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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Picture of the Day



Hey guys, how’s it going today? Well now I have good news for some of you, and for the rest of you…ah…you probably could careless. Anyways I’ve FINALLY got started on my newest chapter of “The Cursed Knight”! Yes you heard me right Edge (the character) has made a come back in my mind…finally I have something to keep me busy until my Misty comes back from D.C. And I’ll tell you guys something this next chapter will throw some of you a curve ball…while I think a few of you saw it coming…but hey it still works out if you ask me. Because this has got to be the hardest chapter for me to write, mainly due to the fact…well…I’ve sorta lived this chapter…now don’t get me wrong not everything I’m putting in this chapter as happened in real life ( I wish -_-) but it as it’s worth in the chapter at least. Also I’ve had to sorta censor myself, because…well…I didn’t want to put anything too graphic in my story…yet. Because right now it is just a story on a web site, now if I ever get around to fixing in up to be a real novel then I’ll put what really goes on in it. Yeah…let’s not talk about that right now…Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you guys I got a new phone! It’s really cool and is called “The Gleam”…it’s really shiny…and completely hard to fucking figure out…man Verizon is hard to understand…I’m starting to feel I should have stuck with T-mobile…but then again me and Misty wouldn’t be able to talk all day when she gets bored. So I suppose it’s alright…I’ll just need awhile to finally figure it out. Anyways I believe that’s all I have to talk about in today’s post, so I do hope all of you enjoy the rest of the post, and I hope you have a great day.

Q & A
This is the part of my post in which I try to answer all of the questions you guys have left for me. The first question is from Yensid, and she asks “How's work going, still doing inventory?” Yeah I’m still doing inventory for the same company…but hey I got a pay raise so now instead of working for $7.50 an hour, I’m now working for $8.06 an hour. Which is just fine by me since I didn’t have to take any test to get that raise. I got it the old fashion way by working hard for it. Anyways her second question asks “what is the song/band you are playing?” Well as you found out already, the band is called Kamelot; I must say they are right now one of my favorite bands. Now the first song on my playlist is called Karma, but hey if you have any questions as to what album the songs are on then just ask me because I know which album that each song is on. Anyways the third question is from Kita, and she asks “Did I ever send you that last chapter I edited?” Nope you never did send me that edited chapter…heck I don’t even remember what chapter you were last on when it came to editing them. Hold on let me check…you last edited chapter 21, and I’m already now working on chapter 25…wow you are behind me now aren’t you. XD…kidding, I’m just kidding.

Well now it’s time for today’s discussion area and the first discussion is from Kita, and she says “I think she will like that, that is very sweet of you to make that for her and will you PLEASE stop cutting yourself down you are a great guy... If you were not she would not be with you... DORK.” I know she’ll love it because it has always been something she’s wanted me to make for her…I just never got the right type of board to crave into. But I finally found the perfect one, and now I’m finished with it. And I know you’re right about Misty…if I weren’t a “great” guy she wouldn’t still be with me…so I suppose you are right Kita…but this will be one of the last times I agree with you!!! -_- Anyways the second discussion is from Yensid, and she says “That's great about the 6 months, wow it has been a long time!” Yeah it has been a long time…and God willing it will last a WHOLE lot longer. Anyways the third discussion is also from Yensid, and she says “Latin? O.O I'm impressed...” Well you don’t have to be impressed…because I don’t have any idea how I’ll do in it…the main reason I was going to take it was because it looks good for a History major to have Latin, but I’ve come to a fork in the road…I’m now thinking I should go for a business degree instead of a History one…but hey I’m just looking into it for now. Maybe I’ll tell you guys later why I want to get a business degree. Anyways the fourth discussion is from Xaos, and he says “You said you were sticking to myO, but I was asking if you were going to post your story on theO to get it published.” Oh…you meant get published as in letting the Otaku publish it like Kita is doing…well…from what Kita and I talked about last night I just might do it that way. But once I finish the story completely and have re-edited it to be exactly what I want it to be then I’ll try and see if getting it published for real…you know a real book.

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