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Monday, June 30, 2008

Thats right I'm having a contest! on here and theO!

Topic: Anything Koma
This is a pretty easy contest, im not asking you to draw the Mona Lisa, im asking you to have fun. Draw or write anything Kittykoma related. FanFics, Comics, drawings, all that jazz, as long as it has something to do with me. Make something about, my characters, my comics, or just how down right amazing i am. Just be creative and see where it takes you.
And please remember to mention my contest in your artist's comments and tag it as KOMA CONTEST

How is it being scored: This isnt who's the greatest writer or artist, its about how many points you earn, you can earn points in three categories.
Quality(Max:20pts): Does it look like your put effort into the entry?
Creativity/Originality(max:20pts): Is your entry a one of a kind? The more creative you get the hight your score. Think outside the box.
Is KittyKoma Pleased?(Max:30pts): If you can make me pee my pants from laughter or make me smile from ear to ear then you should have no problem. Just dont make out entry too over the top or too lengthy.

After all the entries are submitted you will be sent a message on your score(if you want, please let me know)

Awards: 1st place: a fully colored picture and madd props xP
2nd place: colored picture(no background) and madd props
3rd place: Black and white picture and madd props
4th place: Outline and madd props
Honorable mentions: picture will be known and madd props.

DEADLINE IS AUGUST 30th! so you have plenty of time

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