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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Picture of the Day



Hey guys, how’s it going today? Well my friends it would seem I have once again come back from an extended weekend…sorry about that. But hey for once Edge had himself a great Valentines Day. Let’s see…where to start on that day? Well I suppose I’ll start with the roses I gave Misty. Well I gave Misty three white roses due to her not wanting any red ones, which was fine by me…the white ones were easier to get anyways. But don’t tell her that, anyways I gave her the roses while I was wearing some nice cloths that I happen to own, which added to the moment she says. And then without my knowing someone took some photos of us…ok maybe I saw they during the second picture…but I hate getting my picture taken, but Misty wouldn’t let me have the camera to get rid of the pictures…so I suppose I’ll show they to all of you. Anyways the roses where only part one of Edge’s three part Valentines Day surprise. The second part was me taking Misty out to eat at Olive Garden…yeah I know…very original…but hey it worked out great. And then my third part of my plan was to give Misty a small gift, all it was a nice simple shirt that she wanted for awhile. But the weird thing for me was that Misty actually got me something Valentines Day…and NO girl has ever done that for me before. She got me this nice dress shirt and some pants as well to go with it. Oddly enough at the end of the day me and Misty broke about even when it came out to who spent the most, but what she doesn’t know is that I won in the end because I spent a little more than her. I know I have a few other days to talk about…but oddly enough nothing much happened…so I’m just going to be a lazy bum and completely leave them out of my post. So that’s all I have for today…so I hope to talk to you guys later today. And please do enjoy the rest of the post.

Q & A

Well it’s time to answer your questions, and today’s first question is from Lordsesshomaru, and he asks “What do you feel is the greatest rivalry in anime history?” hmm…now that is a hard one to answer…I would say just for the sake of old animes out there that the greatest anime rivalry would have to be Goku and Vegeta. Now that is a battle that was and still is one of the longest lasting ever.


Well now it’s time for today’s discussion area and the first discussion is from Lordsesshomaru, and he says “It's good to hear from you again, Edge. I was getting worried about you, believing that your perverted actions got you arrested. If that ever happens, let me know. I know a good attorney... not that I've ever needed to get out of jail for anything like that...” Nah…Edge wouldn’t get arrested for being perverted…Misty would kill me before hand…but there in lies what might happen to Edge…if you don’t hear from me in over a week that means I did something to piss Misty off, and she killed me.

Random Cursed Knight Facts

Well this used to be the part of my post that was me asking all of you questions…but honestly I got tired of asking questions…that and I couldn’t think of anymore. So here is a new thing, Random Cursed Knight Facts. Yes I am now going to give all of you a random fact about my story, characters, settings, and even reasons as to why certain things happen.

Random Fact

1.) I killed off the character Rire in the fashion that I did so that his overly popular character could stay with the story longer.

Valentines Day Pictures



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