys later, and I hope you enjoy the newest chapter of “The Cursed Knight”.

Q & A
This is the part of my post in which I try to answer all of the questions you guys have left for me. The first question is from…well…no one…oh well…on to the Discussion area then!

Well now it’s time for today’s discussion area and the first discussion is from Gidra, and she says “Anyway, I’m happy U started with your new chapter. And I suppose I don't have to tell U how much....hahahaha looking forward to it.” That’s for sure…if anyone is looking forward to my newest chapter it is you…now you just need to get started on that one piece of art work that you said you’d get started on. Anyways the second discussion is also from Gidra, and she says “And you have fun while Misty is away. Like that time will fly by!” Oh please…without Misty I’m not having any fun…I’m so bored these days that I just find something to do while waiting for Misty to give me a call. Besides in my mind time is going by slow, no matter how much fun I have…until Misty is back in my arms time will be moving slowly. The third discussion is also from Gidra, and she says “You have some new music here. It's good. I'm listening to it, and really enjoying it by the way.” Well I’m glad you are enjoying Kamelot, because they just happen to be one of my favorite bands at this moment. Anyways the fourth discussion is from Grave, and he says “Dude, if your story ever becomes a novel, I'll definitely buy a copy of it. You have a great writing style, and the story is interesting, as well as exciting enough for me to enjoy it.” Well I’m glad to hear that. It is always a good day in my mind when someone enjoys something that I took time into making…and my story has a LOT of my time invested into it. Hell coming up with this version has taken almost a year and a half out of my life…and if I make it into a novel then I can see another year of my life going into the final version.

The Cursed Knight

Chapter Twenty-Five

“A Truth Revealed”

While I was standing over the small creek I peered deeply into the flowing water wondering what was wrong with me. How could I a man who has been at war with the old Elemental Lords for well over 900 hundred years and now all of a sudden I start to realize that I might actually have feelings towards the last of them. As that question and many more poured into my head I kneeled down towards the water as I dipped my hands into the cool water to splash over my face to clear my mind of everything. “This is not the time for such thoughts to surface in my head. I need to keep my mind clear and ready for anything that might happen.” I said to myself as I splashed more water upon my face. “For all I know Aroth could attack me at any second, because for some odd reason he always seems to know where I’m at.” I said a little too loud. “Actually Edge Aroth does not know where you are, because honestly I always knew where you were, not him.” Aeris said to me as she crept up behind me. “You? And how do you always know where I am?” I questioned her as she sat down beside me. “Well if you remembered that first time we met. After all I did give you something after all.” When she said that I all of a sudden I reached down my shirt to reveal a small blue crystal dangling from a black cord. “That’s right Edge that crystal was how I was able to find you at a moments notice. Aroth never knew where you were, I did.” It was then I realized that she never showed up by chance, but in fact she always showed up just in time. “Wait, I thought you worked for Aroth and was doing his biddings?” I questioned Aeris. “Well I was at first, but when I met you I felt some sort of presence within you, and it caught my interest. It was at that time I knew I couldn’t let you get killed until I figure out what I wanted to know.” She said to me looking into my eyes. “And have you found out what you wanted to know after all these centuries?” I questioned her. “Well that is for me to know and for you to try and figure out.” She said mockingly as she walked off.

“Oh and Edge, please do not stare too hard I would hate for you to burn a hole in my ass.” Aeris said with laughter in her voice. It was at that moment I knew I could never kill her. To think I have fallen in love with the last of my enemies of the old days. But I could not be angry with myself; it felt right to love her as if it were meant to happen. As I came to that conclusion I stood up and walked over to where Aeris was standing. “I have something to tell you Aeris.” I said to as I grabbed her shoulder. “Oh and what do you have to tell me?” she questioned with a smirk on her face. It was when she was facing me I placed my hand behind her head and brought her closer to my face. “I wanted to tell you that I can no longer have hatred for you.” It was at that moment that I kissed her soft lips. It was at first expecting her to pull away and ask what the hell was wrong with me, but she never did in fact she kissed me back with more passion than I could have ever thought possible. After what seemed like hours Aeris could not help but ask me “What in God’s green earth caused you to do such a thing as that?” She asked with a smile on her beautiful face. “I guess it was all these centuries of trying to figure you out. I think I can blame Raikou mainly for this, due to his attack on us and Solum’s request for me to watch over you.” I remarked. “Well Edge I do not care what has brought you to this, because I have wanted this to happen for centuries.” Aeris said to me as she began to remove her clothing. I could not say anything because I was just in awe over her luscious nude body that just seemed to glow. “So what are you waiting for Edge? I’m presenting myself to you.” She said to me with lust in her voice. It was at that time I took her into my arms and laid her upon the ground. I then started to remove my armor and clothing to reveal my scar covered body, as my last piece of clothing hit the ground I found myself laying over Aeris .

Later that night as Aeris and I lay on the ground covered by a small cloth she asked me a question I never expected to hear from her. “Edge, I was wondering. Would you be willing to take a break from hunting Aroth down to live a peaceful life with me? I’m not asking you to give up on trying to kill him, but at least since he has gone in to hiding I was wondering if we could start a life together.” Aeris asked me as she rested her head upon my chest. “You mean you want to marry me and start a family? Is that even possible?” I asked her with confusion in my voice. “Well I was hoping we would be able to, and then again I do not know how our fates as immortals would play on us being able to have a family. But I believe it is something worst trying out, don’t you?” She asked me a very soft spoken voice. As I lay there with her resting head on my chest I thought about a life with Aeris and possible a child. After what seemed like hours I answered Aeris with a smile upon my face. “You know Aeris I would love to marry you and start a family. Besides who knows how long Aroth will be in hiding, for all we know he will stay in hiding for decades maybe even a few centuries.” When I said that Aeris raised her head off of my shoulder and looked me in the eyes before giving a long kiss. “I’m glad to hear that. But where will we start our new lives together? Because I have nothing to get a home with.” She said to me. “Do not worry about that Aeris, because over my centuries alive I have collected treasures that will most likely get our lives together started.

Sure enough the treasures I collected over the years did provide us with a wealth that Europe had not seen for years. With that money I was able to buy a large estate with a nice castle on it. It was on that estate that I and Aeris were married on. Our wedding took place on a beautiful May afternoon. I will admit not many people where there, mainly due to our habit of not getting close to people, and the simple fact that we were immortals and it would seem odd if knew we never aged. But none the less it was still a very beautiful wedding that will always have it place in my heart and mind. It was not that many years afterwards that Aeris became pregnant with a child. Who would have thought that twenty-five years after our initial desire to be together, and to have a child that all of it would take place. My joy grew even more when Aeris gave birth to a health boy, which we named Talus, with his birth I knew that there was nothing that could make me more proud; until three years later when Aeris came to me with news of her being pregnant once again. With that birth Aeris gave me a beautiful and health girl, who Aeris asked to name. I could not resist the woman that I loved dearly, so I was happy to let her name our daughter. It was then that Aeris spoke a name that I considered to be the most beautiful name for our daughter, Alexandra. With the birth of my second child I almost forgot completely about my mission to hunt down and kill Aroth; that was until that one ill fated day that came one year later.

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