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Thursday, March 6, 2008

my mom put the internet back on, she missed it too. but she wont let me go on her account... but luckily she doesnt know that i my account has the internet working and she doesnt know i use my account. (there was a whole problem with Mcafee and it would only allow the internet on my moms account.) but i fixed it and she doesnt know about it :D arent i evil.

im madd sleep deprived too. the only reason why im on here is because its late and i needed to finish my homework and my mom went to bed. this is the first time i tried the internet on my account since my mom deleted it, so i have ALOT of catching up to do. especially with this new Otaku. i liked the old one better if you asked me. i might get use to this one though... idk. oh and by the way our musical sucks, compared to last year... i miss jimmy, he was so helpful... anyways yeah were doing grease(what a lovely musical for a highschool to preform right, almost as good as RENT or sweet charity.

i'll try and get back to everyone... byes!

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