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Monday, March 28, 2005

   Now is the spring of our discontent

Today is the last day in my spring break and I have to spend it writing an essay. So, I got up early on my last free day so I could finish it early. I may be going to the zoo later today. Iwork there sometimes so it will be fun to be on the other sides of the cages.
I hope you guys had a good easter. I spent it buying stuff for ninjutsu, then going to ninjutsu. I love that class, the people there are some of the few people I can stand. Im learning new stuff every night and Im so happy. Well, that homework wont do its self, so ja mata for now.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005


I posted to early. My last post was ment for today, so read my last one not this one. Thanks.

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Friday, March 25, 2005


Yo, I am now the proud owner of the entire Evangelion series on tape! I got them for $2 each at halfprice books. I also pased my test for ninjutsu, and finished Xenosaga 2! Those are my accomplishments. I dont post enough, so I have to cram all the stuff I have done in to the first paragraph.
Well, today as soon as I got up, my mother dragged me to starbucks. I cant stand that place. When I want coffie I go to la madiline. After that, we headed up to montrose to get the car washed, my mom had a cupon. The car shiney and my mom proud, we headed over to Victor Sports to buy some ninja suplies for class. We spent the rest of the day wandering around resale shops. One of them had life sized KISS dolls, weird. When we got home I had my hair trimed then locked my self in my room while my mom gave a massage, and here I am. My audishion grows ever closer, its only a week away! Wish me luck if I dont post by then! Ja matta!

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Sunday, March 6, 2005

Its been a while

Yo, I havent been up this late in a long time. I got Xenosaga 2 so it has kept me up long enough to post. We'll the main thin hat is up in my world is that my first ninjutu teast is coming up! I cant wait! Next sunday I will be on my way. Oh! I for got I am now on the audishon list at ADV! Plus, I may be getting a job at Whole earth Provishon co. So, If all goes well, I will use the money I make working to pay for a trip to japan with my ninjutsu class summer of 2006. The weels arein motion. Now I just have to work hard to keep them going. Ja mata.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Yo, Im home sick today. Im allready feeling better though. My first ninjutsu test is comeing up, but because of my sicknes I missed a cupple of classes and wasnt able to learn all the material in time. So, I have to wait another mounth to test. I not realy sad though. Now I have a whole mounth to get even better and ace the next test^^. One more day untill Laura and I's one year annaversary! Im realy excited! Well, I know its late, but happy valentines day!

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Sunday, February 6, 2005

   Im a ninja!

Sorry Ive been gone, but for good reason! I have now officialy been a ninja for 3 weeks now! I have been working on all kinds of new skills. Other than that, my gf and I are about to celabrate our first year annaversary! School aand ninja training have been takeing up a lot of my time, so I probably wont post for a while, Ill atleast try! Well, of to my...umm...6th, yes my 6th ninjutsu class. Ja mata!

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Friday, December 31, 2004

   carrol party

Yo, I just got back from a carroling party. It was good, but I didnt know most of them. If your wondering why we were singing christmas songs after christmas, its the tradishion. All the people there were jewish to lol. Has any one read diabolo? My friend just gave it too me and I want to know if its good. Well, Im tired tonight so my post is short, I may add more in the morning. Ja mata.

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Thursday, December 30, 2004


My new years party has just come to a close. In the prosses I turrned 3 people on to Excel Saga! Excel Saga is an anime about absolutely nothing (kind of like seindfeld). It parodies absolutely exerything and has no plot to get in the way of the funny! I also got the sound track to Naruto! Its so good!
Thank you guys so much for the 7 comments yesterday! It may not seem like much to you, but it realy makes me feel better. About the comment that its the person that counts, I agree with that, but it hassent been working for me lately. I hope this keeps up. And as far as Hardcore Otakus comment on spelling, I have always been horrible at spelling, Im a scientist, what can I say? So please disregard any spelling misstakes from now on. Arigato gozaimas (thank you verry much).
Last, I got a Cherry Blossom Growing kit! I cant wait! If the seeds arnt crap, and survive, Ill have my own little cherry blossom tree! *sigh* so nice... Well, ja mata!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

   Back To Buisnes

Yo, Evil says I need more direction to my site. As you can see, I did some modifications. And I now swear that my posts will have reason, and an actual topic.
Well, today, I saw the movie "Life Aquatic". It was halarious! I would recomend seeing it. Read or Die is a new anime I have run into. It may only be a movie, but its great as something to watch when you cant find any good animes around. I hadent seen a good new anime for a while, and Read Or Die made me feel alot better. One thing I cant fix about my sit though. I cant get longer posts! I cant type well, so I cut it short. Does that matter to you guys? Well, Ja matta!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

   Happy Hollidays! (Its late I know)

Hope you guys had a good holliday! I was on a trip so I couldnt post sooner.
Thanks so much to you guys for sending me christmas cards! I couldnt see them for some reason... but its the thought that counts. I was informed a little while ago that Shanny is in the hospital! How long has it been? Does anybody know how she Is now? I hope she gets better soon... Ill tell you about my trip tomorrow. Oh! My gf just joined the O! Give her a good welcome, her site is ayako-chan. Thanks! Ja matta.

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